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Brit Could Get a Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Tonight!

8/2/2007 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsIt's been three whole days since Britney Spears became an officially free woman -- so isn't it about time she got herself a man to stroke that scuzzariffic weave? Like, tonight? She's in luck, ya'll!
, an online dating site that allows singles to procure a date whenever they have a little time in their day, wants to hire swingin' single Brit-Brit to be its spokeswreck, for the princely sum of $500 -- and all the dates she can handle. In fact, they're even willing to get their members to vote for the most eligible bachelor, who'll have the chance to be the next ... Kevin Federline?

But if you think those 5 Big Bens are going to come easy for Brit, it's just not so. Site founder Clifford Lerner tells TMZ that -- gosh darnit -- has a reputation to uphold, and any crotchy-crotchy-flash-flash antics or incarcerations will void his offer. Plus, Lerner has decided that Britney wouldn't be making public appearances on behalf of the site. "She's too much of a loose cannon," he says.

She does know how to let her hair down.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Like a dog in heat1

2603 days ago


who cares?

2603 days ago


way to bury this one. this definately deserves a higher billing TMZ.

and why no word on the R Kelly trial?

2603 days ago


I'll bet Lindsay Lohan would like to know about this we site.

2603 days ago


This guy just got more than 500.00 worth of free advertising, just by being mentioned on this site.

2603 days ago


undiagnosed bipolar bitch

2603 days ago


Another nice picture Brit!! Ju look marbolos........

2603 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Break-a-leg....No, TWO.....While your'e at it, your pelvis (no more babies please) Let's keep on going, your BACK, (can't go out every night in a wheel chair, this will force you to stay home with those boys, rotting their teeth out).......:-O

2603 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Lithium, Lithium, Lithium, Lithium, Lithium, Lithium, Lithium

2603 days ago

Amy Silverman    

What a drunken skank-stay home with your kids LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2602 days ago


Well...I happen to know that Britney IS gettin' her sumpin' sumpin' tonight!!! I'm a friend of a friend who's got the serious "inside" scoop about this girl and just who she happens to be with tonight!

2602 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

Brit needs to go cold turkey on the blow and replace it with bike riding in France. Then before she relapses, find a competent shrink who will evaluate her and conduct an aggressive program of drug combinations and dosages toward discovery of a successful maintenance drug schedule which will allow her to lead a resonably balanced life. Or she could ring up Tom Cruise, become a Scientologist, take vitamins, and live the rest of her life in high-gated denial.

There are seemingly yearly advances in the pharmaceutical treatment of many psychoses, with increasing success. Anti-psychotic drugs like Seroquel and Geodon are being prescribed to depressed patients in combination with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors with significant positive results.

2602 days ago


I was wondering if Kevin has a Nanny for his boys like Brittany does.

2598 days ago


Ah come on now, you guys at TMZ know you're out there partying every night with Britney and all those other HollyWeird girls...

2596 days ago


Britney isn't mature enough to give her sister advice about how to cross the street.

And threating your mother isn't the act of an adult it's a child reacting to something they don't like. Adults talk things out and if ever you needed a mother and father it's now. You need long term inpatient care, that doesn't mean what you think it does. Remember your a young woman and tend to jump to conclusions. Go to professionals for information, pastors, psychologists, doctors, adult family friends, and etc., not friends your own age that hang out at the same places and do the same things you do; they don't have the experience in life to give you the advice you need.


2593 days ago

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