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Spears' Attorney Fears Kidnapping

7/30/2007 7:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a declaration filed today by Britney Spears' lawyer, expressing fear that "criminals ... might target the minor children for financial gain."
Wasser declaration

Attorney Laura Wasser asked the judge this afternoon to seal the child custody portion of the divorce between Spears and Kevin Federline. In her declaration, Wasser wrote that the document -- which divides custody 50/50 -- details the specific timeshare schedule and transportation matters. Wasser fears if the document becomes public, the media would have "a greater ability to ascertain the physical whereabouts of the minor children."

Wasser wrote: "Such information greatly increases the chances that the actions of the media could threaten the safety of the minor children by, for example, causing a traffic accident or by exposing the minor children to criminals who might target the minor children for financial gain." Wasser did not use the word 'kidnapping,' but the intimation was certainly there.

The judge granted Wasser's motion to seal the custody documents, pending a full hearing next month. The judge also agreed to keep secret the child support provisions of the divorce.


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someone just have to take away those's better for them

2649 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

Whatever. Her attorney is kinda hot...

2649 days ago


Kylie, DEE DEE DEE .... ROTFLMAO means rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Now what?

2649 days ago


poor kids..

2649 days ago

hello, it    

70. juliette gil is a whore & full time stripper in vegas. strips by name nino.
she has tried to extort $ from stephon marbury, keyshawn johsnon, the group next, diddy, floyd mayweather, & many others.

she is a professional groupie & only screws blacks or arabs. contact me for the links of details.
she got fired from strip club seamless for fighting.
she's been arrested for drugs and prostitution.

Posted at 5:47AM on Jul 31st 2007 by uncle

What the He__ are you talking about?!

2649 days ago


PLEASE TELL ME WHY! Anyone and everyone can have kids! There should be existing laws that require people to pass certain exams and possess certain skillsets (and I don't mean being rich as one of these skills) in order to have children! But I'm being naive, they're rich so they would easily pass whatever exams, applications etc that would be required......... silly me............... These two don't deserve to have children, they are using them as a pawn...............

2649 days ago


The only reason anyone would take those children is to save them...Is the lawyer as crazy as Brit is?Maybe she is one of th ose enablers that we hear of.

2649 days ago


These children should be removed from their mother by the DCS. Spears is a bar hopping drug addict -- and that is enough to warrant removal. Each day the stories about her get worse and worse. She has little education, numerous addictions, and about as much maternal instincts as a frog. Where is DCS? Take those kids away or they'll end up dead. Can this be any clearer?

2649 days ago


The biggest threat to those kids is their out-of-control mother.

2649 days ago


If Wasser (Britney's attorney) and Britney are so concerned with the safety of the young boys then-- why in the world did Britney, bodyguards and assistants take the children out of state to Las Vegas and expose them to an unsafe environment?

2649 days ago


She's not as dumb as some might think- GOOD THING TO DO - especially out in Hollyweird. I'd have plenty of bodyguards around me and a driver at all times - might even spring for bullet-proof car and glass.
I feel that something bad is going to happen to one of these late night bar-hopping stars

2649 days ago


Will the drama these girls create even end? It is getting so old. Yeah for the actress who played Winnie Cooper on the Wonder Years for sending girls a strong, positive message! Smart is a good thing!!!!!

2649 days ago


This is unbelievable. How can you people trash this woman? You have no idea of the kind of mother she is. Do you remember why she didn't fasten the child into a carseat? Because she couldn't get the hell away from the obnoxious stalkarazzi. I think everyone needs to back off of this woman. Let her be. She is the way she is because we made her this way. I would like to see what you people do with Stalkers and how you handle yourselves. She has some problems that we are all well aware of. But, she doesn't deserve to have her kids taken away from her. She needs to get help. And WTF is everyone defending the golddigger for. He is not being followed around by paparazzi that is why you are not seeing him doing wrong by the kids. And do you know why, becasue this mans 15 minutes are up. I think all of you need to get off of your soap box and leave this poor girl alone. Let her be the mom she needs to be for her kids.

2649 days ago


#80: Let her be the mom she needs to be for her kids.

Ok, when might that be? She's had almost two years now.

You said it yourself. She needs to get help. But there's nothing sadder than someone who needs help desperately who doesn't THINK she needs help. So nothing's going to change, and she's going to be the same crazy woman she is right now. Change doesn't "just happen."

She needs to have those kids taken away so she can be committed somewhere, get the help she needs, and then be a REAL mother to them. She's not capable of that currently.

And if you think she's "just a young celeb mom having problems with the paparazzi," you're crazier than she is. That girl has shown that she wouldn't know how to raise children if her life depended on it....and it does.

2649 days ago

South Beach Lizzard    


Meet the next Ana Nicole.....



2649 days ago
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