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The Ghost of Jenna

7/31/2007 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's left of Jenna Jameson hit up NYC hotspot Butter last night, stopping to pose for pics on her way out.

Jenna was with a few friends -- one of whom looks like Jenna would ... if she ate three square meals a day. The porn queen was all smiles as she waited for a cab, even giving photogs a wave as she sped away.

Recently, Jenna's been telling people she hopes that fellow blonde Scarlett Johansson will portray her in a still-in-the-works biopic. Only problem is Scarlett's peeps tell PEOPLE she hasn't been approached at all -- and if she were, she wouldn't be interested.

Just the thought of Scarlett as a porn star is pretty good.


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No one really cares about this whore or her mouthy boyfriend Chico Ortiz..She probably has AIDS thats why shes losing weight

2608 days ago

Dawn Day    

Posh look alike! As much as I can't stand Posh, she does look better than Jenna. Is Jenna ill? She sure looks like it and with her profession I can't help but think....????

2608 days ago


Heather, porn stars are recognized for what they are: diseased trash. And Scarlett will be recognized as the same for attaching herself TO this diseased trash. Remember what "Showgirls" did for Elizabeth Berkley? Her career never recovered from that one mistake, and this lame movie will do the same for Scarlett. Bye bye, Scarlett! can't say I will miss Scarlett, though, never considered her much of a talent and she didn't have the looks to make me forget she can't act.

2608 days ago


Only Jenna thinks her lifestory is so impressive that it will transpose to the Silver Screen and garner critical acclaim and A list actors. She is so freakin' deluded. Her "book" was a best seller because all her porn puppies bought it to add to their collections. She thinks she is a "success" story. Sorry honey, but being in Pornography and a glorified stripper does not spell SUCCESS in this country. She is a porn peddling madam and from the looks of it the years of sex with random strangers and drug abuse are finally catching up to her looks. Take your millions and GO. NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.

2608 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Enough already. Drop the whores and losers TMZ.

2608 days ago


she is gross. I don't even know why she is on here. I want real stars...real stories...stuff that makes me hysterically laugh in my cubicle.

Not some dried up elderly porn star who has more wrinkles than the bag of sun-dried tomatoes I bought at Sam's Club.

2608 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Didn't we just see her doing some guy in the back of a Rolls last week? Tito somebody. Bet her vajayjay opens like a garage door.

2608 days ago


why would a classy celeb like scarlett play her in a film? what is so great about being a whore? the whole pic would be scarlett laying on her back! thinks we seen enough of jenna on film! wonders what is the infactuation TMZ has with trying to make a ho into a celeb?

2608 days ago


Okay, who has read her book? I think she's back on the big bad meth, who agrees? She looks like hell. Jenna, eat something! Go to some REAL rehab if that's what you need, none of this promises crap! And good for Scarlett for having the foresight to never consider doing this movie - talk about career suicide! Sorry. Sad but true.

2608 days ago


EITHER SHE IS A MAJOR ANOREXIC! OR SHE HAS FULL-BLOWN AIDS!!! She looks like Nicole Richie! Nic should play her in the movie! Both whores/trashy females.


2608 days ago


This must be the movie Joe Simpson was talking about rejecting and possibly throwing away Jessica's chance at a Oscar! lmao

2608 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

OMG does everyone have to have a Posh haircut. For Gods sake people she isn't that great. Stop trying to be her

2608 days ago


Jenna, here's a thought, Eat a meal once in a while, you look awful babe!!!

2608 days ago

abby keaveny    

Dan Abrams, Bill O'Reilly and larry King have interviewed some of these woman on their shows. Larry interviewed H. Hefner. That poor slob can't even get out of his PJ's during the day!!!!They have entered into territory most woman find offensive and degrading both morally and physically. We all wonder why they would continue in a life of such emotional and physical destruction-Mr. OReilly and Mr Abrams asked them why they continue after making money on wine, books, movies, etc. The response was they just couldn't stop. Pornography is addictive; the cause of 47% of marriage failures and contributes to early delinquency and is a contributing factor in ALL spousal deaths by murder. Pity these people.

2608 days ago


she probably has AIDS. that's why she is so skinny. All the porn stars get AIDS.

2608 days ago
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