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McGraw to Fan: "Gimme My Ring!"

8/3/2007 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tim McGraw's balls are still in his possession, but his pinkie ring is another story.

During the same show where the country star had his family jewels grabbed by an overzealous fan, he lost his pinkie ring while shaking hands with the crowd -- but it isn't as the video makes it seem. In the clip, Tim can be seen talking to a woman in the crowd, saying over and over, "Give me my ring back." The only problem was, she didn't have it!

The woman in the video, Monique, called in to 97.3 The Dawg in Lafayette, Louisiana to set the record straight. According to her, the ring fell off before Tim even got to her. When he was asking for the ring back, Monique says she couldn't even hear what he was saying. A woman in the row behind her was trying to get Tim's attention to return it, but instead turned it into security, unbeknownst to Tim.

Monique says that later, a member of Tim's entourage told her that Tim had recently lost a lot of weight and his rings weren't fitting right.

Both the ring and his balls are back where they belong.


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Faith and Tim ought to not "mix" with the commers.....those fans get a bit unruly. I never saw video of of the ball tougher.....was it accidental? Remember the footage of Faith at an awards show looking like a maniac scraming "...what the f*&^?" right after she lost an award? I'd say "wound too tight" is a good description of Faith and "prickly" would fit Tim. Recording, living off the millions their fans spend on their cd's is the easy part. Touring and getting out with "the folks" who made them rich is the hard part.

2601 days ago


Dont worry Shannon aint nobody trying to touch YOUR husbands balls.

2601 days ago


Another example of folks "we the public" have made celebrities, and how do they thank their fans???

Well here's a couple of fine examples!!!!

2601 days ago


Hey, Just me, who said he deserved it? Chill out and stop running off at the mouth loser. Who says the fans deserved to be screeched at like that, can't you read, a fan was trying to return the damn ring, and you are STILL going off. No, he does NOT have a right to get mad at the fans when his rings falls off, he admitted he lost weight. If Tim is going to be shaking hands with people after he loses weight without adjusting his rings accordingly, and a ring FALLS OFF IN THE PROCESS of him shaking hands with his fans, Tim does not "have a right to get mad" no matter how much YOU happen to love him, Just Me. Now they look like a couple of fools, and YOUR love, Just Me, is not going to make them look less foolish. They treated their fans very shabbily that night, and your undying love, Just Me, won't be changing that. Faith and Tim need a rest. Especially Faith. And Tim needs to stay back from his fans if he can't manage this kind of thing without causing major scenes with the fans AND his wife.

2601 days ago


~~~~For the love of God SHUT UP losers!!!!!! yes they are talented but all this redneck news is enough to make us all want to forget them~~~~I am sick of hearing about his freakin' balls and pinky ring!!!!!!!!!!! Wus!!!

2601 days ago


ding dang's alright Omni...calm down

2601 days ago


Everyone concedes that he has every right to what his hime (rings or cajones) but it was totally obnoxious to single out someone when there's no way to be sure what exactly happened. Plus in a court of law there would have to evidence that he helped mitigate his loss.... meaning that he shouldn't have been wearing the ring based on his weight loss and his interaction with his fans.

I sincerely hope that he apologized. Wow! Their press is getting more bizzare! I think that their Country Royalty Crown is starting to tarnish....

2601 days ago


Weren't inebriated Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney the same ass-wipes that made headlines several years back over the unlawful taking of a policeman's horse? Louisiana is Tim's home state? Sounds like that state breeds much insecure white trailer trash!

2601 days ago


Shannon-it's not jealousy and hate, it is reality. Faith's outburst/tantrum at this concert was just the latest display of her ignorant attitude and blatant DISRESPECT she had for all the fans at the show. So, someone allegedly grabbed Tim's sweaty crotch. Big deal. If she really needed to address the fan, she could have done it in a much more preoffessional way instead of being so vulgar.

Tim and Faith make people sick with their over inflated egos and sickening almost porno displays of affection towards one another in their videos.

As far as Faith yelling while she was dancing..I never saw her dance!!!! I have seen a rigid diva move on the stage but I would never call what Faith does-dance.

People really admired and respected these two at the beginning. They ahve aliented their fan base with their actions and outbursts.

2601 days ago


this duo sucks! he needed to loose weight (pregnant belly) and she is just plain whacked out to think anybody wants her man!

2601 days ago


Too much havoc here!! A train wreck for sure. First the rude and nasty outburst screaming into the camera when Faith Hill went nutso when Carrie Underwood, half her age, won the Award !! then the Fake photo on the cover of Redbook, and she sings about herself being so sweet and real, the Mississippi Girl, and all of her fat was taken out, and her wrinkles, and her jowls !! phoney and bad message for young women, be skinny! Now she wears some ugly old prom dress and sways back and forth with her yellow bleached hair and screams vulgarities from the stage?????? It looks like a scene from one of the Halloween Horror Films. There are security people to handle all problems. Performers are not to be confrontational with any concert goer. Everyone wanted to grab Elvis, did he ever verbally attack a fan?? He let his bodyguards do it. I read that Faith Hill wont even use this 2nd husbands name but wants to be Mrs. HIll from a different marriage of 8 years. Some are calling her Mrs. Over the Hill. I read a report that Mrs. Hill took a herd of bodyguards to her biological mothers funeral, she didnt know bodyguards could handle the nasty fan without her lowering herself to the fans level??? Paris and Brittany and Lindsay better move over, the 40 yr old is moving in. The old train wreck is going to push the young train wreck to the back of the rehab.

2601 days ago

not a fan of Lafayette    

If the FEMA fraud was not enough, this incident shows the character of Lafayette Louisiana.

I hate this city and University of Louisiana. That is what they mean when they say Lafayette is friendly-the people over here have no clue where their boundaries are. I hate the friendliness in this town.

I am sure this will go in FEMA's favor!

2601 days ago


Thats not the only thing Tim and Kenny Chesney did together.
(insert cheesey porno music here)

A little male to male action.

2601 days ago

Just Me    

Whatever Omni! You need to get a life...don't blame me for saying what needs to be said...You were probably the chick that took the ring!Loser!

2601 days ago


faith is a bitch she can not handle the heat.... her man is open game she sujre collects that money she needs to stick the money where her mouth is. suck it up bitch

2601 days ago
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