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Say Cheese: Paris Makes Music

7/30/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her puppy in hand, a pair of size 11 flats and a smile as genuine as her appearance on "Larry King Live," Paris Hilton was snapped leaving a recording studio on Sunday. Lord have earplugs!

Despite the fact that her debut album tanked, the ex-con/heiress is insisting on releasing a follow-up CD. Stars are blind, deaf and dumb!

It's just that Paris faced the music, but having her record any more of it is cruel and unusual punishment!


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Enough about Paris. lets hear more abut this lindsay girl. she seems so interesting and pretty and smart and not SLUTTY AT ALL. i mean it wasnt even her coke. those werent even her pants. c'mon people! more lindsay, i love seeing the latest pics of her. but not thse mug shots, they don't portray me well.

2620 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Are those her feet or is she walking two ducks to the sea? Dlckhead . A chapter from the Hilton bible ... Grandpa giveths and Grandpa taketh away . Dlckhead.

2620 days ago


She does quite well for someone so mentally challenged. When does the charity start?

2620 days ago


OK So when is someong going to be honest with celebrities? Brit-Paris-Lohan....they surround themselves with people, well paid, who kiss their ass, and never tell them the truth. no, we DONT want you to record another album Paris. No, Brit..we DONT want you to flash us AGAIN, no Lindsay, we DON'T want to hang out with you and be your friend.
Hollywood is in the business of entertaining THEMSELVES. Someone be honest with these people!!

2620 days ago


Sad;y our "wonky" eyed daughter is a talentless drunken cvm gargling coke whore. On behalf of the entire Hilton family I would like to apologise. We were hoping Parisite would die while incarcerated.

Rick Hilton

2620 days ago


At least she is trying to make her own money instead of just living off her parents. She could be like all the other young hollywood girls running aroung getting drunk and high and doing absolutly nothing with there lives but wasting them. I think she honestly learned a lesson when she went to jail. You can't expect her to never party again or be completly normal, that is not possible for someone who has been raised in the mannor she was.

2620 days ago


My fiancee has to turn of the sound every time she goes to the website. The music is as annoying as howling dogs.

2620 days ago


Tanked? Ok, so maybe it didn't win her any awards, but tanked is a little hard. The CD did well. Even some of the most well know critics agree, it wasn't nearly as bad as feared. Infact, some actually muttered praise. Id have to agree, find the right remix, and some of her debut songs are my guilty pleasure. And hey, with the current train wreck known as hollywood, at least she really is trying to change for the better. She's spending more time in the studio and less time in the bars?! I say go for it!!

2620 days ago


Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Farrah Fawcett here?

2620 days ago



2620 days ago


What's up with those plastic-looking pants? That whole pictures just doesn't look right. Everything looks out of porportion.

2620 days ago


What's wrong with being deaf? Heck I am deaf and TMZ acts as if being deaf is a bad thing. When it comes to lousy music, being deaf is the best thing around! Once again TMZ is not an equal opportunist, consistantly insulting race, weight, age, and handicap.

2620 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I am looking forward to hearing your new album. I liked your first album a lot.
I enjoy watching all of The Simple Life Episodes over and over again.
You are great.
I am glad to see your picture on TMZ.

Donald Duck

2620 days ago


#20 THANKS FOR THE LINK!!!! That is hilarious!!! Paris lost her inheritance!!! I guess that's why she is so desperate to make another album...didn't her label drop her when she was locked up??? Anyone know who was desperate enough to pick her up as a client??? Sad day for them....but it's funny her grandaddy took her money...LMAO!!!!

2620 days ago


To #34 dcvb...

That's exactly what I thought when I first glanced at the picutre. Farrah Fawcett! Well, her smile does look a tad bit like Nicole R. Weird.

2620 days ago
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