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McGraw to Fan: "Gimme My Ring!"

8/3/2007 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tim McGraw's balls are still in his possession, but his pinkie ring is another story.

During the same show where the country star had his family jewels grabbed by an overzealous fan, he lost his pinkie ring while shaking hands with the crowd -- but it isn't as the video makes it seem. In the clip, Tim can be seen talking to a woman in the crowd, saying over and over, "Give me my ring back." The only problem was, she didn't have it!

The woman in the video, Monique, called in to 97.3 The Dawg in Lafayette, Louisiana to set the record straight. According to her, the ring fell off before Tim even got to her. When he was asking for the ring back, Monique says she couldn't even hear what he was saying. A woman in the row behind her was trying to get Tim's attention to return it, but instead turned it into security, unbeknownst to Tim.

Monique says that later, a member of Tim's entourage told her that Tim had recently lost a lot of weight and his rings weren't fitting right.

Both the ring and his balls are back where they belong.


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I think that Faith handled the situation well. It was very dissrespectful for someone to do that to her husband. I have seen Billy Currington scold fans for grabbing his crotch. It's so rude for women to think that they can have a free for all with anyone singing on stage. I think Tim was too hard on the innocent fan. He really should not have accused anyone with that many people and hands around to take his ring. He should have let security handle it. I would hope that he appologized to the innocent lady that he accused.

2548 days ago


I agree that these two are way over the top.Faith should have spoke to the fan in private.tim shouldn't have assumed that the lady had his ring. He really embarassed a fan,and maybe lost one in the process. These people know when they become stars that fans are going to do weird things. They may not be the right thing but fans are alittle over the top themselves. These two need to grow up or get out of the business. No wonder Faith lost to Carrie. Fans matter you know.

2548 days ago


Faith and Tim have always been aware of hte complian about it now after they have made millions off the fans is bad form. they havent seemed to mind all the media...all the pats on the back ect ect.... they have lived very high off everyones cost of performance tickets, memoribalia... and so on. get off it faith....maybe you should t hink of retireing if things are getting too you. tims not so hot anyways.....good thing he wears a hat.....

2547 days ago


Tim should apologize to the Innocent lady who Did Not take his ring. Maybe send her free tickets to his next concert, or at the very least apologized through his publicist. She must have felt so degraded.

2547 days ago


Agree with # 25. I'm from Nashville and the word from the people in inner circle of the music business around here is that they are both coke heads. We've heard this for about 9 years now. Maybe thats why Faith looks so haggered for her age now.I wish that one would come out. I think that they are both phonies especially Faith.

It's ironic that she should tell someone that they need to be taught some class. She should take her own advice after her big bitch fit come apart was caught on camera when she lost to Carrie Underwood. Are we a little pissed that we aren't the hot, blonde thing anymore? Anyone who thinks that was a joke needs to get a grip.

As for Tim, If your rings don't fit right how about not wearing them when shaking hands with the crowd? What an ass for embarrassing a fan like that. They both need to get a grip and get off of their ego trip. If it weren't for their fans Faith would just be a wrinkled up hag and Tim would just be some average red neck, bald guy working construction somewhere.

2547 days ago


These two are headed for a divorce

2547 days ago

A home fan    

I do not blame Tim for getting mad at someone about his ring. He has the right to wear his rings. He trusted his fans or he would not have been shaking hands. A fan should have respect for him. I am proud of Tim. I live in his home town and proud of it. Tim has done at lot for the surrrounding community .Louisiana loves him and Faith.They got married not far from his home town.He still has family here. I do not like to hear people put him down like he is a ole country hick because he is NOT!!

2546 days ago


I did not go to the concert but I am from the lafayette area. When I saw the video I could not believe that Faith Hill said that on the microphone she pretty much made herself look as low class as the person that did something so stupid and as far as Tim goes I really can't blame him for asking for his ring back but when the lady looked innocent he should have stopped.

2546 days ago


I'm not a big country fan, however Tim and Faith caught my attention. I admired them both. Until now, Wow U 2. Tim you need to show some of the (so-called) southern hospitality and apologize to the innocent woman. Tim u embarrassed her and ruined her night. ( which by the way she paid for). Faith, practice what you preach, and I cannot believe you talked that way not only in front of your fans, but the kids in your back up choir.
Stop tooting your own horns ( The Both of you )

A former fan

2546 days ago


Comment #53
I would love to know where your from? Because I don't care where else in the world you go to visit you will NEVER get the hospitality you get here in Louisiana. Calling us Hicksville real cute!!!!! Hopefully one day you will eat your words. And by the way alligator is very good so is crawfish you should try it one day!!

This really makes me sick!!!!! This has gone way overboard and uncalled for Tim and Faith have alot of making up to do!!!! Because the people from Louisiana are good people and don't deserve this kind of MESS!!!


2544 days ago


what a jakass he yell at girl for a stupid picky ring JAKASS!!!!

2543 days ago


Give Tim His Balls back. Oh Sorry, He didn't have any to begin with.

2542 days ago


Why do people think Tim And Faith OWE the public?? They came to perform , not to be grabbed inappropriately.. Some one needs to draw the line and Faith did..They don't deserve to be disrespected this way..

2538 days ago
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