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Lindsay Gets Bagged, Gorbachev Gets Bag

8/3/2007 5:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fashion giant Louis Vuitton has passed over the likes of Lindsay Lohan as their spokesperson -- and has gone with a different kind of redhead!

While Lindz was once in the running, it's former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev who is the new port wine stained face of Vuitton. Do they sell crimson birthmarks in rehab?! In an ad for the design house shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, Gorbachev appears in the back of a vehicle with a Vuitton bag at his side. Nostrovia!

Hopefully, the man who helped oversee the collapse of the Soviet Union won't do the same to the luxury French brand! Dahsveedahnyuh, baby!


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Is that a rug burn on her forehead???

2635 days ago



2635 days ago

I love u Travis    

What is on her forehead!

2635 days ago


Just because Lindsay can afford the brand doesnt mean she has the class to carry it.

2635 days ago


that mark on her head is from her crack pipe she burned herself before she crashed her car.

2635 days ago


Why is it that you can't spell to Gorbatjov?
It's not that hard to google!

2635 days ago


The mark on her forehead is an imitation of Gorbachev's birthmark on his forehead.

2635 days ago


TMZ put Gorbachev's birthmark on her head which is actually called a portwine stain. My daughter has one on her back in the shape of a lamb.

2635 days ago


Ok I spelled Gorbies name wrong too. Sorry MK I'm to lazy to google right now.

2635 days ago

Rick Roll    


2635 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Mikhail Gorbachev was the former Chairman of the Soviet Union, not the former President of Russia.

2635 days ago


i must be in the twilight zone

2635 days ago


People that don't understand the movie "I know who killed me" here *spoliers* I'll explain it to you.

CobaltDuck explains - The Movie is not about a Twin finding her sister like some psychological mystery crime drama. ITs not really torture porn. Its a Psychological thriller. The movie a about Aubrey using her imagination to try to solve the mystery of who is killing her. Aubrey doesn't make it. Aubrey is killed. Aubrey is captured, tortured, buried alive, and the mysterious killer gets away with it. Aubrey doesn't know who is killing her, so she retreats to her mind and to avoid the pain and try to make sense out of why this is happening to her. That part where Dakota lays down next to Aubrey isn't a tired Dakota taking a quick nap its Aubrey finally dieing.

The MOvie on the very first viewing is suppose to confuse leads you in many directions and possibilities.. Does Aubrey has multiple personality disorder, or maybe she is an engineered twin for an experiment (take note of the similar faces of the 2 previous girls maybe they were both engineered twins and killed as well), or Dakota really is a twin... These are just decoy plots. Every time Dakota feels pain..thats not Dakota thats Aubrey feeling it. Every vision Dakota has is not a vision .thats Aubrey seeing the situation. The movie's first viewings purpose is to make you think the story is going in a different direction. Only at the very end does it become clear and the movie comes into focus. It should hit you in the gut that Aubrey didn't make it. Its sad. It should make you angry because Aubrey is strong and not weak but she never had a chance to fight back.

The 2nd viewing you have the time to look at all the clues, because maybe the Piano teacher wasn't the one that killed her maybe thats just Aubrey's best guess before she died, its probabley the gardener. Maybe it was the strange man on the bus. Maybe its the psychiatrist. Maybe the killer is hidden in her mind. Maybe no clue in her mind will help her solve the mystery. Even Aubrey herself doesn't understand why she is doing this. I like to think Aubrey got it right and figured it out and gave her self some comfort for solving the mystery.

People that criticise the movie, including newspaper critics, just don't get the point of the movie. It goes right over their head. They can't see it even though its right in front of their eyes. One could start to suspect where the movie was heading when the "strange" explanation for Dakota losing body parts was explained by "Twin stigmata". This is a fantasy, they could of equally used Voodoo or witchcraft or alien invaders as fantasy substitutes. Then when Dakota decided to drive with her father to the piano teachers house (with out back up or calling the police i might add) the direction of the story should of become suspect. When Dakota said "I think i know who killed me" the audience should of started figured it out, because why would Dakota say "I think i Know who killed me" it doesn't make sense, Dakota was never touched by the Piano teacher, nor was she being killed, she said it because she was Aubrey and Aubrey was close to death and wanted to figure it out. Then Dakota finds Aubrey... it should become obvious that all of this is in Aubreys head. Dakota joins Aubrey because Aubrey is in her last breath. The movie ends and goes no further because Aubrey is dead. If it wasn't in Aubreys head then the next scene would show the next day at her dads funeral with both sisters on crutches. But, Aubrey is dead.

The movie isn't suppose to make you feel good. It should make you feel sad/angry/depressed/uncomfortable. It is not a normal happy Holloywood movie. But its tragedy will keep you thinking about it for a long time. the stripper scenes make you feel like the movie you see is real. If the ending was a happy ending the effect would not be the same. Aubrey dies... and its really sad and such a waste.

I know who killed me is a good movie.


2635 days ago


Comment #8, MK Why is it that you can't spell to Gorbatjov?
It's not that hard to google!

Posted at 5:09PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by MK

MK- I do hope you are joking about YOUR spelling of his last name..........Because your way is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check google again........

2635 days ago

Go with the Flow!    


2635 days ago
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