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Paparazzo: Brit's Man Gave Me a Beat Down!

8/1/2007 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A photographer says Britney Spears' bodyguard attacked and beat him "without any provocation" outside the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas on July 26 -- and he has the injuries to prove it!

In a press release issued by lawyers for Flynet photographer Andrew Deetz, the photog alleges Spears' bodyguard, Julio "J.C." Camera, unleashed "a barrage of punches and kicks to the head and body." Deetz also claims Britney had to be to be stopped by hotel security from attacking him as well. He says she threw a baby bottle at him and yelled, "I am going to kill you! I am going to f***ing kill you!" He added that she shouted that he should get a restraining order against her because if she didn't kill him, she would hire someone that would! Like who, K-Fed?

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called and J.C. was issued a citation for misdemeanor battery.

Deetz, who maintains he always kept a safe distance of approximately 30-50 feet while photographing Spears, says the attack caused him "multiple bruises to his face and head as well as injuries to his brain, neck and other parts of his body." He claims he continues to receive treatment for his injuries.


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Who the hell could blame them? Everyone, including Tmz, has cameras in their face all of the time.

2641 days ago


Any mother would react in the same manner if she felt her children were in danger. Do any of you ever see what she has to live through all the time she cant do ANYTHING without a critical eye. You say shes a bad mother for not being there for her kids, when she fights off a stranger, who, for all she knows could be trying to hurt her child, you call her a bad mother. I support her 100% in what she does. And taking her kids to another state....oh come on.....she wasnt trying to kidnap them, if she was i doubt she would go to vegas...she has the means to go whereever she wants to go. I hate reading these stories, it is like here are the standards that we, middle class America live by....Britney you are wrong for not living by our standards. She is different, sorry. We do not have to live her life and deal with the WORLD watching and criticizing our every move. So, as I stand GOOD FOR YOU BRITNEY FOR STICKING UP TO ANYONE THAT WOULD COME THAT CLOSE TO YOUR KIDS.

2641 days ago


She's a loser. Psychotic, probably due to drugs. How can she afford to hire body guards anyway? She obviously isn't making any money right now. She needs to grow up and be a responsible parent. Quit being the inbred idiot she is. She has no talent. Lip syncs. How does she have fans? Oh yeah, ugly to boot.

2641 days ago

simon birch    

I love seeing a good photog beat down.......too bad he couldn't give it too them all!!! What did he stop!!!

2641 days ago

Funny Answers    

Now, actor/actress, famous people for a lack of a better word, Paris, should all band together. It is okay to take their pictures, I buy the magazines, read TMZ, watch E-News, but when you get carried away, unrelentless with pocking into their private live, well you stepped over the line. Following their every move, but I tell you, if someone took pictures of my kid, knowing full well there is always a treat of the child being taken for money or to harm, you TMZ even printed the article stating the lawyer thought someone might snatch the children of Brittany, (no I am not a fan of this woman), I would carry a shot gun, filled with buck shot, paper wads, and shot back at the photogos, and I am not a violent person. I have never even spanked my full grown children, but when you put someones child, anyones child in harm, you need to rote in hell. Get the hell off her back, stop takeing unwanted pictures of their children. There really needs to be a law. And if the picture is with the person approval, a release needs to be signed.

2641 days ago


Wow, there are a lot of violent people on here. We don't know all the facts to this story. I highly doubt the photog purposely pushed Brits kid (or whatever people are saying I have heard so many different stories). I'm sure the Las Vegas Casino is a very crowded place. What happens in crowded places? People get nudged. For those of you saying you would kill someone if they ran into your child (again, I'm sure he did not push him on purpose) you need serious help. Ever been to Disney World???? I take my child several times every year and there have been several times while waiting in a line where someone has backed up without looking and either bumped myself or my child. They apologize and that is that. You have serious anger issues if you want to kill someone for an accident. This photog probably didn't even have the chance to say he was sorry before he got attacked. I agree with what other posters said, Brit got scared that she would actually have proof that she left CA. The bodyguard was probably going after this man's camera to destroy the evidence.

As for the paps following these celebs around, what would all of you do if it wasn't for them? What gossip site would you go on to make yourself sound better then everyone else? Britney knows she attracts the paps attention, her own fault, so she takes her kids to a very busy place where she wasn't supposed to be and thought she would get privacy? I feel horrible for her kids, they did not ask for a pyscho mother. There are several other celeberties with kids and we don't see them gettting mauled by the pap like Brit. SHe brought this upon herself by flashing every inch of her body and know is bringing her kids into it. She should be charged with child abuse.

2641 days ago


good! those paps are getting what they deserve, at last.

2641 days ago


you go man...kick his ass again!

2641 days ago


Good! Unprovoked my a#@!

2641 days ago


I find it hilarious that all Britney did was throw a wee baby bottle at him and supposedly threaten him and he is suing her yet he is not suing the bodyguard who actually beat the crap out of him, no freaking judge is going to award him anything because Britney did not actually assault him. This case is like say where a person who is the child or grandchild of say a rich oil tycoon and a person is attacked by him or her and instead of suing them they go after there parents or grandparents for money, no judge is going to allow you to get money out of that. Now if he wants to sue the bodyguard then of course he will probably get money but as for going after Britney he is not going to get a dime.

This is what paps do, they push and push celebs buttons until the celebs can not take it and they say something nasty like a threat or attack them or there bodyguard attacks them and they try and sue the celeb. They have had plenty of paps try to sue celebs for threatening words or there bodyguards laying there hands on them and none have ever got any money

2641 days ago

Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

Chrissy, Britney uttered a DEATH THREAT! That is a no-no. Our friend said to Hilary Clinton in an email "I'll kill you" and he was sent to Leavenworth for 30 years. Death threats are serious. Britney broke the law and now must go to jail. Either that or spare us and commit suicide!

2640 days ago

Alex Rogers    

What a worthless whore this woman is. I wish she would just die already.

2640 days ago


that pap could have severely injured her son. Also everything would have been caught on camera and taken into context. Especially if her son was knocked over. A good jury would see what went on before it to find the bodyguard not guilty. That is why in california paps can be punished for what they do....

2640 days ago


I think the pap was at fault. Thats why california has anti pap laws. This guy should be countersued as well as his employer.

2640 days ago


The Photog had it coming...I don't care who it is...leave them alone.

2607 days ago
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