Stanley Gives Kiss Off to Heart Problem

7/31/2007 3:13 PM PDT
A recent heart snafu won't stop 55-year-old KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley. The wild Star Child was forced to bow out of a southern California concert on Friday, after suffering palpitations and shortness of breath.

The oldie but goodie says he's still ready to rock for this summer's Rock 'n' Roll fantasy camp, to be held in New York over Labor Day weekend. Rock and roll all night and party every day -- or at least Saturday and Sunday.

Said the botoxalicious Paul, "Like many, I have had a rapid heartbeat condition most of my life and I never have had any type of restrictions. When I've had an episode, although momentarily disrupting and taxing, it has no residual effect. This is nothing new and my doctors have known about it. In short, it doesn't change, hasn't changed and won't change my life."