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Will Do Time at

Paris' Big House

8/2/2007 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_nicole_richie_ex-1TMZ has learned Nicole Richie will do her time at the Lynwood jail -- the place Paris Hilton called home for 23 days.

Richie had the option of serving her 90 hours at a "private jail." These facilities are nicer than Lynwood, for sure, but there's a downside. When an inmate does time at a private facility, they must serve out the entire sentence. At Lynwood, the Sheriff could turn a 4-day sentence into a revolving door, because of the overcrowding problem.

Even if Nicole didn't go in and out, she would do much less than 4 days. She could enter Lynwood late one evening (as Paris did) and she'd get credit for an entire day. On top of that, there's "good time" credit that would shave a significant portion of the sentence.

We're told Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, notified the Sheriff her client has chosen Lynwood. And Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore confirmed it.


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I realize I have not heard of every single jail sentence, but the sentence for Paris and Nicole are the only two I know of where they were allowed to have a time period to choose when they wanted to serve their jail time. I think they should have been escorted from the courthouse to the slammer. They do not need to rearrange their schedules, they have "people" to do all the work. Not bitter about it...just curious why the difference.

2602 days ago


Nicole's sentence is fair. it's the standard sentence for this type of offense (DUI) and is iin line with the sentencing guidlines. Everybody gets this sentence in L. A.

It was Paris' 45 day sentence that was grossly inflated, and way beyond the standard sentence, and guidelines, given for her offense (driving with suspended license), which is usually no jail time but some form of community service, etc. Love or hate Paris', she was in fact treated very unfairly. Uniformity in sentencing is a federal requirement and exists precisely so that all people are treated similarly based on the offense committed.

The judge in Paris' case violated this requirement and exhibited bias against her. Even before her second hearing, he dismissed the medical issue out of hand and told the sheriff he thought Paris was conning them. He failed to allow any medical testimony or submission of doctor's reports at the hearing. Her attorney even motioned that none of the time spent on home confinement would count against her sentence if after a thorough review of the medical evidence he still found her able to go back to jail. Judge Sauer dismissed this out of hand. Outlandish! Judges need to tread very carefully in these cases and he acted irresponsibly and illegally. If paris had allowed her attorneys to appeal, she would have won - black letter law. This indeed would be a dangerous precedent to allow to continue and be placed on every other inmate in a similar scenario. The two doctors who submitted the report were two independant doctors hired by the county precisely to make medical recommendations regarding inmates. It was not only Paris's doctor as widely reported. if any inmate were treated this way and returned to prison and later suffered any further injury to their exisiting medical conditin due to lack of medical care in the jail, the County would be liable civilaly and perhaps criminally depending on the injury.

Remember L.A. county jails system is one of the largest in the country, is overcrowded and is under federal monitoring due to these condidtions. They don't have room for all the murderers and rapists, etc., so jail space is not usually tied up for low level offenders like people driving with a suspended license. The sheriff, by law administer the jail system and how sentences are served.

In regard to how jail time is caluclated, the rules for how jail time is accrued is by CA law, the same for everybody. it goes by calendar day, not by the hour, so yes if any inmate is checked into jail even one minute before midnight, they get credit for that day. Also, due to the "good time" credit system, all inmates are eligible for their sentences to essentially be cut if half for positive behavior.

Due to the overcrowding issue, most female inmates (famous or not) sentenced to less than 90 days have for the past 7 years been simply booked and released, like Michele Rodriguez. This will probably happen to Nicole. it couldn't happen for Paris becasue the Judge specifially denied her eligibily for the early release program. Again an unheard of restriction (as the rest of the restrictions he imposed were as well), especially for a low level first time offender like Paris.

Love or hate Paris, she got a raw deal and was treated far worse than any other female offender in the system. Nicole is being treated consistently as other female offenders. Different judge, different outcome.

This is where I think as citizens, we need to educate ourselves on the facts of how the criminal justice system works. That way we can make better decisions. I don't think anyone would want their loved one to be treated the way Paris was treated. A vindictive, biased judge who puts opinion ahead of fact is not something we want to applaud in our justice system no matter how much you dislike the defendant. In fact, it was her unpopularity that emboldened him to act the way that he did. That's not what a court of law is supposed to be about.

2602 days ago


Wish I could agree with you # 47 Vegan
But I dont at all, There are way to many diffrences.

2602 days ago


for #48 manny

"way to(o) many differences"

like what? what I presented were facts on how the systems works and is supposed to work by law.

granted there are other times other than in Paris' case that the system breaks down, but that doesn't make it proper or right then either. We should always want the system to operate on facts, be fair and be consistent, no matter who the defendent is. It's ALWAYS wrong when any defendant is treated unfairly or illegally. Problems occur, but that doesn't mean our goal shouldn't be to have fairness.

These posts were discussing not only Nicole in relation to other defendants but also to paris, which is why I explained both scenarios. The sentence Nicole received is consistent with what other defendents cconvicted of a 2nd DUI offense receive. The sentence Paris received for a first time "driving with suspended license charge" is not consistent with what other like defendants receive for this offense. It was way over the top! Also, the judge acted illegally and was by his own admission, biased. Shame ! We should have very high standards for our judges and hold them accountable when they behave badly.

paris was on probation for "alcohol related wreckless driving", not a DUI. Still yet that charge is not what she went to jail for. She went to jail SOLELY on the driving with a suspended license charge. Going to jail in L.A. for that charge is UNHEARD OF, even for career criminals!!!! Look up the L.A. Times article on sentencing. She did more time than anybody, including multiple offenders, domestic violence, burglary, robbery, drug dealing defendants.

Looking at the even bigger picture in the Hilton case is how WRONG 99% of the news media got the facts in her case. Only Harvey Levin and Greta Van Susteren got it right. The L.A. Times only did their research to compare her sentence to others handed down in L.A. after hearing Harvey Levin's report. What does that say about our mainstream media outlets?

If 99% of media in the country couldn't get the Hilton story straight, how can you trust them in reporting on more important things, like the war in Iraq, the upcoming Presidential election, etc. Major media took the easy way out and just regurgitated what the tabloids and on-line blogs were reporting. it was so easy to do, because everybody loves to bash Paris Hilton, right? So why bother to do any fact-checking? Sloppy, sloppy journalism!

I understand the 24 hour news cycle, new electronic media, internet, competitiveness, etc, but ultimately the media failed miserably on this. So much for journalistic integrity and bothering to take time to get the story right before going on air or to print. Competing to be first was more important. In many cases it just gave reporters a chance to pontificate on the evils of girls gone wild, etc.

This was a court case in our legal system. It deserved more accurate coverage than a than a "who ran into who at a nightclub" puff piece. Never mind what all the publicity did to the "presumption of innocence" and the right to a fair trial for the defendant. Basically those things were squashed! Too much TV media today is "talking or shrieking heads" delivering opinions rather than facts or accurate analysis of any issue.

paris' big problem; tabloid perception became reality. While that is fine for us to gab about & judge on internet posts, that reasoning DOES NOT belong in a court of law. We should expect more from our court system and we should expect more from our media outlets. Shame on us if we don't.

2602 days ago

mustang sally    

What's the point of sentencing if you don't back the sentence up?! 4 days is 4 days-not 3 and a 1/2 or less. We are supposed to be upholding the law and making people take responsibility for their actions... famous or not!

2602 days ago



2602 days ago



Face it ........A-Listers are the celebrities that are wealthy, in the public eye, and stylish.

So yeah, I guess they are with the ones you listed - they're just the new breed of A-Listers.

Acting talents are only part of it - EVERYONE knows who they are and visit sites like this to get the latest gossip on them.

2602 days ago


Overindulged brat. Lionel should have taken care of this years ago. For some reason I always feel she wants to be a Hilton wannabee...she has more brains than her friend, but doesn't use them to her advantage. Her waif-like body grosses me out. at least the Hilton girls look healthy. Oh stop this sniffling you brats. Amanda

2602 days ago


Sorry, Vegan, but your facts are off. Once again, here is why the judge rightfully sentenced Paris:

The judge sentenced her as a result of a sequence of events: 1) Reckless driving due to alcohol; she was pulled over for speeding, 2) caught driving on a suspended license; 3) driving a second time on a suspended license at 70 mph in a 35 mph zone with her car lights turned off (she was sober that time btw) plus violating her probation for the reckless driving due to alcohol; 4) violating the other terms of her probation, and 5) refusing to take responsibility for her actions in front of the judge.

2602 days ago


You people get a life!

2602 days ago


green eyed kitty,
Your Deminted!!! First of all if thats what you
think of her than GREAT but the baby!!! I personally hope the baby is
born in a healthy state. NOT UNDERMALNURISHED!!! Your as big a jerk as
they come! Oh and by the way the next time your in jail i hope they do
all those discusting things to YOU !!!!

2602 days ago


Nicole I have observed from The Simple Life. She comes across very self-centered and lacking discipline. Yet at times I took notice of how she can be caring and give to others, like the overweight woman that cried from embrassment. I hope she has a boy because she is rough around the edges and a boy could handle it better than a girl whom I hate to say she may place herself in competition with. She needs to get in touch with who she really is, having a baby will help her grow up.

2602 days ago

nicole richie is gorgeous.    

to all of you.
nicole richie has made mistakes just like all of you have, im sure.
the only reason you do know about them is because she is famous.
otherwise she would be just one of those ordinary people that noone
knows about.
a lot of people go to jail.
why do you care so much about her.
just because she is famous doesnt mean she thinks she can get away with it.
a lot of people do stupid things such as drugs and what not.
they think they can get away with it too.
she probably could have gotten away with it if people werent so psycho and left her alone.
but that doesnt make it right.
its just the fact that she is a normal person and not the only person who has screwed up.
get over yourself.

2602 days ago


black power....short sentence...

2602 days ago


like a hotel... check in and out anytime you want huh?

2602 days ago
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