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Brit Squats While Kid's Teeth Rot

8/1/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothin' like nutritious, delicious soda pop for the kiddies! Brit-Brit's taken to serving soda and juice to 22-month-old Sean and 11-month-old Jayden in their baby bottles, according to Us Magazine. Now the tiny tots are suffering from tooth decay -- and their dental problems are so bad that Brit's asked an L.A. dentist to whiten her kid's teeth. The dentist refused. Paging the Tooth Fairy!

Bumbling Britney caused another ruckus when the trainwreckin' poptart went real estate shopping and made a mess of one $6.5 million property. She reportedly had her bodyguard bring over some of her belongings so that she could feel "more at home" in the new pad. Movin' on up! The pop star squatter then chowed down on Mexican food with her two kids, getting "crumbs and grease everywhere" and "trashing" the house. It's taco time!

A riled source says Senorita Spears let her kids and dog have full run of the house, saying, "She left the bed a mess."


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Alex O'Day's a good thing that your mom didn't take care of you the way you take care of your children....thanks to your moms sacrifices when you were young, all of your dreams came true! Disney, your own record contracts, movies, and don't forget all the damn money you have now! This isn't about Britney have children now! Try to be a wonderful mother and pull your pretty head out of your butt.

2586 days ago


Well...THIS "article" (term used loosely,) is a NEW LOW for TMZ.

PLEASE keep these two, adorable, innocent babies out of it! Brittney has made her own bed...and continues to put her warped self in the limelight...but these two precious little-ones had NO choice in who they were born to... so..LEAVE THEM THE HECK ALONE!!!

BTW...I, for one, am SICK TO DEATH of hearing/reading about Brittney, Lindsey and Paris. Isn't there anyone else out there that you can media-types can STALK on a 24/7 basis?

2586 days ago


What a skank. Great job with the soda, Zitney. Cheetos anyone? The oldest baby should be seeing a dentist for a CHECKUP"....NOT a whitening. Grow up and take your responsibilities seriously, skankbag!!

2586 days ago


Alli Sims gave an interview to People, about only doing a temp job w/Britney to get her feet wet, and there is no anomosity - nice how the story turns out and shows how people run away with storeis... she also said how great and hands-on of a mom she is.. just goes to show unless it comes from their mouth, you can't always believe what you read...

and Alex, did you know that her mom slapped her in the face b/c she got into an argument with her??? she's 25 y/o, a grown woman with 2 kids, and although i agree if it wasnt b/c of her mom, she wouldnt be where she is, but it if weren't for her talent, or money, her mom wouldnt be where she is... i would be pissed too if my mom slapped me... lol

2586 days ago


#32 - Jay

they (the paps) cater to their market (us). if we didn't comment on the stories and read the articles and buy the magazines with the whore trifecta on them, then they wouldn't take more photos and write more articles.

and really, who's this much fun to watch than this? brangelina? snoooooze......

2586 days ago


Hmmm you may be right.. when are the "Mother of the Year" nominations again?

2586 days ago


i doubt this article is true. but if it is good! if i was worth $100 mill, i would crap in the bowl and not flush!

2586 days ago


this is just crap. i'm beginning to get turned off by the tmz britney witch hunt. if she was really as bad as you guys make her out to be she'd be locked up and kfed would have sole custody of those kids. back off already and stop reporting this fake ass garbage.

2586 days ago


Has anyone considered Postpartum depression? She had those babies so close together and having them that close could do a lot to ones mental health. I hope she's okay and her ex-husband cares enough to not try to take those kids from her! Thats the last thing she needs! And how many parents haven't given their children pop or chips? That doesn't make her a bad mom! Someone needs to take her to a doctor for evaluation and she would get a lot better. God Bless You Britney. I will pray you get what you need to be okay.

2586 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

I doubt if any of this is accurate. I gave my kids soda occasionally as well as juice. I see nothing wrong with it. Granted it was only on a rare occasion but I don't think one soda is going to rot a childs teeth...Call me a bad parent. I figure she has made major mistakes, but so has every other parent out there. I do think the paps are just looking for a reason to hassle Britney. What a bitch it must be to be a celebrity, glad I'm just a regular person!!

2586 days ago


The part of this story about her making a mess while house hunting is 100% accurate!! My sister was the real estate agent showing her the house!!!!!!!! My sister said that Britney left crumbs all over the house!!!!! She even sat her kids on the bed in the master bedroom and they totally screwed it up!! My sister had to re-make the bed after Britney left!!! I guess she really is as bad as everyone thinks! Hopefully, she'll get some help soon!

2586 days ago

soupy sales    

I am totally sick of Britney too. Just disappear from the public eye already. The only reason she is of any interest to the public anymore is because she's become a side show freak.

And I'm sorry for all you who don't want to believe these stories, but TMZ is ususally right on the money. Did you forget about the source that TMZ got to talk about the OK! photo shoot before OK! released any details about the meltdown?

She's just a sad, sad example of what happens when trailer gets money. Who lets her dog poop on designer clothes? Take the kids and the dogs now, before she drags them down with her, and then stop giving her the attention she clearly can't live without.

2586 days ago


Now, I am not on her side but this is getting stupid. I put juice in my kids bottle 25 years ago. So what if they get a cavity? "Suffering "from tooth decay? BIg deal. Everything she does is such a big overblown deal. She is an average mother. I bet all of you are not perfect either.Unless she beats them or starves them let her alone. Who is to say who is a good parent. I bet they love her to death.

2586 days ago


This is so sad!! Hopefully she will get her act together before it is her children who pay for her crazyness! Aren't there any celebrities out there that are normal and don't need help or rehab?

2586 days ago


Lorna Young: Kids as young as Britney's should not be getting cavities IDIOT!!!!! I have a 7 year old and 4 year twins and they've never had a single cavity!! I guess that's because they don't drink soda or sugar filled juice!!! You are right, Britney is just an average mom!!! That's not something most moms aspire to be......except you of course!!

2586 days ago
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