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Jordan: Postpartum Partyin'

8/3/2007 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Price aka Jordan aka the low-rent Posh aka European Pam Anderson, did what every mother does 34 days after giving birth to a baby -- she went clubbin'! Shake what ya mama gave ya!

Barely dressed in a piece of bright yellow fabric, the chavtastic 29-year-old buxom bottle-blond new mom of Princess Tiaamii was snapped leaving London's Sanderson Hotel on her way to Movida nightclub on Thursday. A mother's work is nevah done!

The extension-tressed mother of three is well on her way to transforming into her next incarnation -- British Britney!


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Just my opinion    


And more importantly - who cares? Stop trying to make stars out of nobodies.

2637 days ago


i know i don't care about this person, but like most ppl I want everyone to know just how much I don't care.

2637 days ago


Is the little boy that's on the show that looks black, is that her real son? Does anyone know?? Just wondering??

2637 days ago


This skank looks like a tranny on a good day. How revolting, this trash has a little girl that she will ruin, make the poor thing turn out just lile her. Yep, revolting.

2637 days ago


29? SHe looks 59.

Was the baby invitro with a surrogate then?

2637 days ago



2637 days ago


katie Price AKA Jordan, is Mother to three kids, her eldest....Harvey, born with multiple disabilities, is her child with footballer Dwight Yorke, who left her when she was pregnant, her other 2 children are with Peter Andre, whom she married last year!
She is not a slut as some may think, she always has her kids with her, and is always working, she is a successful businesswoman, with lines including, Lingerie, Books (children;s AND adult).
She works as a Glamour model and is very very succesful.
leave her alone, when you see her falling out of clubs etc or coke up her nose, then feel free to bitch n moan, but she has worked hard all her life, let her reap the rewards without being slagged off !!

2637 days ago


What is up with these chicks wanting to look orange? do they know how horrible it looks? not to mention on a bright yellow whatchamacallit...and here's another thought instead of going to get your picture taken at a night club so you can impress everyone with how much baby weight you lost so quickly, how about spending time with the baby? HELLO? I was so protective of my baby when she was first born. No way I'm entrusting strangers...

2637 days ago


She looks pretty decent for just 34 days after a baby, except for that orange tint. Granted, I don't agree with her out at the bar when she has three kids at home, but I really couldn't keep myself from watching her E! show - it was like a car accident, you just had to look!

2637 days ago


#9 what are you on her pay roll - give me a break, she is an accident waiting to happen just like the others in hollywood. Who goes bar hooping 34 days after having a baby - for her sake she better not be breast feeding - oh I forgot all that silicon how can she - she's just an image of all the other hollywood idiots.

2637 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

O.K. we get it….you lost the baby weight! Good for you! Now go home and breast feed your child.

2637 days ago


#12, Just because the description says she was going to Movida nightclub, doesn;t necessarily mean she was pissing it up!
I will stick up for her, because unlike most of you, I do know about Katie, whereas your all too quick to jump on the "lets slag her off although we know nothing about her" wagon.

How about you worry about your own train wrecks, Britney, Lilo, Paris, Nicole.........need I go on?????

2637 days ago


Come on, #9, this woman is trash, and her kids are always with her? Clubs and parties are appropriate places to bring kids, that's where this SLUT is all the time. Get real, and who cares when her kids are with her, that's worse, she acts like trash in front of them and they WILL all grow up just like her, a trainwreck. But I won't tell her to go home to her kids, if she's not there with them that is a VERY good thing, for their sakes.

2637 days ago


Not sure who she is but if I looked that great after 34 days of given birth I would be out flaunting it to...!!!!!!

2637 days ago


Hey Britchick, buzz off. If you can't handle the truth, try a tyke-site.

2637 days ago
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