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Rebecca Gayheart Plows Through "Rush Hour" Premiere

7/31/2007 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca GayheartMcSteamy's wife, Rebecca Gayheart, cheerily hit up the "Rush Hour 3" premiere on Monday -- proving there's no bad blood between her and the film's director -- ex-fiance Brett Ratner. *beep beep!*

Now married to "Grey's Anatomy" hottie Eric Dane, Rebecca was previously engaged to Ratner, whom she dated -- for 12 years! Talk about cold feet!

Luckily, their paths crossed last night without accident incident!


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On 2001-06-13, Gayheart struck and killed nine-year-old Jorge Cruz Jr. as he crossed a Los Angeles-area street. According to the police report, the child was walking home from school and crossed the street. While several cars stopped to let him go, Gayheart swerved around them and into a two-way left-turn lane, striking the boy. Her attorney, Steven Lerman, subsequently admitted Gayheart had been using a cell phone during impact.[1]

Cruz died the next day at Los Angeles Children's Hospital. His parents, Jorge Cruz and Silvia Martinez, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit on 2001-08-06 against her, seeking coverage of medical and funeral expenses, and compensation for loss of future earnings. The lawsuit was settled out of court, and settlement terms were not disclosed.[1] On 2001-11-27, she pleaded no contest to vehicular manslaughter. She was sentenced to three years probation, a one-year suspension of her license, a $2,800 fine, and 750 hours of community service. She was also ordered to make a public-service announcement.

Gayheart was represented in the criminal proceeding by Harland Braun.

Later that year, she flipped a rental car into two parked cars with her father commenting that, "I've told my wife not to let her drive any more."[2]

2618 days ago


dizzy off easy. poor kid.

2618 days ago


Sorry Rebecca- you'll never live this one down- murderer!
Get off the GD cell phones, people!!!

2618 days ago

St. Olof    

She makes me sick!

2618 days ago


If I ran over a child and killed him, there would be no more happy days left in my life. It kinda makes me sick to see her so happy.

2618 days ago


To treat the death of a child so blase is just sick. This piece of garbage should be in prison for manslaughter not on a red carpet. She got a slap on the wrist after running over a 6 year old child, probably because he was Mexican and not very important in CA. She wasn't drinking, she was only on her cell phone. Typical self-obsessed wannabe actress. She is a disgrace. I won't watch the show simply because she is connected to it. MURDERER.

2618 days ago

The Shoparazzi    

22: I'll forward this to Al Sharpton so it's ready when Brandy is tried. Thanks!

2618 days ago


she was on a phone when she killed a child. i hate seeing her picture. she doesn't deserve happiness. that poor family.

2618 days ago


The child was J-walking across a busy highway. Was she reckless? Sure. Did she mean to actually kill someone? NO. Should the woman suffer her entire life for one mistake? She wasn't driving drunk, just driving stupid.

I did not know about the 2nd accident. I would be afraid to ever drive again if I were her. But I think people should lay off.

It is very sad for the family. I am constantly yelling at my kids about crossing the street and to never J-walk, even if cars are stopping for you-go to the corner.

2618 days ago


This piece of garbage makes me sick. She sould be walking the red carpet in Lynwood.

2618 days ago


The "accident" comments were in VERY poor taste.

2618 days ago


she lives with this everyday of her life. she is defined by that tragic day. my brother was hit by a speeding car and killed and while the driver was reckless, I don't wish him ill will. I wish he was more careful but he never meant to kill a child. It was an accident. Not forgiving is what perpetuates the problem and doesn't allow healing. You all would be liars if you said you were cautious every minute of every day. She wasn't expecting a child to be jay-walking. She probably will never get over the fact that she was at fault (at least part) in this accident. God Bless her for being strong enough to carry on. I'm still not over the death of my brother, but I'm over wishing hateful things to the young man who accidently hit him. Hey People! She doesn't deserve this. She is not a murderer!!! There was no intent to harm! Manslaughter....that's something but not murder. Check your legal definitions.

2618 days ago


Gayheart belongs in prison. She was driving, speeding, and crossed into the INCOMING, WRONG side of the road, as she passed the other cars. She was on her cell phone, speeding, and crossed into the wrong side of traffic -- on a two-lane street -- since the 5 or 6 cars ahead of her had inconvenienced her. The young boy was already home from school, chased a loose soccer ball into the street, and met Gayheart's front bumper. Gayheart 1, little boy 0. She later settled with the family out of court. I heard the amount was around $400,000. Since she was a celebrity and therefore "special," she got off with a minor scolding. You or I would still be wasting away in state prison. She should never be allowed to drive again.

2618 days ago


Renelle: I thought she looked kinda "orange" too -- maybe it's the red carpet? I think the arms and legs are different colors 'cuz we're looking at the undersides of her arms and women tend to tan the tops of their arms. And then I thought the last time I saw this chick (on TMZ) she was topless on some yacht. So why is she orange instead of tan???

Asthetics aside, I can't imagine that she served no time for vehicular manslaughter (I don't care if the kid was jaywalking -- if she weren't on her phone it probably wouldn't have happened ). I think if it happened NOW (post-Paris/Nicole/Lindsay) she probably would have been punished more severely. Those poor parents! God be with them...

2618 days ago


I loved her talentless ass in Urban Legend! Crazy bitch!

2618 days ago
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