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Paris Not Being Locked Out of Hotel Fortune

7/30/2007 6:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

paris hiltonHotel heiress Paris Hilton doesn't need to worry about family patriarch and precious grandad Barron Hilton cutting her out of his will.

A story published in the UK said the ex-con party princess was in jeopardy of losing her mega-inheritance because sullying the family reputation, saying that grandpa was cutting her out of the will. TMZ has confirmed that's baloney.

After the socialite was sprung from the klink, she spent a few days at grandpa Hilton's family compound in Beverly Hills. It's rumored that Paris stands to inherit somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million.


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Allen Walton    

Wait, you confirmed that she is still getting the inheritance?

All you did was say she spent the night at her grandparents house, and it is "rumored" she could still get $30 million. Great investigatory journalist skills, TMZ!

2589 days ago


Good for Grandad. Paris is one cool lady, and she was the victum of politics when Judge Sour Puss sentenced her. No judge is supposed to sentence people according to his personal opinion and because of public pressure, which is exactly what Sour Puss did. The judge commited a greater crime against the public trust than anything Paris has done. I will always support Paris, and I don't mind if a lot of idiots don't like her. I've communicated with Paris and I know a lot of other people who know her, and all of us know better than to believe all the tabloid hogwash that the general public seems to worship. Too bad for you.

2589 days ago

oh la la Paris is hot    

Paris is so beautiful and sexy! Making 28 million this year up 4x from her income last year.... Yes having 9 brands/sources of income is fabulous.

Grandpa Hilton loves Paris more than ever. She is in line to inherit her share of the Hilton Family Monies.

Paris is fabulous and loves spreading her kindness and love to all!

All of the Hilton women are so lovely. Viva Paris and the clan

2589 days ago


Remember that movie starring I think Richard Prior, where he has to spend a certain amount of cash in a week to claim his inheritance? Well I wonder if there's some sort of reverse situation going on here-- where Paris has to work for her inheritance by earning a certain amount [or even just working!] for the next few years to claim hers?? She does seem awfully focused for a change... Not a bad idea really, for the spoiled heiresses of the world.

2589 days ago


damn, Paris don't read my other blog, and kitty needs food, he likes IAMS

2589 days ago


Granpa must have tapped it!

2589 days ago


Oh yeah.. poor victim drove drunk.., disobeys the law, humilates and hates anyone who is somewhat smarter or more popular than her, spreads gossip to ruin them, does drugs, is racist, a bigot and should be given an award for being a perfect role model for all in the world to follow.. !

2589 days ago


It wasn't just a British newspaper that reported Paris was disinherited. It was Jerry Oppenheimer, author of House of Hilton. He literally wrote the book on them. I'll believe a press release by Barron Hilton, that's about it.

2589 days ago

I call bullshit    

TMZ is on the Hilton payroll which is why they are now pretending this story was baloney.

2589 days ago


The rich get richer, the poor; poorer.

2589 days ago


Only thing Paris spread was her herpes and her sex tape. But maybe she will finally have enough loot to fix her nose and stop trying to sing.

2589 days ago

I call bullshit    

21. Only thing Paris spread was her herpes and her sex tape. But maybe she will finally have enough loot to fix her nose and stop trying to sing.

Posted at 7:24PM on Jul 30th 2007 by Jazzman

don't forget jazzman that she also spreads her legs at every opportunity

2589 days ago


I understand that 98 percent of us don't have access to one million dollars, never mind 30 million. However, I really do believe that we're all here for a dry run. Make mine a double. As for Paris Hilton, she's gonna have an awfully difficult time in hell - geeze, she didn't even like jail. Not to worry, folks. Karma rules :)

2589 days ago

Old School    

yea right and THE HILTONS are going to let TMZ know about their Private financial matters...Right???!!!

2589 days ago

Old School    

On Larry King she said that she was going to start helping more in life meaning certain charities, DONATING $$ AND STARTING SOMETHING TO HELP THE UNFORTUNATE- so how come TMZ isn't calling her out on that?
She also said on Larry King she does NOT do DRUGS so I guess that the larry king show was her forum for LYING!!

2589 days ago
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