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Brit Squats While Kid's Teeth Rot

8/1/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothin' like nutritious, delicious soda pop for the kiddies! Brit-Brit's taken to serving soda and juice to 22-month-old Sean and 11-month-old Jayden in their baby bottles, according to Us Magazine. Now the tiny tots are suffering from tooth decay -- and their dental problems are so bad that Brit's asked an L.A. dentist to whiten her kid's teeth. The dentist refused. Paging the Tooth Fairy!

Bumbling Britney caused another ruckus when the trainwreckin' poptart went real estate shopping and made a mess of one $6.5 million property. She reportedly had her bodyguard bring over some of her belongings so that she could feel "more at home" in the new pad. Movin' on up! The pop star squatter then chowed down on Mexican food with her two kids, getting "crumbs and grease everywhere" and "trashing" the house. It's taco time!

A riled source says Senorita Spears let her kids and dog have full run of the house, saying, "She left the bed a mess."


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This is to Better Than U - I agree with you 100%!!! My husband is a pediatric dentist and he said that "normal" parents would never give a child under the age of 5 soda of any kind!!! The caffeine and sugar would hype the kids up for hours, (I guess that's why Britney needs a nanny to help her deal with them) They're hyped up on caffeine most of the day!!! He said that if they already have decay then she's not brushing their teeth!! Yuck!! I feel sorry for those boys!! They're already screwed up and they haven't even started pre-school! Yikes!

2609 days ago


Given Spears' bizarre conduct--especially the recent photoshoot for OK! magazine in which she let her dog poop on a &6,000+ designer gown AND left the bathroom door open when she went on the potty--it is time for America to SERIOUSLY consider that this woman is MENTALLY ILL. Her conduct goes beyond cutsy-rebellious-acting-out of a young person.

2609 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

WHO on God's green earth puts soda in baby bottles? That's just so wrong and bizarre on so many levels when there are a thousand nutritive substitutes for small ones who can't make choices for themselves, but count on an adult to provide what they need. If you thinks it's wrong to have her kids on those covers, then she needs to behave in a responsible way that keeps her behaviour out of the news. Simple. Milk, anyone?

2609 days ago


#49 Yup: Right on Sister!!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right mind does that???!!!

2609 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Tina, my thinking is that soda might have been the only thing apart from juice that was in her fridge. Which means she needs to go shopping like everyone else when the kids are coming, so that there are healthy choices for the kids. Have pop herself if she wants, but give the kids what's right for their teeth, like any informed parent would. After a certain age, the occasional slurpee or whatever is fine, but insist the kids brush afterwards so that this condition doesn't occur.

2609 days ago

Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

We see Chris Benoit with Britney. She will kill her kids then herself.

2609 days ago


TO ALL HYPOCRITES and HATERS and Britney bashers

If you are so concerned about Britney babies where were you when this happen? See aicle below. Why you are not appalled about those parents! They might be your neighbor kids. Did you call social service. NO!

Are you so obsessed with hate of B that you do not see what happens around you. ? Why nobody took picture of those people swimming pool ? Where was X17 and Perez Hilton and TMZ !!!!

Take a break and go contemplate your action and do not judge Britney. If you are so concerned about children go and look around what happen with your life.

ALL of YOU ARE responsible for death of that baby because you did nothing to prevent it.

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Published: July 16, 2007

A 3-year-old girl drowned in a swimming pool at a house on Long Island late yesterday, the Nassau County police said. The girl, whom the police did not identify, was taken from the house, at 15 Princeton Avenue in Hewlett, about 7 p.m. to South Nassau Communities Hospital, where she died, the police said.

2609 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

THAT'S a little over-the-top with the Benoit comment, IMHO. He was riddled with excessive amounts of outside source Testosterone. Steroids cause aggression and convoluted thinking. I doubt soda has the same effect.

2609 days ago


She is such a ridiculously untalented pig!

2609 days ago


Britney just start suing all these people who are slandering you and talking trash about u it will shut them up in no time

2609 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Anything but behave, eh? Sue(y), Sue(y), Sue(y).

2609 days ago


It's pretty pathetic when your on all the mags as the world's worst mother.....get a clue, Britney. Keep your nasty a** at home, take a shower, get a decent wig, and where some clothing. Then maybe the world would not be watching your meltdown. Somebody needs to force her crazy ass into therapy!

2609 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She should start by suing herself over that photo of her butt-hang above on that stripping pole. Cover your eyes.

2609 days ago


I have put watered down soda in a bottle for my kid as a treat, I give them watered down juice every day! I feel close to Brit b/c both our kids have the same exact b-day... except my eldest is a girl. Why scrutinize such behavior in the first place? I admit some things she does, if they are true could be considered crazy but no one has been in her shoes. Why judge?

2609 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Why judge? Because their TEETH are rotting. Sigh.
Plus this country has freedom of speech. Sigh.

2609 days ago
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