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Garrison and Sister's Written Plea to Judge

8/2/2007 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters written to Judge Elden Fox from Lane Garrison and his sister, Amelia pleading for mercy.
Lane Garrison: Click to read
In two separate documents, the Garrison siblings give the judge a rundown of their tragic history.

In the sad letter written by Amelia, a family history of violence and alcohol abuse is described. Amelia says her family was so dysfunctional, she attempted to take her own life at the age of 10. Lane tried to gain custody of Amelia when he was 17, but he was deemed too young by the court to care for her. On two separate occasions, Amelia says she had to administer CPR to both her parents, who were unconscious.

Garrison's mother and father are both deceased.


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I do not appreciate the people that say boo hoo, if you don't care about this topic, don't freaking comment.
secondly, many of you may not have the story right, so check the facts before you go making a comment on what is right and what is wrong, there's more than what you may think you know, i'm sure you all know this, but things are tilted many times in a certain light, its called bias and many people have it

2641 days ago


I noticed that most comments AGAINST Garrison are not being approved, yet there was nothing inappropriate in my own posts. Using a dif e-mail to say that TMZ will only print one side of this story apparently.

2641 days ago

don quixote    

The reality about prison is that it's not about rehabilitation and the people hwho actually do something to better themselves while in prison are rare because the whole atmosphere is against that.

For people who rape and deliberately kill, rob, maim, etc., or are repeat offenders, prison is unfortunately the only place to put them, in order to take them out of society -- but most are released without having chnanged much, if at all.

For someone like Lane Garrison, who does something that unfortunately a lot of people do, and it ends up in _accidental __ death, proportional punishment and probation are called for but it's stupid and wrong to throw him in prison for years.

The people who post vengeful diatribes better hope they never get on the wrong side of the law or someone else vengeful because when you live with that attitude, it tends to bit you in the ass.

2641 days ago

Lone Wolf    

Sad life, so what? Any normal American citizen who hits someone and kills them gets hard prison, no little sobby story involved... Take responsibility for your own actions, even if they are stupid ones. You did the crime, just cause you had a bad life doesnt mean you get off scot free. WE ALL HAVE BAD LIVES! Im not getting paid more just cause i have social anxiety and i take care of an MD victim who is related to me. Cause of that, do i get to steal and get away with it? No...
What I'm saying here is that celebrities get treated like 13 year olds when it comes to Law. Smack on the hand, your grounded mister, publicity with friends and thats it. No real punishment.

2641 days ago


The boy's father is avoiding his own feelings of guilt by venting vengeful wrath at Garrison. Where were the boy's parents when the kid started taking drugs and getting drunkand getting in cars with drunk drugged drivers???

There are a number of people to dole out responsibility to: the kid who chose to get drunk and to get in a car (and who tragically is unable now to take responsibility), the parents for failing to teach hime better and be more in touch with what he was doing, and Garrison, who chose to take drugs and drink and then drive, including passengers in his foray into lethal idiocy.

Garrison should be held accountable but a lengthy prison term isn't the way to do it. He obviously feels remorse, he isn't trying to justify what he did, he's actively open to working to change. He is prime for rehabilitation, not warehousing in a cell.

2641 days ago

crimson pixie    

Frightening it is to see the human race has so many members filled with vengefulness. A stranger Lane Garrison is to you and yet you judge and hang him all in one breath.

A difference there is among types of killing: reckless/accidental homicide varies from manslaughter which varies from homicide which varies from premeditated murder.
Have you not the sense to see the differences and that those differences a realities and hold answers to how to make the person who commits them accountable?

Punishment ther will be for Garrison in his every waking day - anything else the authorities do is to imprint him and to satisfy people's laws.

2641 days ago

crimson pixie    

Right on 'yoda' @ 5:36!! Lane's sister wrote what is very likely a truthful letter... and it shows he has a conscience and feels deeply. He already has his punishment, inside his mind and heart, and it's a life sentence.

How many of those people who mock Amelia's and Lane's letters and say he should eb put away in a cell for years look teh other way when Bush's war kills tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq?? How many of you applauded "shock and awe" and loved the killing then??

2641 days ago


I feel most sorry for Amelia, she has lost both her parents and now she is losing the one person that has been there for her, for her entire life.

And can say that millions of people drink drive all around the world but there are an unlucky few who get into accidents, this is one of those unlucky cases. I think that ayone who drink drives should get the same amount of time no matter if they get into an accident or not.

2641 days ago


This is a senseless tragedy, for sure, and I feel terrible for the family that lost their loved one. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. My thoughts and prayers go out to Lane though also. He and his sister have gone through a lot of pain and grief in their young lives that is heartbreaking. I understand that doesn't give him the right to get behind the wheel of a car drunk but where is the compassion? Who are you to judge so harshly? You do not know how remorseful he is. NO ONE is a saint and everyone has regrets that they live with everyday of their life. God is our only judge, not you!

2641 days ago


If if was standing before a judge in his shoes i would have done what he did i would have been scarerred S&^*^less . I would have had everyone i know write letters of my good character my family life i would have pulled out all the stops in a desperate attempt to not go to jail. This man would still be drinking and driving today exept his drinking and driving episodes came to a deadly end.
The average sentence for this kind of crime is 4 to 10 years in prison not 90 days evaluation for probation . All of these drinking and driving crimes happen like this people dont plan
to go out and kill somebody but they drink and drive
that is how it always happens those people are good people but make AWFULL MISTAKES should they too get his sentence hell why not give them all 90 days .

Whether or not he is a good person or had a rough life is not the issue he is responsible for taking somebody life and our form of punishement in this country is jail im sure he is sorry now and will be for the rest of his life , to blame the parents as his ;lawyer and many of you implied is disgusting , i know i did things when i was a teenager that my parents would have been horrified and it was against everything they taught me but it still did them. They have lost there son forever they will never see him again. Lane has a chance he still has life. He should go to jail for at least 4 years but he wont after his 90 days he will be realeased to probation and im sure in a couple of years or so he will be back out drinking and partying and the teenager will still be DEAD

2641 days ago


What is wrong with you People? Evidently You did not have a bad childhood or messed up parents. The things a parent does to theirself and their children can stay with them a lifetime even with counseling. I can not and will not ever believe this young man is a murderer or would ever intentionaly hurt anyone. I know about the bond a sister and brother can have after these kinds of abuse and can also take a lifetinme to overcome as well as this tragic mistake all these people chose to make. So most of you need to put yourself in someone shoes before judjing.

2641 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I hate parents that screw up their kids!

2641 days ago


You know what? My childhood was full of physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and pain. Everyday I wished I was either dead or could escape. Now I'm 34 and guess what? I've NEVER been arrested or killed anyone. There comes a time in an adults life where you realize the past is the PAST!! You can't do anything to change it. What you can do is live in the present and decide to live your life as a decent human being. Not one who drives drunk with teenagers, crashes the car, kills one of the teenagers and then crys a river about a f'd up childhood. BE A MAN!! Take responsiblity for your actions. Don't write letters begging for lienency.....this guy is pathetic and just like Rebecca Gayheart who also killed a young boy while driving irresponsiblity, I will NEVER watch one thing either one of these two are in. I don't even watch that Doctor show with her husband because of her actions....SICKENING....

2641 days ago


Kate Sorry about your sad childhood and may you continue to have a happy and wonderfull life.

2641 days ago


This guy Lane according to the letters, grew up with an Alcoholic father. He knew from childhood what it was like yet choose to drink and drive.
He more than anyone else there should have known better.

2640 days ago
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