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Will Do Time at

Paris' Big House

8/2/2007 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_nicole_richie_ex-1TMZ has learned Nicole Richie will do her time at the Lynwood jail -- the place Paris Hilton called home for 23 days.

Richie had the option of serving her 90 hours at a "private jail." These facilities are nicer than Lynwood, for sure, but there's a downside. When an inmate does time at a private facility, they must serve out the entire sentence. At Lynwood, the Sheriff could turn a 4-day sentence into a revolving door, because of the overcrowding problem.

Even if Nicole didn't go in and out, she would do much less than 4 days. She could enter Lynwood late one evening (as Paris did) and she'd get credit for an entire day. On top of that, there's "good time" credit that would shave a significant portion of the sentence.

We're told Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, notified the Sheriff her client has chosen Lynwood. And Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore confirmed it.


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Imagine if they slapped an ankle bracelet on some of these people and said i'm sorry your license is suspended for 1 yr and you are house bound for 6mths can you imagine what that would be like people like nicole and paris and the bunch if they could not get the media attention they crave.

2584 days ago


She should find a buddy in prison.
You all should check into this too!!!

2584 days ago

just asking    

what is the big deal?.. if this is the law it is the law.. if you don't like it when you are eligible to vote on these types of laws then I hope you do so.... and get your friends and families out to vote

The reson forthe fuzzy math is that not a lot of people in california want to have their taxes raised to build new jails... go talk to mommy and daddy and ask their opinon on new jails...

2583 days ago


This is just another example of our legal system failing to 'punish' those who can afford their rich lawyers and 'play' the system.
I bet there are a lot of women in that and other facilities doing a lot more time for a lot less 'crime' but did not have the legal power behind them to guide and wheedle them thru the sytem.
Disgusted - what a waste of court time, jail time (ha ha) - the system is broken - it needs to be fixed,

2583 days ago


I like Nicole....

2583 days ago

Jonas Hansen    

That is not right. Why does the tax-payers not get some protection from people, who is using valuable space which could be used better for real criminals?

The judges should also think about what they are doing. People, who can afford it, should be forced to use pay-jails. Paris should have been there. Nicole should certainly go there.

Build a new jail for people who can afford it where the price per night is 250 dollars and sentence the rich people to serve their full sentence there. If there are not inmates enough hold some charity events so they can offer "scholarships" for poor low-risk inmates.

2583 days ago


Nicole and Paris are A-Listers!

2583 days ago


WOW!!! This is HILARIOUS!!!!

2583 days ago


umm... so is this like the new trend? maybe she'll stop wearing dark eyeliner and wear ponytails (just like Paris) when she gets out! hopefully she finds God in there... like seriously that would be the greatest new trend ever! omg! lol

2583 days ago


Nicole and Paris are SO D-list, E! canned The Simple Life. What DOESN'T E! use, the worst of the worst of the no-talent nobodies but even Paris and Nicole are too D-list for E!. I feel SO sorry for Nicole's baby. I know life isn't always fair, but it's just so sad to see a little baby with such a poor start.

2583 days ago


Lynwood never had such a parade of Celebs, Most run from the town.

Some of you are so intense with drama and full of envy and hate your own sentence is sitting on your ass in front of your computer for a social life!.

2583 days ago


Nicole would have to admit the truth about herself and her junkie ways so finding God would not work with all the spin-sessions she is doing to with brainless interviewers she found to give her another 15 minutes of non-fame. Yawn, Nicole is so pointless, so vapid and boring.

2583 days ago


#22 exactly what are they A-listers for? I mean so your saying that you would put them in the ranks of Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz.... you know real actors. I mean seriouly I didn't know that showing my cooter and being obnoxious makes you an A-lister. If so sign me up. I have a nice cooter better than hers or least not as used up.

2583 days ago


My goodness, Karen, you ARE a bitter old hag, aren't you. Careful, you could slip in all that venom you are dripping and and break your neck. Truth musta hit one of your nerves and pinched it real good. Ask Nicole for some drugs, she's got something for everything. LOL!

2583 days ago


My-My ladies, put the claws back in. We live in the real world, none of which applies to anyone in LA. D-list or not. The part that stinks is thee girls-(not Ladies) are useless to society as a whole, they live off their parents, spoiled brats, bad examples for the rest of the young women who idolize them. i feel sorry for the baby that she is carrying, I hope it makes her grow up-but I doubt it.

2583 days ago
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