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Garrison and Sister's Written Plea to Judge

8/2/2007 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters written to Judge Elden Fox from Lane Garrison and his sister, Amelia pleading for mercy.
Lane Garrison: Click to read
In two separate documents, the Garrison siblings give the judge a rundown of their tragic history.

In the sad letter written by Amelia, a family history of violence and alcohol abuse is described. Amelia says her family was so dysfunctional, she attempted to take her own life at the age of 10. Lane tried to gain custody of Amelia when he was 17, but he was deemed too young by the court to care for her. On two separate occasions, Amelia says she had to administer CPR to both her parents, who were unconscious.

Garrison's mother and father are both deceased.


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patty cake    

90 days for murder...lovely... I would have set myself on fire in the courtroom if I were the kid who was killed parent just to show the judge what an ass he was and Harland Braun is going to hell.

2605 days ago

are you new?    

Interesting that good old preacher Joe Simpson(AKA Jessica's daddy)
took this dude in for a year with his family
and doesn't seem to even KNOW him now?

Joey doesn't seem to have publicity shyness when he wants
to talk about his daughters boobs

2605 days ago


Lane i know how you feel i am 45 yrs old and i hd a head on collision at 18 i had drank 3 beers and two ppl were killed .I did 18 mos in a co jail and 12 yrs on probation and now i am a convicted felon wich will follow me the rest of my life so you are lucky that you have money and you dont have to go job hunting cause its hard to get a job with a criminal background .I do not drink and drive this week my daughter friend was killed because he drank and drive do u know how many times i told this 28 yrd old young man dont drink and drive and i thold him my sotry . no matter what u do your kids are going to do what they want too. PPl have to learn from there own mistakes . Lane will live with this for the rest of his life trust me i know i have been there .

2605 days ago


I agree with #8, This could have happen to any of US that drink it was an ACCIDENT yes he was drinking and driving but he did not intentially go out and murder someone. And yes I feel sorry for his parnets however when my child was 17 she was not out partying at all hours of the morning she had a curfew and we as parents are responsible for our childrens actions.

2605 days ago

Argh!!! are right on the money.

2605 days ago

Does it matter?    

Poor girl. So much for a kid her age to go through. Shes sounds like a strong kid though. I hope she'll be ok. I hope this guy's story serves a lessons to all parents. You have to be able to demand to know what your kids are doing, who they're doing it with, and where they're going. Why? Just because you did some crazy stuff at their age? You think you cant say anything? STOP FEELING GUILTY FOR BEING YOUNG ONCE. THESE ARE YOUR KIDS!
Whats a 17 year old kid doing out so late on a weekday anyway? Why get into a stranger's car when they're clearly messed up? finally, this should serve a lesson to all those people who don't think something like this can happen when you drink and drive. I hope Lane Garrison can learn to live with himself one day and try to produce as many positive outcomes as possible.

2605 days ago


#19 thank you for sharing! And I agree with you here!

AS I said in a post before, on this case, Some GOOD people just do stupid things!

2605 days ago


Having dreadfull parents does not make it okay to committ murder. Many people have lives far worse than his and grow up to be wonderfull indivuduals he killed someone i have NO compassion for him only the parents who have lost a son.

2605 days ago


Response to:
"Anyone who does not feel sorry for these two needs mental help. All the cruel posts are very disturbing. The 17 year old's parent should share some responsibility for their own son's death because they let him drink and go to Hollywood parties. Where was the parental supervision? Also, they were all drunk! Any of those assclowns could have been driving! Peace to you Lane and Amelia."
I AGREE!! Why does everyone feel the need to blame someone else for their own actions! How about we self reflect people! This person willingly got in the car AND his parents should be asking themselves what THEY could have done differently!

2605 days ago


I think that Lane does show true remorse for the mistakes he has made, and he seems to understand that no amount of regret will bring back the young man that was killed. Will a longer jail sentence really bring satisfaction to the family and friends of the victim? No! They will only feel peace when time begins to heal the pain of losing their loved one, and that time period is different for each person. It is never a mistake to show compassion for someone who is truly sorry for his or her past actions.

2605 days ago


#8 Im sure u wont be saying that when a family member or one of your children is killed by a drunk driver.

2605 days ago


I'll tell you childhood wasn't nearly as bad a theirs, but my father was a severe alcoholic. When I drove drunk a few times, my father had nothing to do with it, nor did any other disfunctional member of my family. I was out with my friends having fun and decided to get behind the wheel...many times when I knew I shouldn't be behind it. Drunk driving is one of those things that you either stop doing because you get older and wiser, you stop because you get caught or kill someone, or you never stop and never get caught. If this guys life was so emotionally you think it's going to get better now that he has a death on his shoulders...he may drink and drive more. Don't you think all of the poor black men in jail have stories much much worse than this to tell. I don't see any judge being lenient on their sentences. Grow up kids! Start taking responsibility for yourselves!

2605 days ago

Shame on YOU    

No one else seems to think that Setian's parents are to blame in this? Their kid was out running around drunk in Hollywood and chose to get into a car with someone who was drunk. Yes, Lane made a mistake (which does not make him a murder, you black-hearted dim-witted, losers!) but so did all of those kids in that car. Setian's parents should feel bad that they didn't teach their son to make smart choices instead of trying to ruin Lane's life in revenge. Those people, along with the hate-spewers here should be ASHAMED!!

2605 days ago

Dave Hale    

The cruelty displayed here is startling. Every single person on this site has made mistakes. Most of us are very fortunate that our mistakes have not cost someone else their lives, but be sure, we are all guilty in one form or another. The Bible speaks of the compassion and empathy that you show to others, is the same that will be shown to you. Some of the posters on this topic should really let that sink in.

2605 days ago


Lane Garritson sounds very remorseful. Any jail time ruins one's life--maybe his is worth saving. I hope the Setians can find some peace.

2605 days ago
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