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Rebecca Gayheart Plows Through "Rush Hour" Premiere

7/31/2007 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebecca GayheartMcSteamy's wife, Rebecca Gayheart, cheerily hit up the "Rush Hour 3" premiere on Monday -- proving there's no bad blood between her and the film's director -- ex-fiance Brett Ratner. *beep beep!*

Now married to "Grey's Anatomy" hottie Eric Dane, Rebecca was previously engaged to Ratner, whom she dated -- for 12 years! Talk about cold feet!

Luckily, their paths crossed last night without accident incident!


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Nice orange legs and neck. I was thinking about that little boy she ran over when I saw pics of her and hubby on a yacht recently.

It always seemed that story stayed VERY low on the radar for some reason. If it was some celebs, it would have been THE cover story on every rag from here to the moon. It just seems strange? how happy and carefree she always looks.

2609 days ago


What has she done lately to warrant her picture taken? *Nothing*

2609 days ago


Ugg, he'd be 15, that is SO SAD. I wonder if there's a pic of the boy somewhere on the net. My heart goes out to his family. Did she do the 750 hours of community service? I wonder what she had to do for that??

2609 days ago


Nice too know no one here ever made a mistake. How do you know this hasn't ripped her up inside - she did 'disappear' for a long time. She was stupid and careless, but so was the child jaywalking, it was a horrible accident - but it was an accident.

The second accident report is bogus. If she had a car accident less then a year later she would have been in jail, since if would have been driving on a suspended license while on probabtion. The quote too make it sound like another distasteful joke.

People need to stop condemning people for accidents that they are just as likely to have themselves - because if you say you don't use your cell driving then 95% of you are lying!

2609 days ago


I never liked this skank since she murdered a kid, I hope her careers continues on the f-list

2609 days ago


i really dont understand how that is funny. didnt she kill some one. have a friggin heart.

2609 days ago


I totally agree with Lili. Give her a break...everyone makes mistakes.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones....

2609 days ago

2 be true    

Have no respect for her what-so-ever. She needs to give half her salary to that poor family for the rest of her life. I realize it was an awful accident and life goes on...for her...but being a celebrity-she needs to take more responsibility for what she did for a long, long time.

2609 days ago


I love it that there are people like you out there who are so forgiving. Too bad it wasn't you crossing the street when she was driving.

2609 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Thanks petite , Tigher and Mary for refreshing our memory.

I sum up as she was to busy and too important to wait for whatever the other cars were waiting for...she had people to see , things to do and places to go. Opps, some little Chicano was jaywalking and she hit him. She got off easy and has been happy ever since.
No, Lilil, this cannot happen to me and maybe others here because when I drive ,I drive. I do not take chances and put my needs before others. I have moved to let many a nuts go and they usually just end up at the next light. So much for them speeding .

If Rebecca G. would have just waited with the other cars to see what they were waiting for, an ambulance, a break down, a polcie officer directing traffic, a hole in the street, oil spill, a kid crosing the wrong way, but nevertheless a kid or pedestrian crossing the streeet, she would not have hit that kid. She must have been going fast too.

Paris, who I am not a fan of, paid her dues for her offense and them some. Nicole Richie gets 4 days,...why even bother!! Rebecca G. got no days. Lohan may getmore than Nicole, but less that Paris.

2609 days ago


Well by the postings here - it's good to know that no one forgot what this woman did.
Pedestrians always have the right of way. She shouldn't be on the red_orange carpet smiling - Mrs McSteamy should be home McSorry - for the rest of her life. That's !@#$%!!

2609 days ago


Why the hell is she so happy about?

2609 days ago



It must be really hard living in a world where everyone is not as perfect as you.

Since in you angelic floatings I guess you missed basic English class, I'll let you in on the definition of accident : an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss; casualty; mishap: automobile accidents.

Happy to help!

2609 days ago



Hope your insanity is only temporary.

2609 days ago


Lilli = Rebecca Gayheart = shameless child killer

2609 days ago
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