Brit Swaps Spit with New Man!

8/3/2007 10:07 AM PDT
Britney Spears exchanged bodily fluids with a hot new hunk last night. Tasty!

TMZ cameras caught Spears leaving Winston's in Hollywood Thursday evening, sucking on a what seemed to be a community lollipop. As soon as she got in her Mercedes, Brit passed the sucker to the mystery dude in the backseat, who couldn't get enough of it. Ewww! Britney cooties!

Also joining the saliva swappers was Brit's cousin/former-assistant, Alli Sims. It's been rumored that the two had a falling out, but everything seems to be hunky dory now. With one relationship repaired, could making peace with K-Fed be next on her to do list?