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Paris Launches Line of Boat-Sized Shoes

8/1/2007 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paging all streetwalkers, drag queens and hobbits! Walking in Paris Hilton's size 11 pumps just got a little bit easier! Shoes! Oh my gosh, shoes!
Paris Hilton
The heiress betch has partnered with Antebi Footwear to create Paris Hilton Footwear -- a line of "chic and trendy" shoes. Bigfoot never looked so dainty!

P's plus-sized collection is expected to hit stores in early 2008 -- in plenty of time to get your hooves to the pedicurist!


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All you women with big feet getting incensed, calm down. We're not so much amused by the size of her feet as the UGLINESS of her feet, especially the toes. Plus her choice of footwear here is just plain unflattering.

2604 days ago

Grace E.    

No one is picking on the size shoe 11 just that Paris Hilton at 5'8 with 11 or so size feet is disproportional. Feet size 11 usually belong to a taller person. Paris has feet like "King of the Hill's Peggy Hill inwhich entire espisodes are created about Peggy's over sized feet. Lighten up it is only comedy and Paris is too pretty to care.

2604 days ago


It's not that her feet are big but they just plain ugly. Those boney, long toes are weird looking.

2604 days ago


all I can say is.."She has some ugly feet"

2604 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

80. I can't imagine how Paris must feel reading all this about something as insignificant as her feet. I hope if she is reading this that she just brushes it off as sheer stupidity.

Posted at 9:45PM on Aug 1st 2007 by ValerieSara

She can't read remember - she can't spell either!

2604 days ago


So why would you use this pic to advertise then not even have the strap on your right foot worn correctly? I wouldn't buy shoes from this line just because of the name attached with them.

2604 days ago


This is great news because I love Pari's taste in shoes. She is always wearing the most amazing and magnificent sandals, high heels, you name it...You go girl, I'll be your first customer!

2604 days ago


with claws like that, any minutes she will turn into a werewolf. Whooooohhhh!!!

2604 days ago


HEE HEE! Did anyone nitice her left strap is strapped backwards (if U R looking @ the pic it iz on the left, but it is her right)! She can't even STRAP HER SHOEZ DRUNK, Y would she try 2 DRIVE DRUNK??? LOL!!!

2604 days ago


Actually, all you silly's harping about long toes...if you didn't know, Paris is 5'11". Bone structure is genetic. A longer 2nd toe is a sign of evolution, which has become more prevalent in humans in the last several hundred years.

2604 days ago

Go away!!    

people, people, people - calm down and realize we don't hate big feet or the people who own them, we just hate that tw@t, parasite

2604 days ago


I'd lick and smell those feet all night long.

2604 days ago


Check out the internet and you will find that the Statue of Liberty and Cleopatra have the same toe shape Paris has.......

***In statuary and shoe fitting it has been called the Greek foot (as opposed to the Egyptian foot, where the great toe is longer). It was an idealised form in Greek sculpture, and this persisted as an aesthetic standard through Roman and Renaissance periods and later (the Statue of Liberty has toes of this proportion). The French call it pied ancestral or pied de Néanderthal[1], believing it to be a sign of intelligence[citation needed]. Cleopatra was known to have this, and many consider this trait to be a sign of beauty. Podiatrist/archaeologist Phyllis Jackson has interpreted it as a characteristically Celtic toe, as opposed to a Saxon toe.**

A friend of mine always said she would have been taller if God hadn't turned so much under for feet. She was 5'5" and wore a 10.

2604 days ago



2604 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Hey Big Bear,

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing vacation with no Parasite news! TMZ has to post something about her everyday, no matter how trivial.

She got a couple of new dogs. Cute little things - but she wrapped them up in outfits to match hers - didn't HIS and HER outfits go out of style in the 60"s? Taking them to the beach. I think a couple tried to run away, "Run "Poochie" Run" but she came out in full makeup, purse on her shoulder, photo-op ready to rescue them.

She's coming out with a new "Platinum" in the making cd, sort of like the first one! LOL

One song on there should be a big hit "Blowin' em in the wind",

Now about those big feet of hers, she needs to cover em up - wonder who's been sucking on those nasty toes, they're longer than most fingers, if you get my drift.

2604 days ago
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