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Klok's Greatest Trick? Landing Pam!

8/3/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pam Anderson and Hans Klok are closer than your average magician and his assistant -- and we mean real close.

The blonde bombshells taped an appearance for tonight's "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and things turned awfully sexual between the two. Craig asked the pair, "Are you guys dating?" to which Pam responded, "Would you call it that? There's a lot of love backstage. It's very physical. It's very loving."

Hans added, "You call it dating, we call it physical." Actually, the term might be "friends with benefits."

Later, Pam learned that there was such a thing as a magic convention and asked, "Can I get passed around?" The magician's would so loooooove that.

Catch the full interview -- and a magic trick, too! -- tonight at 12:35 AM on CBS.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Two blonde bimbo's. Who cares who the slut is bangin? She's gotta be getting kind of crusty by now. Is'nt she old or something? eeeewwwww

2604 days ago


Talk about crappy mothers.........

2604 days ago

Rick in LA    

Just for the record, it's 12:35 AM.

2604 days ago


Why even bother to wear anything? Her boobs could not possibly hang out anymore.

2604 days ago


Pamela Anderson is a freak show! Is this woman ever going to look in a mirror and see the TRUTH? What a crap mother is right, her boys will end up with multiple personality disorders, being raised by this cartoon freak. She looks ten years older than she is, time for her to put the silicone away and get a real job. This skank will be 80 years old still trying to get porn/modeling gigs. Pathetic.

2604 days ago


HA! Love Pam Anderson! ;-)

2604 days ago


Doesn't anybody know that this Klok guy is gay ??? They're putting on an act ! Good one though !!!

2604 days ago


have you ever seen her without make-up? what a difference (not a good one)... i don't see what the appeal is with this chick? i think she's gross...

2604 days ago


Hope this guy wears LAYERS of protection, everyone knows where Pamelea has been - EVERYWHERE! What kinda dumb-a$$ jerk would even want to take a chance touching this diseased hag. What a REAL freakshow, TWO freaks for the price of one!

2604 days ago

give the dog a bone    

the original and best skank

2604 days ago

Michael Richards    

It is so funny to hear women vent about Pammy. Women that have issues with their own looks (i.e. FAT PEOPLE) love to talk about how "old" and "skanky" and "diseased" she is. Lets face it...any man would bang her and if he was truly concerned about diseases, he would wear a condom. Now, you women need to take note....your boyfriends and husbands would bang Pammy in a second. Don't kid yourself. Now....go join a gym, get some silicone, and try to better yourselves.

2604 days ago


Hmm I have worked with Hans Klok and I know he's gay. Everybody in the Netherlands knows he has a boyfriend.They live together and his boyfriend has a son from a previous marriage. Trust me HANS IS GAY!!

2604 days ago


i like her.. eventhough she's whorish, but she doesnt pretend to be something else....

2604 days ago

yeah ok    

Put some clothes on. It's a very sad day when the only attention getter you have is big boobs that any one can buy. So pathetic if you ask me. You think her children will be watching this interview.

2604 days ago


Hans Klok is gay. Here's a Dutch article about him posing as straight: The title reads Hans klok posing as straight. Last time everybody there was a bit of upheavel when he posed as straight on Howard Stern, he said the question confused him and he kind of accidentally answered he was straight, but he said he would correct the error next time... Here's me helping him a bit! Be out and Proud Hans!

2604 days ago
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