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The Ghost of Jenna

7/31/2007 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What's left of Jenna Jameson hit up NYC hotspot Butter last night, stopping to pose for pics on her way out.

Jenna was with a few friends -- one of whom looks like Jenna would ... if she ate three square meals a day. The porn queen was all smiles as she waited for a cab, even giving photogs a wave as she sped away.

Recently, Jenna's been telling people she hopes that fellow blonde Scarlett Johansson will portray her in a still-in-the-works biopic. Only problem is Scarlett's peeps tell PEOPLE she hasn't been approached at all -- and if she were, she wouldn't be interested.

Just the thought of Scarlett as a porn star is pretty good.


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when will these females realize WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE CURVES ?????

EAT, girl, EAT !

2579 days ago

cant believe im on tmz    

what happened to her mouth. it kinda resembles a baboon

2579 days ago


She looks like a bad impersonator of Victoria "Posh" Beckham. Thing is, she makes Posh look fat with her bony ass. Somebody start a death countdown on this one....she ain't gonna last long. All her talk about "empowerment". She is stil a skank wasting away in her self loathing.

2579 days ago


Man u people really are freaks... why would u wish AIDS on someone just because they chose to work in a career that u dont agree with? She is the smartest damn porn star that ever live... multi millionaire... she is skinny cause she is trying to become a Hollywood chick... Im sure. But this disgusts me that you all have to be so hatefull of people just because you dont agree with THEIR lifestyle man... get a grip.

2579 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

Some of my protein drink oughta put some meat on her bones - after I put some meat in her bones.

2579 days ago


At least she has enough sense to get into a cab instead of behind the wheel

2579 days ago


At least the porn star knows to take a cab....maybe a lesson Lindsay should have.

2579 days ago


Mike, only a freak like you would bother defending a disgusting whore like Jenna. We don't have to wish her AIDS, she has a led a life that probably GAVE her AIDS. And God knows how many other diseases. SHE is the freak, Mike, she lived the most degrading kinda life she could live, and now she thinks such utter filth and degradation deserves to be made into a movie? You should be thanking God, Mike, that there are people around who will not support a garbage heap like Jenna, proves society has not hit rcok-bottom quite.

2579 days ago


Girl needs a sandwich quick!!! And, how are you going to play to the paparrazzi posing for the cameras and then jump in a yellow cab? Too funny.

2579 days ago


Why are you all putting down porn? If you didn't beat to it last night, your boyfriend/husband did. I don't know one man w/o at least a Playboy.

2579 days ago


Posh goes blonde!!!

2579 days ago


Masterbation is good, I get in as much practice as I can.

2579 days ago


Hey porn defender Mike...I betcha you have a big collection of porn with wee wittle bitty bit of equipment.

2579 days ago


Hey KB, some people actually have a sex life and don't need to beat off to porn! wow, what a loser, LOL, but it's losers who need whores like Jenna.

2579 days ago


LOOK!!! It's a used-up whore!! Like I've never seen one before. Give me a break!!

2579 days ago
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