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OJ's Killer New Interview

7/31/2007 8:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson is back to giving interviews again -- and this time it's live on the Internet. Contain your enthusiasm.'s Kate Delaney spent an hour talking with OJ today, about everything from his recent book scandal to the latest celebrity on trial, Michael Vick. An hour of unfiltered Juice on the net? How do you fumigate a browser?

The show was comprised of half scripted questions and half interactive audience participation via phone, IM and chat. Questions from the "audience" included, "Do you think it was a bigger feat to break 2,000 yards in one season or slice two necks in one night?" and "Did you kill Bill Walsh?" He blissfully ignored them both.

When OJ got to talking about his kids, he got emotional, saying, "I raised those kids by myself!" That'll happen when you kill their mother!

OJ will be back as a guest -- three more times this week -- because one hour of inflammatory denial just isn't enough.


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Tarazadaza, Africa    

OJ. is missing his true calling. He should become a RAP star, he fits the image perfectly!

2638 days ago


Over 150 comments! So a lot care enough to take time out of your life to comment. I love OJ! Way to go juice, the more faces you help turn red, the better the world is. Hey, can you kill Sean Hannity and Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

You made an awesome point OJ. The Goldsteins said the book somebody else wrote for you was worth "bloodmoney" when it benefitted you...until they got custody of they want to profit from it. Talk about living up to a stereotype! Oy vey Harvey!

2638 days ago


Thank you, Tarazadaza (post #148) Read the post from that moron, autobox. He sounds like a real winner.

2638 days ago

Jo Jo    

What's long and hard on a black man?

the 2nd grade

2637 days ago


These interviews only happen because the American Media allows it, spend time interviewing someone who impacts the world in a positive way or aren't
you creative enough?

2637 days ago

dont lose sleep    

fate will always dangle over oj's head ! there really is not much time left for him, watch your back................! good luck.

2637 days ago

A really Stupid idiot    

OJ didn't do it, because he said he didn't do it. DNA - SHEME-in- A
OJ should be now considered a "SAINT" because he hasn't hurt anyone in over a decade.
I believe if OJ was the average 'black' Joe without any money, the original verdict would have been the same, because if you say your "absolutely 100% Not-Guilty", then you must really be innocent. Leave OJ alone, let him speak, because some people in America need the comedy. Also, since GOD does not exsist and never has exsisted OJ will go to Heaven & get off 'scott-free'.
P.S. Any money he makes off of his Publicity shoudn't go to the victims families, it should go to help pay OJ's own personal bills & any lap dances at strip clubs.

2637 days ago


If you look real close you will OJ is trying to wipe blood off his hands...

2637 days ago


"mr. Autoboxx" (and I use that term lightly)-You have all kinds of comments to make towards "white people"; and when one reads your posts, it's very obvious that you have serious issues, and that isn't even mentioning the ones to do with racism! You indeed MIGHT be a winner, if you would just stop playing your race card with your comments targeted at white people or any other race, and think before you talk or type.
You told someone "to get your English skills up before you refer to me again". Well, it seems like a safe bet that YOU need to get your skills (humanity, respect, compassion, and last but certainly NOT least-intelligence) up before you begin speaking to anyone-especially the "white folk" in this forum, that you refer to so often! If you had an open mind, you'd realize that all people of whatever color are not all the same, yet you lump those of a particular race all together when referring to them about something. That's just plain ignorant, pathetic, sad, and anger based. But guess when you're hiding behind a computer spewing your blatent filth, then that makes you feel so big. Only in your mind, my friend! You are shameful to the human race and whatever race you are because of the negative stereotyping/hate that you are trying to spread!

2637 days ago

Tarazadaza, Africa    

I think "Mr. Autoboxx is a (10) ten year old white kid and his parents are at work while he's playing on their computer.

2637 days ago


I always wondered if Fred Goldman was ever personally questioned as a suspect about the death of Oj's wife and his son and Just where he was the night or morning of the murder's.

2637 days ago


All those people who cheered at the "not guilty" verdict. I just wonder how many came to their senses over the years and realize that a brutal double murderer was set free.

2637 days ago

Dave Simms    

He should be ignored by all of us.

2637 days ago

O.J killed 2 people AND owned Ugly-Ass Shoes    

This post is for 'Keep up the great work o.j.' Do you mean to insult our intelligence by implying that without a murder weapon or bloody clothes, you can't convict someone?! Okay, so he successfully dumped the knife and bloody clothes. That only leaves hundreds of pieces of damning, convincing evidence of his guilt. To someone like you, it wouldn't matter if they HAD found the weapon and bloody clothes because you would have just figured they were planted. If O.J. ever admits tht he did it, you won't believe that either. You'll assume that he is just covering for someone else. If 20 eye witnesses testified against him, you would be positive that they are all lying. I wanted OJ to be innocent. He was my chilhood hero. When I heard he had been arrested for the crime, I originally thought there must be some mistake. But when I learned of all the evidence against him, that coupled with having an IQ above 85, I realized that it is not possible for him to be innocent. Those of us who agree with me(majority) beg those of you who think he's innocent to explain away each piece of evidence against him, in an intelligent way. We won't hold our breath.

2636 days ago


#170 You have some very serious, sad and pathetic issues. It is obvious by your ignorant statements that you have some real anger/hatred issues towards white people in particular. And in part because of what you say in this forum is what makes other races (white included) feel about us the way they do. They often speak about the "black attitude". If yours isn't attitude (and racist attitude) then what do you call it???
People of ALL races say things about other races. Sounded to me like Shakira just pointed out what YOU were saying but didn't mean that no white ever said anything bad about a black or anyone else. You just read what you wanted to read in her statement because she called you for what you really are: a racist!!!!!! Yes, even our race has racists, Mr. Negativeboxx!
Get the chip off of your shoulder, get a attitude adjustment, stop living in the past, and hiding behind your computer threatening people and calling them foul names just because they see you for what you are. You are a sad commentary to all the black brothers and sisters! With the language that you use, where is your education skills???
Anyone can act tough, but there's FAR more to being a decent human being that being able to swear like you! And you've got the audacity (look it up if you don't know what that means! lol) to call other people dumb! The only thing that looks like it has really "flipped" is you and your racist, hatred, hypocrit, in denial brain! Maybe change your name to "Mr. Idiotboxx". lol lol lol lol lol

2636 days ago
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