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Twista McDumped for Dirty Lyrics

7/31/2007 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Twista probably won't be biting into a Big Mac anytime soon, after McD's gave him a quarter pound of street justice.

The "overnight celebrity" was dropped from a concert sponsored by fast food mega-chain McDonald's, because the burger and fries guys don't approve of his "controversial lyrics." Said a rep for the company, "Although we respect free speech and artistic expression, we do not condone or perpetuate derogatory language." McFlurry cold!

It sounds like Mickey D's just got hold of "Give it Up," Twista's new track where he refers to women as "hos." Or maybe they heard some of the nuggets on "Slow Jamz," Twista's hit track with Kanye West and Jamie Foxx. The song makes multiple marijuana references and is an ode to Twista's love for sexin' to slow jams. You want fries with that bake?

Twista claims he was prepared to perform cleaned-up versions of his songs for the series, but McDonald's isn't interested. Next!


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From Twista, the former McDonald's Employee, who is more literate than half the white haters on here. Get the axe after he criticizes Bush!

"I am very disappointed by McDonald's decision to cancel my participation in the McDonald's Live Tour. Being that Mcdonald's and I have worked together in the past, it was unsettling that I would be removed from the tour after undergoing the planning process and receiving assurances from McDonald's on multiple occasions that I would appear on the tour.

The recent trend of finger-pointing, and playing the blame game with certain media outlets and certain individuals needs to stop. We live in a society that advocates free speech. You want free speech? You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then our country's symbol has to be one of its citizens exercising their right to stand up and shout at the top of their lungs using words and telling stories that capture the reality of their day-to-day lives.

Not all art is suitable for every age, just as not every movie is suitable for every age which is why it's lawfully labeled with a "parental advisory" sticker. Ultimately, the "parental advisory" warning aides parents in their responsibility to police & guide their children, despite that it still should not discredit me or my music.

Art is a reflection of life. We tell stories about the culture and environment we grew up in, and unfortunately most of it isn't pretty. But for people to single me out as a negative individual because of that is both unfair and unnecessary. The media and certain individuals are painting this as a "hip-hop" issue when this transcends musical genres. Music and art have been a means of expression for hundreds of years.

Instead of playing the blame game and creating a "right" side and a "wrong" side, let's come together to find ways that reach inner city youth and do away with the gang and crime-infested environments where most of them grow up. Let's understand the challenges they face and what type of communities foster that. We have serious problems facing our communities and we need serious people to solve them.

I welcome Rev.Pfleger, Mcdonalds and anyone else concerned to mobilize change and help make a difference. We've spent enough time debating and talking about the problems. It is now time to begin working on the solution."

2641 days ago

FAYN Gang    

Everyone is so happy tha McDonads dropped Twista to promote them But how about all the overweight children & teens that McDonalds contrbutes to leading them towards Obesity. McDonalds doesn't need anyone to help them promote their restaurant chains considering they have ads in newspapers, on the radio and every television worldwide. Believe me Twista isn't losing any sleep over being dropped, remember he's rich and for the most of us we're struggling just to afford a #1on the menu!

2641 days ago

J. Rapaintmusic    

When are people going to realize that these rappers are not "ARTISTS" and the crap they put out is not music. It is sad that they are actually given awards for the getto garbage they dare to call music!

2641 days ago


Dirty lyrics, what about their dirty food!?

2641 days ago


Freedom of speech is just that, free to speak , not polluting the air. Glad to see the Big Mac taking a stand. Why pay for what you don't like? My family will continue to go there because of their position of good judgement.

2641 days ago


#13 Rusty, thank you your comment appears to be the only one that is well informed and not just another racist rant. Twista is not my favorite, in fact, I don't have a single Twista cd, but I know he's no idiot. I also know that McDonald's was trying to capitalize from his fame and popularity, and that the only reason they backed off was because of pressure, so don't offer up cudos like they're so righteous. And as far as Bill O'reilly the sexual harrassment racist is concerned, what are you congratulating him on exactly?Getting away with it perhaps? So many mean bitter little people, I hope you all aren't raising children that the rest of us will have to deal with, (SIGH).

2641 days ago


Did his mama name him that?She must be proud.

2641 days ago

izzy martn    


2641 days ago

Barbara R    

I applaud McDonald's for taking a reasonable stand for the sake of our children and for the public at large. I definitely will be eating at McDonald's now!

2641 days ago


although i havent eaten at mcdonalds for years, i think i will make a stop in to tell them how proud i am that a huge corporation such as theirs took a stand against the filth that is invading our kids' minds.

2641 days ago


mcdonalds has taken the first step in shutting these so called "artists" down,you start affecting their wallets,and they WILL start singing about sunshine and lollipops!!!!!!!!!!!

2641 days ago


I'm Loving It

2641 days ago

Think First    

I dont know whats more sad the fact that people are taking this stoyry at face value or the fact that so many are leaving this comments bashing Rap, hip hop, races and individual artists.

McDonalds knew who they were singing up since the beginning. they act like this was Hilary Duff and she just released a profanity-laced album out of nowhere. Twista has BEEN making music that was not always appropriate for children; furthermore, if they were co-sponsoring with MTV think about all the other artists they are supporting and have not dropped.

I wouldnt be surprised if they dropped him b/c he's not the "Hot Mainstream Rapper" right now so they wouldnt be making as much money if they would have done it about 3 years ago. This is not about the "kids" regardless him cussing is not a new thing and when they thought to sign him up they knew that out the gate, if not then the people at McDonald's corporate office are just as stupid as 95% of the people making theses posts on here.

all those who say Rap isnt music -thats your opinion but try to make a song half as complex as a track by Twista, Common, Rakim, or any true lyricist - that IS talent and that style of music dates as far back as the 20's.

know what you are saying and really think- i swear i thought all you "Rap is Crap" people died off a long time ago...

2641 days ago


That's ridiculous. McDonald's officials SHOULD HAVE KNOWN the lyrics this individual used in his songs. They are just finding out now? It has been in the news for the years the type of language rappers use. I think they used him to their advantage and got tired of him.

2641 days ago


All I can say is "Good Job"!! If we could get a few more businesses to do this maybe there would be an impact.

2641 days ago
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