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PETA-likes Protest Paris and Brit

8/2/2007 5:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed as pop dog carriers Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, PETA protesters took to the streets of Hollywood today to cast light on the problems caused by buying pets through a breeder. But really, when you dispatch people dressed up as those two, no one really cares what your cause is!

According to PETA, for every dog or cat purchased from a breeder or pet store, another dog or cat on death row at an animal shelter must be killed. At the rate Paris and Britney are going, there won't be any pets left for the rest of us! Arf, y'all!

"Forget jail or rehab," PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch says. "These selfish stars should do a stint in an animal shelter." Hopefully, they've already had all their shots.


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Hey Peta....
How come your spokes models are carrying stuffed toys most likely made in sweatshops in China? Masks most likely painted by talented childeren in pakistan, and clothing from all sorts of environmently unsafe manufacturers? You care about the animals, how about Humans? How about the environment that the animals live in? You are always willing to point out other people's violation of what you deem correct? What about yourselves and your members own conduct?
Do you know what has happened to the older pets that Britney and Paris had? Could it be that they are living happy and comfortable lives in the home, and are just not being used as arm candy any longer? Or possibly adopted by one of there family members or friends? What facts do you have about these ladies actual ( Not implied) treatment of there pets?
Also to what means will your organization go to make your point? We know you'll destroy public and private property. Where is your line? Who's coat tails will you ride to get your point made?

Will you do it with dignaty and respect so your work will really make an impact , or do you plan to continue to act like clowns?

You need to show the same social responsibility you are trying to preach.

2600 days ago

no one you know    

Where do some people get their information about the AKC and dog breeders? I used to go to the AKC Dog Shows all the time and have even had a dog competing, and none of the dog breeders I met were running puppy mills, so I don't have a clue where you get your information from....

2600 days ago


Look at where pet stores get their puppies

pics and video from white trash puppy mill America

2600 days ago


Good for them! Someone needs to speak about this, so who cares if it's Peta. I know sometimes they act like idiots. Who cares, as long as the message gets across! Stop breeding and buying while shelter pets die!!

2600 days ago


Hey me, you dumbass

The AKC makes most of its money from registering puppy mill puppies

Even a lot of AKC members are pissed about this

You are some moron. You don't even know that?

You deserve to hang out with those freaky old bags

2600 days ago


HALEY - Just because of your retarded posts, I'm going to go out and buy 10 more purebreeds and NOT NEUTER THEM! Eat your heart out!
KT- are you for real or maybe your philosophy on humans treatment of them is that of the Michael Vick's of the world. Your statement to Haley says so much about you, and I believe you actually would go out and buy 10 dogs & not nuuter them! And you do you think you'd be spiting, Haley who you will probably never hear from again. No, the dogs would suffer & you would feel all better for getting revenge on some stranger on the internet. You are an A+ ***-hole, just like the idiots I talked about earlier who probably have no business owning a slug, much less a dog.

2600 days ago


If you people really cared for animals then organisations such as PETA would not exist!! KT I have seen you post on other stories and you sound like complete trash!!

2600 days ago

Grace E.    

Beth if you beleive that "elderly corrupt white trash Christain right wing wacko nut jobs anti semitic anti gay anti everyone in the world" because they have back yard puppy mills then, you do no know what dispare of animals is! In China where animals dogs & cats are not only beaten to death in front of owners by the Chinese Government to control rampent diseases like rabies , they are also eaten daily, and breed exclusively for the clothing industry. In Hong Kong human baby girls are drowned for being born girls. Your efforts would be better served in community servcice project "for the animals" than atttacking elderly woman raising puppies.

2600 days ago


This is just crazy..If i want to buy a pet from a pet shop, I'm do just that. It's amazing to me how a dogs life in america is more important than a HUMAN life. Just amazing.!
PETA Jr. spokesperson, Channing Estell of Oxford, Alabama ..Dont you have anything better than attack people purely on the fact they bought a DOG from a pet store..?

2600 days ago

Not ! a BrAngelina LOON !    

The bottom line is ... Lets ALL work to get Cats & Dogs Spayed or Neutered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work with several Rescue groups and I see first hand the abuse , the abandonment and Irresponsibilty caused by Humans.

Please stop the suffering !! Spay & Neuter -

2600 days ago


I had to have my 13 year old lab put down over a year ago and have be checking adds for shelter dogs since then.

One of the turn offs has been the 3-4 page application asking asinine questions. The bad thing about this is I've seen some of the same pets for months still not being adopted or fostered. Maybe they are not being adopted because of these reasons.

I don't want to give my life history, financial background, who would I leave my pet with when I'm not home, or whether or not my landlord is ok with a pet. Some places wants to visit my home to see if everything is alright. I think this is a bit much for a pet that doesn't have an owner and I 'm willing to give him a loving home.

I did check out a pet store this weekend and almost purchased a cute little puppy, but I didn't.

2600 days ago


Why the cheap publicity stunts? They demean your cause. How about great publicity stunts for your cause using celebrities that actually support you?

2600 days ago


Haha GINA! Don't worry, I'm NOT going to go out and get a bunch of dogs. The 2 dogs and cats I have are enough...I just said that to get your "goat," and obviously it worked. lol! In fact, all the animals I have are spayed and neutered. Also, I've gotten dogs from the POUND before! GASP!

My whole POINT is that you guys (PETA and other radicals) are trashing peoples' personal character for buying purebreed dogs. We live in AMERICAN, NOT Nazi Germany, NOT Communist USSR...AMERICA. People have the right to choose what type of animal they want to buy! All this character assasination, supporting of CA spay and neuter bill, and other radical tactics you use to get people to treat animals more humanly just makes people think you are a bunch of loons who care more about animals than human lives.

By the way, I in no way condone what Micheal Vick is ACCUSED of doing (although PETA has already formed a jury, tried, and convicted him). But hey, thanks for taking it upon yourself to put words in my mouth simply because I think PETA is a radical organization.

Now go out and protest something...

2600 days ago


Grace, it sounds like you are one of those freak old weirdos breeding screwed up puppies

You sure sound defensive!

Puppy millers are white trash filth, and it's morons like you that keep them in business. Those hillbillies are laughing all the way to the bank

2600 days ago


AARON - likewise...

2600 days ago
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