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Cindy Crawford Takes a Fabulous Trip

8/3/2007 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another supermodel has hit rock bottom!

Gorgeous 41-year-old Cindy Crawford was partying with nightclub magnate hubby Rande Gerber at ultra-exclusive Nikki Beach in St. Tropez -- when she slipped and fell trying to get on a boat on Wednesday. Strike a pose!

Without mentioning names (Britney, Paris, Lindsay) ... everyone should look this good on their way down!


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of course you guys were probably standing in her way otherwise she may have not fallen if not forced to get around you ya-hoo's. How about doing something decent like either getting out of the way or helping her up at least. Oh yeah, I forgot, that would require manners. I guess when you are as low as you bottom feeders falling doesn't present much downside.

2551 days ago


#8 Take a pill. TMZ is all about gossip and celebrities (no matter if they're over-exposed, or yesterdays' supermodel.)
If you want news, go to their websites.

2551 days ago


she farted...thubth

that was a nasty lap dance she gave @ PAm's wedding ,,it was gross

2551 days ago


Outdated celebrity huh Kimberly? Let me see if I can picture YOU: 300 pounds, dressed in a mumu stuffing your face with bon bons typing away on your computer circa 1992 blasting a beautiful SUPERMODEL!! What a dumb-ass you are. How many magazine covers have you graced Kimberly? Hmmm???

2551 days ago


what happened.did she break something.drown.die.anything perhaps.WERES THE FRIGGING STORY.

2551 days ago


She has that beauty that nothing affects her. Heck, she probably looked even better after she fell into the water. Wasn't she a swimsuit model at one time also?

2551 days ago


The lap dance wasn't for you, Lindsey, so don't worry about it. It was a "private" dance for her husband but you took the time to watch it, right?

2551 days ago


CINDY CRAWFORD...GETTING OLD.....................

2551 days ago


#23.OMG, you will get old too some day.

That's the problem with the media,they make aging seem like it's an embarrassing thing to happen to someone,like they commited a faux pas. Everybody ages every second of every day, it shouldn't be treated like it's a sin.
Aging gracefully is not easy. Good for Cindy!

2551 days ago


Hey Samantha, you sound so pi##ed off I'll bet you are Cindy Crawford. I had to check the internet just to see who you are! LOL!!

2551 days ago


yes, she is beautiful.......but it isnt all natural like she tries to make you all believe. I used to work at a PS office and she was a client, thats all i will say. So dont be fooled by the aging gracefully story.

2551 days ago


I admire Cindy for being a great mom, and taking good care of herself, but why do we care that she lost her balance while getting off a boat? Must be a slow day.

2551 days ago


This happened at the same beach in St. Tropez where Pam Anderson had that mess of a wedding party last Summer ? and she and Cindy were filmed giving their husband's lap dances. I had never seen Cindy behave that way in public; I expected it from Pam, but it was surprising to see Cindy behaving vulgar in public. I don't care if she was dancing for her husband, they were not in the privacy of their own home or in a more private setting.

2551 days ago


this just in.....cindy crawford farts....HEADLINE NEWS..... whats next.... a celeb forgets to tie their shoe??? I come here to read stories not some BS because your writers cant dig up any dirt.... I would fire whoever did this story.

2551 days ago


I agree with you totally, TAB. Cindy knew the paps were filming away, that's WHY she did the sleazy lap dance thing in public. She is not aging as gracefully as some think and needs people gushing about her every minute. She's also not as surgery-free as people think, either, lots of trips abroad for that kinda thing. But who cares, she's a has-been, and never did anything but model, couldn't even act. Just another face in the crowd, which is why it was so stupid to bother taking a picture of her falling.

2550 days ago
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