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Paparazzo: Brit's Man Gave Me a Beat Down!

8/1/2007 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A photographer says Britney Spears' bodyguard attacked and beat him "without any provocation" outside the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas on July 26 -- and he has the injuries to prove it!

In a press release issued by lawyers for Flynet photographer Andrew Deetz, the photog alleges Spears' bodyguard, Julio "J.C." Camera, unleashed "a barrage of punches and kicks to the head and body." Deetz also claims Britney had to be to be stopped by hotel security from attacking him as well. He says she threw a baby bottle at him and yelled, "I am going to kill you! I am going to f***ing kill you!" He added that she shouted that he should get a restraining order against her because if she didn't kill him, she would hire someone that would! Like who, K-Fed?

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called and J.C. was issued a citation for misdemeanor battery.

Deetz, who maintains he always kept a safe distance of approximately 30-50 feet while photographing Spears, says the attack caused him "multiple bruises to his face and head as well as injuries to his brain, neck and other parts of his body." He claims he continues to receive treatment for his injuries.


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Who's Britney?

2609 days ago


Yeah, well, Britney is going to lose too, because she violated the custody terms. She wasn't supposed to have those kids in Vegas, and she didn't want photos proving she there. Only reason she made such a big stink.

2609 days ago


Britney should be on the Ghoulpool death pool.
She's out of control.

2609 days ago


If someone knocked a camera into my son's head, I also would threaten their life - wouldn't you be beyond pissed??? I would lose my mind temporarily I'm sure -and I'm a relatively calm person. These photogs are trying for press - why don't more paps use telephoto lenses...hmmm=because they want to invade the celebrities personal space & hopefully cause an incident!

2609 days ago


Yeah, poor Britney - NOT! Funny she never has a problem with paps until she is caught doing something illegal with her kids. She's always out looking for paps, even took her clothes off for them at the beach, but she knew she was getting caught with her kids out of California, so SHE went all nuts.

2609 days ago

hello, it    

I don't feel sorry for this guy at all. Just because someone is "famous" doesn't give others the right to follow them around and take their picture. Sounds like stalking to me. I don't like Britney, but enough is enough.

2609 days ago


Never thought I'd say this, but KFed should have the kids...Brit's a trainwreck

2609 days ago

G spot    

Just say "NO" to "crack"!

2609 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

Why does she have her young children in a Las Vegas Casino? I mean really, isn't it reasonably foreseeable that if she walks with her small children in a Las Vegas casino, shes going to be followed in this manner? The papz may have been an a-hole , however, she's a biiger a-hole for putting her child in that position. She has some very serious mental problems, you can see it in her eyes. I hope she get help.

2609 days ago

Heather Dawn    

I'm not a fan of Britney or of the other teenie bopping, cocaine using, drinking and driving young idiots as of late, but I have to say these photogs go too far. I have 2 boys and if a camera or even an arm were to touch my kids (and remember, she and her kids can't even go to a park, go get ice cream, go to the Mall without a menagerie of stalking photogs), I'd probably threaten their lives too! Did she choose this? She chose to be a singer (if that's what she is, I've never listened to her music). Why does the stalking have to go hand in hand with a celeb career? Pictures are great, but getting in the face of someone and close enough to hit their child with a camera is far too close! Some people say "it's the life she chose". If there were some rules for the paparazzi, I think everyone would be happier. I was looking at pictures on another site, not a rag site, but they are simply beautiful pictures of celebs. Red carpets, fashion shows, pics taken from a distance in a park. Why do they have to get RIGHT in their faces? Don't they have super duper zoom lenses? I'd certainly vote in a perimeter that the photogs should stay within.
And please don't comment on me reading this site and then knocking it. It's an addiction and relaxation of sorts, but as of late, they slap "headlines" up only to have the actual truth (or whatever the press can find to be truth) hours or days later.

2609 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

Deet... says the attack caused him "multiple bruises to his face and head as well as injuries to his brain, neck and other parts of his body." He claims he continues to receive treatment for his injuries.

I'm sure he'll never be the same...until he gets the money.

2609 days ago


the guy deserved what he got, and more.
i cannot believe how they harass and STALK britney. it is very troubling. someone will end up dead. hopefully it won't be one of her babies.


2609 days ago


Actually being famous DOES give the paparazzi a right to follow them around and take pics. Poo Poo poor Britney has her pic taken every where she goes. Am I supposed to feel bad for her? Sorry NOT. Plenty of people more famous than her have the paparazzi following them around and they don't handle it by having their body guard pounding on them as they threaten to kill them over a picture. She needs to lay off the meth.

2609 days ago


How would you like to have cameras a foot from your face every minute of your life. Photographers are ruthless and violate her space. As a mother I would have beat their ass too. Leave her alone!

2609 days ago


Nobody was going to kill anyone. It is just an expression. Nobody should say that but it is said in anger all the time. These paps were pusing and shoving around her kids. Not cool.

2609 days ago
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