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Celebrity Animal Attacks!

8/3/2007 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, the humanity! How quickly our animal friends can turn on us.
animal attacks
TMZ takes a furry leap into the headlines and brings you the poop on some memorable animal confrontations with the stars.

Click here to unleash the raw power ... of the absurd Celebrity Animal Attacks!


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Let the animals have avoice and DO NOT HARM THEM FOR HUMANS MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor things. SAVE ANIMALS>>>>>ENDANGER HUMANS

2607 days ago


this might just be me, but this seems to be in poor taste. i know its a gossip site, but come on...

2607 days ago


This is absolutely in poor taste. Shame on you TMZ. I won't be back.

2607 days ago


TMZ gets more pathetic each day. How can you trivialize animal attacks, especially attacks on children? Harvey, please tell me that you didn't approve this trash!!!!

2607 days ago


Truly tacky and classless, TMZ. Whoever said, "Hey, I know, lets post pictures of all the people who have been attacked by animals on our site", is heartless and stupid. Some one DIED people!!!! DIED!!!! Take this down, out of respect, it JUST HAPPENED LIKE HOURS AGO!!!

2607 days ago

Matt Tinney    

Don't you think this article is a little too tongue in cheek for right now? I mean Ving's assistant was just killed hours ago....

2607 days ago


Uhhh, does anyone else think it's tasteless that TMZ is running this headline right above the one where a man is DEAD b/c of an animal attack? Not very classy, TMZ.

2607 days ago

Jon Bodack    

Certain animals aren't nice!

2606 days ago


in reply to TMZ's STATEMENT "Oh, the humanity! How quickly our animal friends can turn on us! *CHOMP!*"

What the F*** is wrong with you TMZ?, to put that headline & have the pic of the surfer girl who literally lost an arm?? You are some sick F***'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2606 days ago


You guys are so lame. I can't believe you would stoop to this low. Get rid of that headline NOW!

2606 days ago

Camp Kitsch    

let's not play animal attack association with you. this bad actor who keeps wild animals like bull mastiffs at home should be locked up with michael vick, for example. keep the beautiful surfer kid out of it! it's two completely different - even opposite - things.

2606 days ago


It's true and supposeably the OWNER of TMZ, Harvery Levin is an animal lover. There is usually a very good reason an animal attacks esp dogs and unless it's a mental defect which can also be brought on by abuse and starvation, they NEVER attack unless provoked or trained BY HUMANS to do so. Give the animals a break. I can't stand these kinds of stories since they are only meant to shock. TMZ if these are the kinds of stories you're going to put on your TV show - we can only hope you're canceled right away.

2606 days ago


Are you serious? Someone with a family died today in a tragic accident, and you make jokes about animal attacks? That is truly gruesome. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

2606 days ago


I thought TMZ was funny now you are just straight out mean and tasteless. To make matters worse you file it under "whacky & weird" What's so funny about someone especially a young kid losing an arm? I think TMZ really needs to apologize for this post. It's really low. too low. To whoever posted this I just hope your never in an accident and lose a limb, then we'll see if TMZ post something making fun of your dumbass! OH I'M SO MAD!

2606 days ago


WHY would you show a picture of this courageous child with the comment "take a bite out of this"? That is in horribly poor taste. I realize this is TMZ but that is uncalled for anywhere. What is humorous to you people about a young girl losing her arm? The person who wrote that should be fired, as should whomever approved the caption.
You need to apologize to her and to your viewers. A whole new meaning for tasteless TMZ.

2606 days ago
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