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Lindsay -- I'd Never Drink and Drive!

8/3/2007 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Her words might be the only thing besides jail slop that Lindsay Lohan eats for a while, as LiLo proclaimed she'd never drive drunk -- just 36 hours before her May DUI.

In late May, LiLo told Elle magazine (via the New York Daily News) that she'd never -- never -- get into a car after drinking. "They're looking for me, to like trip, so they can be like, 'Oh Lindsay's wasted and driving drunk.' And that's not it. I wouldn't violate ... I'm much more responsible than that." Of course she is.

At the photo shoot for the story, reports Page Six, Lindsay pulled a Britney and "kept shoving .. . clothes in her bag" and allegedly walked out with some pricey Louis Vuitton threads.

The next night, May 26, Lindsay was popped for DUI when she crashed her car, and less than two months later ... well, we all know what happened. Elle's September issue -- with Lindz on the cover -- comes out next week.

Nicole's "Made Some Mistakes" -- Pop Lionel

Nicole Richie's dad -- that guy Lionel Richie -- is finally speaking out about his little girl since she's been sentenced to the slammer, and announced her pregnancy.

Lionel tells that she's "made some mistakes and has accepted responsibility for her actions," but admits she's grown up "very quickly ... in the heat of the media spotlight." Stern words, indeed!

Yesterday, Miss Richie told Diane Sawyer -- officially -- that she's four months pregnant, and on this morning's "Good Morning America" insisted that she's actually gained a whole TEN pounds since she's started baking that low-cal bun in her oven. (Herewith, the latest confection from the mad sketchers at

Barkin Goes After Ex-Hubby for More Millions

Ellen Barkin -- not content with her $40 million divorce settlement from Revlon owner Ron Perelman and selling the jewelry he gave her for $21 million -- is now suing Perelman for $3 million that she claims he owes her and her brother for a production company they started.

Page Six reports that Barkin filed suit in New York, alleging Perelman promised to sink the dough into Applehead Pictures, a production outfit she set up with her brother George, a former editor of High Times magazine. But since 2005, says Barkin, Ron hasn't paid one red cent. A Perelman rep says that the production company hasn't produced anything.

Party Favors: Pete and Ashley Slurp Spaghetti at Palms ... Scary Mama Eats with Eddie's Ex ... L.A. Mayor's Galpal Suspended

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson continued their love tour in Vegas Wednesday night, dining at Nove Italiano inside the Fantasy Tower at the Palms Casino Resort. They had the chicken parm and spaghetti -- then cavorted with Playboy bunnies at the Tower's Playboy club. ... Mirthala Salinas, the Telemundo reporter who had an affair with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa -- while reporting on his various activities, including his split with Mrs. V. -- has been suspended for two months.


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WOW. Ellen Barkin sure is one bitter bitch. I guess she needs to hoard all the money she can since she isn't acting much anymore, save for the guest role on the last Ocean's movie, which she only got by being friends with producers. I bet she figures the billionaire rich ex-husband is the source of income still. How pathetic. Makes women look bad. Honey, take you $40 million tacky ass and just move on.

2615 days ago


Please give us a break--Lindsay and Nicole have yet to apologize to anyone for their reckless driving--under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.

2615 days ago


Of course you would'nt, Lindsay! And they set you up too! You don't do drugs and check in and out of rehabs like a motel, either, do you dear? Get some help already, you idiot! Before you kill some innocent family with your selfish, attention-seeking behaviour!

2615 days ago



2615 days ago


This lohan girl just like the rest of those hollywood liberals they are out of touch with reality.Those people are all nuts they live in their own world.they in their own minds can do no wrong.Sad isnt it

2615 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

LiLo and Brit are hatched from the same egg. They are "famous" so they can get away with anything and not care who gets in their way or who gets hurt. Some day Bimbos's! someday!

2615 days ago


It's A-S-H-L-E-E Simpson, not "Ashley."

2615 days ago

Joe C    

Elen Barkin has looked like a washed up hag since I can remember. Even when she first made a splash in some movie about the Cesspool City(NOLA) , she already looked over the hill and through the woods.

Now she just comes off as a greedy whore.

2615 days ago


Lionel, it was bad enough when your idiot daughter was messing up her own life, but now she is going to mess up the life of her baby. Disgusting, didn't anyone teach Nicole about how to use birth control? She sleeps around all over town, does drugs, parties and parties and parties, and she should have been smart enought to at least protect herself from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Nicole is just another no-talent/do-nothing/over-indulged Hollywood brat and this is a sad sad deal for a very unlucky baby.

2615 days ago


Barkin is one pathetic bitch of a cow. Why don't you get off of your ass and work for a living instead of trying to make someone else's miserable? Talk about not being able to let go and getting on with one's life.

2614 days ago


I think its great that Nicole has cleaned up her act she looks healthy and happy and seems to have matured im sure she will be a great mother ,
she has taken responsiblity for her actions and is ready to move on she has a whole lot more class than some of her aquantainces, as for Blohan need i say more the girl is done FINISHED she is a lying manipulation piece of trash, is she hiding out in some crack house , and Ellen you are just palin greedy.

2614 days ago


Nicole can't even care for a pet properly, the thought of this trash having a baby in her charge is just too horrid to comtemplate. As for her "changing," what a crock. She read from a prepared script and you think she has changed. She is trying to get less time in jail, you morons, that's ALL Nicole is trying to change, her sentence. A woman with a serious eating disorder who does drugs and drinks and sleeps around with multiple partners should have enough common sense to understand the dangers tthis kind of immoral life is for a baby and use birth control. And Joel will not stick around, either. Think he wants to be a dad? Guess again.

Some of you people act as if Nicole went out and bought herself another dog. Grow up, she is putting on an act to get her jail sentence reduced, she will never change her spots because that is not possible.

2614 days ago


Everyone makes mistakes, some just happen to be in the spotlight but allowing a pregnancy when your life is that messed up is inexcusable. Nicole isn't suddenly a saint and all grown up just because she was careless enough to get pregnant. If she pulls it together and gets healthy, never abuses drugs and alcohol again and stays healthy for the baby AND for herself then hopefully she will get all the positive press she deserves. Here's keeping fingers crossed and hoping things work out..

2613 days ago
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