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PETA to Hasselbeck

'Cluck You!'

8/2/2007 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi's long overdue employment announcement wasn't the only news on "The View" yesterday. Elisabeth Hasselbeck revealed the thigh slapping news that she has chopped off a chicken's head -- and PETA thinks that's just foul!

Chicken and Elisabeth Hasselbeck
After using hand motions to describe how to accurately decapitate a chicken, grossing out the audience more than she usually does, polite talk then resumed. Now Lizzy's in the soup with PETA, and they had this nugget for the right wing chicken winger:

"PETA has two words for Hasselbeck, 'Cluck you!' Next to Barbara and Joy, who expressed compassion, Elisabeth sat there chirping about the joys of killing defenseless birds. Conservatives love animals too, and she ruffled a lot of feathers today. Now that Whoopi has joined the show, maybe it's time for Hasslebeck's head to go on the chopping block."

Reps for "The View" had no comment.


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Who gives a damn what PETA thinks. PETA supports known terrorists. PETA has acknowledged they give money to ALF/ELF who are on the FBIs domestic terrorist list. Anyone who supports PETA/ALF/ELF are also supporting terrorism. PETA does NOT give a damn about animals. They spend LESS than 1 % of thier donations to actually help animals, and that is only to comply with the regulations of thier non profit status.

2635 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

I actually kind of understand where you're coming from, MEAT IS MURDER, but it still doesn't change my way of thinking. Believe it or not, I love animals too, all kinds. In fact, I am a dog person at heart as well. And I don't think down on any living thing, whether it's a cow or a tree; that doesn't matter to me. However, again, I remember what's stated in the Bible about how many of those things, from the vegetables you favor, to many of the animals God put here on Earth, were put here by Him for us to consume in order to live. And plus, while this doesn't change how I look at animals, it also does state in the Bible that animals have no souls, which is part of why we humans are supposed to be able to eat many of them without guilt, since it was God's will.
And from a scientific standpoint, while I don't dispute that eating vegetables and fruits is healthy, I've read and heard more than once that in the long run, being just a vegan, vegetarian, or the like can actually damage your body. While the effects are not immediate, and you will feel great for a while, again, in the long run, because you're body is missing many essential minerals and other nutrients, that only meat can provide, it starts causing some pretty serious health problems. Those can include simple intestinal problems, all the way to major organ failure, and possible death. That's why most dieticians will tell you that a diet that includes fruits and vegetables, as well as meats, is the best thing to do for your eating habits. And plus, from what I've understood, since I've seen that many vegetarians and such take dietary supplements and vitamins, it seems that many health experts have concluded that, in the long run, such supplements, since they are usually artificially created in labs, can also cause damage to the body. The symptoms seem to be similar, and exacerbate, what a vegan or vegetarian diet can apparently do to the body.
Now, I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, like you seemingly have tried to do in some of your comments; at least, that's how I perceived it. But, what I've mentioned may be something to consider before you try and argue with "One Of Us" again, and maybe having that knowledge could help you in such discussions in the long run.

2635 days ago

Joe Tyler    

The View is nothing more then a Bitch Fest. They bitch, bitch, bitch. Barbara bitches, Elisabeth bitches, Joy not only Bitches---she is a big Ugly Bitch. The show has no good merits, it is a tabloid mess. This show makes women look bad. Rosie's fighting with everyone. No one has anything smart to say. Peta should just say Cluck You to the whole show!!! Barbara Walters is not a great reporter----"If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be Barbara?" Oh, just crab grass!!!

2635 days ago


I did like Elizabeth, but let's face it, none of those women are of any interest.
For the most part they have always seemed like stupid people trying to appear intelligent. Now Elizabeth has acted the fool and killed a helpless chicken and boasted about it. What a moron. True, we all eat chicken, but
civilized and humane people do not grab a living creature and lop off its head.
I could not do that. Sure, pioneers had to do things that were distasteful, but they didn't have access to grocery stores, LOL. I didn't see Elizabeth make herself disgusting, because I don't intend to watch Whoopi, who turns my stomach after she was a host on an awards show and was disgusting with her filthy language. After suffering through Rosie, and the one she replaced, I have had enough of The View. They need to shut that show down and replace it with something interesting. Walters seems to have lost it, hiring Whoopi, and Joy seems to have some underlying resentment going on all the time with a sullen expression on her face, and she makes mean spirited remarks. Now Elizabeth has acted the fool. I am sooo glad I missed THAT!

2635 days ago


I have not watched the show since rosie left.. I cannot even stand to listen to Elizabeths voice, it shreeks and urks me. get rid of elizabeth and they should plead with rosie to return

2635 days ago


Its a chicken which is meant to be eaten. Its not like it can be eaten live. PITA is full of a bunch of crackpots who will complain about anything that has to do with any animal.

2635 days ago


unless you don't eat meat get a grip on reality animals DO die for your hamburger and your fried chicken .... I am sure chopping a chickens head off is more humane then alot of ways animals are killed for food. Peta loves it every time they can get in the lime light... find out how many animals pets kills every year before you support them..I am sure most would be shocked.

2634 days ago

Allred Tree    

It is a pity Elisabeth didn't live in Elizabethan times. One of the kings might have given her the chicken treatment and ordered HER TO THE CHOPPING BLOCK when she showed her bare pregnant belly!~

2634 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I like Elizabeth a lot more than I like Whoopie. I saw Whoopie on TV one time with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. Whoopie was SO nasty. Yuck! The ladies on The View look well groomed (well, Rosie didn't) but Whoopie looks like a bag lady. What's will the awful hair and the tacky clothes? Why does she deliberately look like homeless tramp.? I was so glad when they fired that idiot Rosie and I started watching again. But, what do they do? - hire another ignorant know it all liberal, Whoopie. The ladies should NOT discuss politics and I'll turn it off the minute they start. Most Americans are not far right or far left but have the sense to be in the middle.

2634 days ago


what has happen to this country which was founded upon it's citizen's being free to voice their opinions w/o fear of repisal. On the View, there are 3 or 4 liberal and 1 freaking conservative but many of u don't want that. I am sick to death of this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. EH has a right to her opinion and PETA can go to hell and stay there. We eat meat so get over it. If u EH hater want to hate someone, hate Joy Badhair. Man that bittttttttttttttch is dumb as a bag of rocks. She recently said that there are 4 billion children in the country w/o heath care. None of you liberal ash kissers caught that did u or do u just don't give a damn.

2634 days ago

george vieto    

PETA get a life. Now get out of here you knuckleheads.

2634 days ago


Is there a more humane way to kill a chicken? Haven't we had chicken on menus throughout the world for years and years and years??????? Geez, get over it already!

2634 days ago

cha cha    

*I have not watched the show since rosie left.. I cannot even stand to listen to Elizabeths voice, it shreeks and urks me. get rid of elizabeth and they should plead with rosie to return

Couldnt agree with your post more ;o)

2634 days ago


Hey PETA, cluck you too!! I am so bloody sick of PETA. First of all, eating raw chicken causes salmonella, which is how you would have to eat the chicken if you didn't kill it first...and gosh that would be sort of cruel too wouldn't it. I'm making a ridiculous point just to point out how ridiculous PETA is. I mean they now have Pamela Anderson as a spokesperson, Pamela Anderson who has done more harm to women's rights than Andrew Dice Clay and Don Imus combined. PETA has actually helped the fur industry make a comeback because people are so sick of PETA's passive agressive members making fools out of themselves during interviews. Their habit of throwing red paint on fur clothing is nothing short of terrorism and I've actually heard them say we shouldn't eat fish either because they feel pain too, which is true but guess what? Plant life has its own form of "intelligence" it reaches for sunlight, heals itself, has a complex system, will we next be told to stop eating vegetables? I am against hunting, killing baby seals, animal cruelty, boiling live lobsters, and I think people should spay and neuter their pets but the days of holding protests, screeching at folk to stop wearing fur and eating meat are over. PETA, go cluck yourself!

2634 days ago

cha cha    




2634 days ago
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