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The Dog May Be Free!

8/1/2007 8:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that all Mexican charges may have been dropped against famed bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and two members of his team -- including his son. We're told these photos were taken moments after Dog learned his fate. Hallelujah!

The group had been charged by a Mexican court with deprivation of liberty, after their 2003 capture of convicted serial rapist Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta. Chapman had traveled to Mexico to retrieve the Max Factor cosmetics heir, who was wanted in the U.S. on rape charges. Luster is now in jail, serving a 124-year term.

The Chapman crew was jailed for a brief time after the incident as bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico. While TMZ could not immediately confirm the ruling (because nosotros hablamos espanol only a little), Dog's attorney told us he "has received a favorable ruling from the people in Puerto Vallarta. The extent of that ruling is unknown as we are still in the process of translating it."

Dog, through his publicist, told TMZ, "Viva La Mexico!"

UPDATE: A spokesman for A&E, where Dog's show airs, gave TMZ this statement exclusively:

Earlier this week the First Criminal Court in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico dismissed all charges against Dog, Tim and Leland Chapman due to the expiration of the statute of limitations on the criminal counts pending against them. The order effectively cancelled all pending charges. The ruling is, however, subject to appeal by the prosecution in Puerto Vallarta. If an appeal is sought, it must be filed by Wednesday, August 8th. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the Chapman family as they await the prosecution's decision. More information will be posted on as it becomes available.


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Howard K Stern    

Good for him Im Glad for him. Hopefully he can move on with his life now!!

2603 days ago


YAY!!!!!!! I am so happy. Dog is such a great guy. Yay!!!!!!!

2603 days ago


Everyone is entitled to a mistake. Dog's biggest mistake was early enough in his life that he grew up and came out a better person behind it . He learned from it by helping others unlike some who become career criminals where prison and the streets are a revolving door. He kept a rapist from potentially hurting more innocent women.

Hillbilly, hell yeah, like the Beverly Hillbillies laughing all the way to the bank partly from his successful cable show on A & E. Let's hope his legal fees haven't taken all of his earnings so that he and his family can live comfortably. Way to go Dog, keep it up. Good luck to you and your family.

2603 days ago


He is well loved here in Hawaii. Unfortunately all anybody sees are the seedier areas of Downtown Honolulu, Kalihi, and The Waianae Coast. Not all of Hawaii is on ice, or are theives. He actually does a fairly good public service, so Hana Hou my brah!! You wen bus um good!!

2603 days ago


FIBiker, I stand corrected. Although name calling isn't called for. I made a statement, I wasn't putting anyone down. I still think it's great that the charges have been dropped.

I like how many people on here call other people names, and hide behind their comments by using made up names.

2603 days ago


Glad to hear that the charges were dropped. I live in the community that Luster was tried and was happy to hear when Dog found him.

2603 days ago


I am so happy for the Chapman family. OK, so they are not the norm, but hey, they do so much good in trying to stamp out ice in Hawaii. God bless them all for standing for truth and justice

2603 days ago

Dog Lover    


2603 days ago


#77 Nicole
On February 28, 1976 in Pampa, Texas Chapman was charged and convicted of DWI.

Also in Pampa, Texas on September 16, 1976 he was charged with Homicide. On August 18, 1977 he began serving a five-year sentence and paroled on January 31, 1979. His parole was terminated on December 20, 1980.

No mention is made in his Texas criminal record of arrest or convictions for armed robbery though Chapman claims to have been arrested 18 times for armed robbery. However, he does have two more DWI’s, Burglary, Possession of Burglar Tools, etc.

August 21, 2002 complaints were filed against Chapman for Obstructing a Peace Officer and Disorderly Conduct-Unreasonable Noise (case number 2002M 003004) in Adams County, Colorado court. On 12-12-02 the DA dismissed the obstructing complaint. He pled guilty to the disorderly and received a fine totaling $386.00, inclusive of court costs, etc.

On January 25, 2000 in the Denver County Court he was charged with Disturbing the Peace and Assault (case number 00GS933296); both cases dismissed on 5-15-02.

In the same court on 5-28-99 he was charged with a Seat Belt Violation (imagine that!). He pled guilty and paid a fine totaling $68.11, inclusive of court costs, etc.

On 3-5-98 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property (case number 98GS915487) and entered a not guilty plea. No disposition is listed.

On 10-09-97 Mr. Chapman was complained against for Disturbing The Peace and Assault. He pled not guilty. No disposition of the matter is listed.

In the same court on 8-25-99 he was charged with Violation of Court Orders (case number 99GS807757). He then posted a $500.00 bond and was released. On 9-10-99 he FAILED TO APPEAR! I don’t know the outcome of the case. It is listed that he pleaded not guilty and the case is closed without any additional information.

Again in the same court on 8-15-90 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property and Disturbance By Use Of Phone (case number 90GS012017). He requested a jury trial and the case eventually wound down to nothing.

From the court records Mr. Chapman has several listings under ‘height’ as being 5’0”, 5’2”, 5’5”, 5’7” and even one listing as 5’11”. His ‘weight’ is listed as ranging from 100 lbs. to 205 lbs. What is he, rubber man?

In the Jefferson County, Colorado Court on 12-21-97 Mr. Chapman was charged with Failure To Present Proof Of Insurance, Use Of Vehicle Without Registration and Driving With License Expired (case number 1997T 015610). On 7-29-98 he pled not guilty to the failure to present proof of insurance, then changed his plea to guilty and received a fine. He pled not guilty on the remaining two complaints and the DA ultimately dismissed them.

In Jefferson County, Colorado on 10-9-98 he was charged with Forcible Entry and Detainer (case number 1998C 011706). Not guilty plea entered and the case was dismissed by DA on 1-15-99.

In the Denver County Court on 5-18-88 he was charged with Threats To Person/Property (case number 88GS723787). Not guilty plea entered. No disposition listed.

In the same court on 10-10-88 complaints were filed for Disturbing The Peace, Disorderly Intoxification and IMPERSONATING AN OFFICER. All he received was a fine totaling $91.00.

Also in the Denver County Court on 9-12-88 a complaint was filed against him for Disturbing The Peace (case number 88GS883457). He entered a not guilty plea and the case was continued without a finding.

2603 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#20 met and #30, SCREW you both!!!
Do g did not have a great life in the beginning. He made mistakes. Big ones!! He HAS NOT LIED about that part of his life. He redeemed himself . Tries to helpout others who have made some wrongs decisons and are on wrong paths.
Yeah, Dog and beth are not classy dressers. Yeah, Dog and Beth do not a conventional family. Yeah,BUT there seems to be good hearts there and goodintentions.

Way to go Dog, Beth and Family :-) !

2603 days ago


but will he ever be free of that hair????

2603 days ago


Way to go Chapman family. God does answer prayer.

2603 days ago


That beast he is married to, he deserves.
On 1-10-02 charges were filed against Beth Smith, a/k/a Alice E. Barmore, in the Jefferson County Court (case number 2002CR000080) for Extortion-Unlawful Act (2 counts), False Imprisonment (2 counts), Forgery-Check/Commercial Instrument and Obstructing Government Operations. Her co-defendant, Mary Angell, was also charged with the same complaints except for the obstruction charge and had an additional charge of Forgery 2.

All charges on Ms. Barmore were dismissed by the DA except for obstructing government operations (misdemeanor); she pled guilty and received a fine of $750.00 plus court costs and a $25.00 fee for to make the fine in installment payments. It is rumored part of the agreement with the DA was she would surrender her bail license in Colorado, much to the relief of real bail agents with whom she always argued with, swore at and threatened. She is perhaps the most despised person in the bail industry.

2603 days ago


#77 Great information! Where did you get those facts? It is unbelievable that a criminal like Dog has gotten away with so much. I can't stand that hypocrite.

2603 days ago


It's about time!!!!!! The gall of our government to even consider returning them to Mexico when Mexico won't even extradited murderers makes me sick. Congrats Dog & Co!!!

2603 days ago
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