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8/1/2007 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew Roloff, Taylor Hicks


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Well, regardless of whether they look alike or not, the midge's career is much bigger than Hicks' career, which was pretty much expected........

2573 days ago


Talyor Hicks.. I gotta tell you.. American Idols are really not that Idolic because it's as if these Idols fade away faster than they fade into stardom.. Fantasia who? Fantasia makes me squirm everytime I hear her squeakbox I want to mop my floor for some reason.. I don't know why I'm talking about it with my therapist.

Kelly Clarkson.. the only real singer that has made some noise in the real world.. oh and some money!! go Kelly, who cares about kelly haters.. the girl got $$$$ and that's proof in the pudding.

Taylor you are way too boring for celebritism... though I think Talyor would have been so much better than that fat guy for the Price Is Right Show!!


2573 days ago


Taylor Hicks is an insult to the music industry. He is a perfect example of all American Idol winners, who never prove to be anything but mediocre. Even the winners who sell a decent number of albums are nothing more than clones of really great singers. Despite what American Idol tries to sell as the truth, the singing greats have to pay their dues in countless night clubs and any other venue they can find, and they would never have been the greats if all they had on their resume was American Idol. I like the show, but American Idol is no measure of what the best singers have to have, and Taylor Hicks will never be worthy of anything more than local gigs at small clubs and high school auditoriums.

2573 days ago


Ohh yea!! Taylor is so hot!! Yum! Thanks for posting that picture - it was from his appearance on TRL. Not sure what the point of this tmz entry is, but dayum, thanks for the eye candy ;)

2573 days ago


whatever...trying to start some fan wars to get hits are we? yeah, tay's fans support him and stand up for him...congrats, you have them reading...grove on show is awesome...catch him when he comes to your town...the anti-idol...ptb hate him...we luv him that much more...

2573 days ago


Matt may be a little person, but, watch the show and you'll see what a big man he really is. So those of you who are so rude and such a BIG PERSON (little mind) are a jealous POOP.
Hey, did you try out for American Idol? NO? then just SHUT UP

2573 days ago


matt is cute and I love his show.........Taylor is a loser.........he never should have won Idol..........go back to the little lounge bars were you belong.....Hicks belongs in the sticks........ kat has proven she is much more talented.........class and a voice.........Taylor has no clue ........anyone can jump around like an idiot and sing......... my grandpa sings better than him.............

2573 days ago


Well,.....say what must about the little Roloff dude, I kinda like him. He has nice kids and he's really trying to do the best he can. (With what he has that is!) And his little wife is just sooooooo adorable! I'd like for her to sit on me and (I'd) spin her like a top! That would be so much fun. OH! WOW!,....that reminds me,............I need to pay my PornOdotcom bill!

2573 days ago


#53 whatever - HIGH FIVES!!! The more the haters hate Taylor, the MORE we love him and attend his show! Yea baby!!! Go Taylor, da man!! And people don't forget to buy his new DVD - Live At The Warfield!!! He keeps going and going and going.. you can't bring this man down - EVAH!! LOL.......... You haters are pathetic losers, and REALLY need to get a friggin' life, if you can buy one.

2573 days ago


Don't get the comparison. Not even close. They look nothing alike????

2572 days ago


More like than Jay Leno, than Taylor Hicks.

2572 days ago


You're just saying WHAT??????
I don't think anybody knows. Would like to vote but don't know what I'm voting for.
Hicks must be popular, he always gets a lot of hits.

Does all this have anything to do with a certain song Taylor said he liked to sing, just saying something silly for an interviewer.

2572 days ago


Ok that's just scary! Head to to earn cash AND get FREE coupons!!!!

2541 days ago


NOT a chance! Hicks' azz would make ROloff a Sunday face!

2536 days ago
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