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Richie Finally Gets It:

'I Have a Responsibility'

8/1/2007 8:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In tomorrow's interview with Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America," Nicole Richie is going to sound very strange -- like an adult!

Richie, who has (finally) admitted to being four months pregnant, handled Sawyer's questions like a champ. When asked about putting people's lives at risk with her DUI arrest last December, Richie said, "If I could personally apologize to every single person that has lost a loved one from drunk driving, I would." Not bad, Nicole. Not bad at all.

Catch the full interview Thursday morning on ABC's "Good Morning America."


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She's just blowing hot air, just like when she said on TV that she would serve her jail time and admitted it was wrong. Now she refuses to serve jail time and she denies everything. She's just keeping face.

2641 days ago


A woman who has an eating disorder and DUI has no business having a baby. She can't even take care of herself, so how can she take care of a baby properly?

2641 days ago


Just like her peers, it is time to grow up and start taking responsibility for her life.

2641 days ago


Good post catwoman.... that is sooo true, I know from experience - I hope she'll be able to carry to term for her sake!

2641 days ago


Some of you need drama way to much. Nicole is at a very ok weight right now to have a child. Because some of you were far to over weight when pregnant and never lost dose not mean someone under "your" weight is going to loose their child.
Nicole was on Vicodine and smoked pot, lets keep the facts straight. Although no drugs would be preferable of course these drugs will not do her child damage unless she continues to use through out her pregnancy and I don't believe that is or will be the case. Some of you ate way to much crap food and drank gallons of soda and your chubby unhealthy child is the result

2641 days ago


Give people some credit. Having a baby--and she chose to, she could have aborted--could have been a real wake up call for her and maybe she is growing up. Kudos, baby

2641 days ago


I really cant belive most of these comments on here. Wow it's nice to know what people really think at the end of the day thats still sombody's child and will be somebody's mother No one can say what she saying is true or not only time will tell. To talk abut an unborn child like that you guys are dead wrong. She was not prego when all this happen and now she is mybe this is her wake up call. I'm pregnant so when ppl talk about other pregnat ppl in a bad way like it ticks me off. People make some crazy ass mistakes but those are her mistakes and she has to fix them. If any of you knew the law when she has her baby and if they find any drugs in the babies body by law the hospital has to report it because thats child abuse. I work for an children's hospital in the NICU dept. Rich and poor ppl all get reported it's the child's life at stake and we as health care workers would not put a child's life in danger b/c of money. Nichole already know's how drugs can effect lives her real birth parents. Only time will tell but dnt tlk about an innocent child the baby did nothing to you What if somebody talk about you and your child or children.

2640 days ago


Ok Mag is doomed whatever they do. If they publish the pics they'll be branded as career wreckers. If they don't they'll lose their cred
Oh well

2640 days ago


To all those people who said she did not complet school she did and also went to collagethat was paris that drop out. now you want us to help your baby get an scholarship . You lost your damn mind. Reallysweetmommy before you speak know what your saying. At four months my lil cousin had a lil tummy but was still skinny as a bean. B/C she's not eating in your face you got problem She was like th only one that went to school and collage my cousin went to school with her the same collage. So know your facts before you state untruths on here.

2640 days ago

simon birch    

I think she means it....she has more honesty in her littel finger thatn paris has in her whole body. Good luck and many prayers go with you .

2640 days ago

simon birch    

I think she means it....she has more honesty in her littel finger thatn paris has in her whole body. Good luck and many prayers go with you .

2640 days ago


Anybody can SAY anything to make an interview go well. Actually, I wish her and Joel the best, but time will tell. Nicole, Paris and Lindsay will say whatever will suffice for the moment. We'll see, we'll see....

2640 days ago

Dawn Day    

She has had her lines written for a while I'm sure. She watched Paris and made notes. She can talk the talk BUT can she walk the walk? I'm thinking NO.

2640 days ago


Well, we will see. Hopefully she will be a better mother than Britney (I know I don't know her, but just from public pictures of her constantly smoking, I think that is bad for children to be around and to see. Also, she dresses very sleazy for a mother with two young children.) At least Nicole isn't crying like a baby the way Paris did.

2640 days ago


to anyone who says that because they were thin and could eat anything and not gain a pound that maybe thats true of nicole richie, come on? I have to ask did you see those emaciated photos from earlier this year? That is beyond naturally thin. Plus, we've all seen the pictures of the chubby nicole, she was chubby for most of her adult life, her early 20's. I was one of those naturally thin 96lb girls untill i had my son, but im only 5' 2" and i was always thin, you can not find one chubby picture of me before i was pregnant. I just think that nicole should own up to the eating disorder thing, unless she had some medical problem that caused the weight loss because young girls will think they should be that thin too. I think angelina jolie is a real example of a naturally thin, healthy woman. NIcole is looking better now so maybe she's recovering but for awhile there it was ugly!

and the 'plump" photos even as recently as 2003

2640 days ago
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