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I'll Get Fat for My Baby!

8/3/2007 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hold on to your seats, folks -- Nicole Richie says she's been eating "every hour" since she got pregnant, and despite appearances and rumors to the contrary, she told Diane Sawyer she said she's "never" had an eating disorder!

Richie continued to chew the fat with Diane on "Good Morning America," and insisted that she put on a whole TEN pounds since she became pregnant, and claimed that she'd be fine with gaining "forty or fifty" pounds if she had to for the baby. She also said that she hasn't taken any drugs or drink since she found out she's carrying.

Baby daddy Joel Madden hilariously mocked Nic's signature red carpet strut, right down to the hair flip!


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Her face has filled out, and she really looks gorgeous.

2638 days ago


Well she's just a lucky pregnant woman then because I'm 22 weeks along & haven't even gained that much because I've been so sick since I found out I'm pregnant. Of course I was a normal weight pre-pregnancy. Underweight women gain more & faster. Most throw up every hour on the hour, not eat. But thanks for making it sound like all of us pregnant women are pigs, Nicole. We really enjoy that generalization.

2638 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Sjhe is so still in denial. She never had a eating disorder? What. She weighed 87 lbs.! What the hell was it a tapeworm? No drugs or booze? yeah right. This baby is drunk already. Ever heard of Fetal Alcohol syndrome? Have ya? Better wake up.

2638 days ago


She seems genuine and mature. Good Luck to both!

2638 days ago


Who cares about this chic. What does she do., , just like Paris , if people ignored these 2, they would kill them selves. We can only hope.

2638 days ago


Yea, she'll gain all the weight she needs for the baby but once she has that kid she knows just how to lose it. BARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2638 days ago


Jeez Jess- Hormonal much?? I have to admit, morning sickness sucks! As for her eating like a pig, don't worry Jess- you'll get there soon enough! She looks healthy and happy, and that is great. I was once in the same boat...pretty much screwing up my life, and I had major issues with food- very self-destructive. Getting pregnant literally saved my life, it was truly the best thing that ever happened to me. My child is my saving grace, and if I can can she. Best of luck to her!

2638 days ago


Actually..ive never had an eating disorder and lost a massive amount of weight as well. I was under alot of stress, kept myself busy and i ate less and less. Your stomach begins to shrink with the less you eat DONT have to have an eating disorder to loose weight. Also she said she hasnt done any drugs or drank since she FOUND OUT she was pregnant...she never said she has never done them, can you read "Stitches"??? Everyone knows the type of person she was before she got DONT know what she will be as a mother! So at least give her a chance to prove herself..dont place her with all the" bad celeb. moms"..having a child can change a persons actions!! I was there once and have changed totally since my 10mo old son!

2638 days ago



She never said pregnant women are pigs. Nice try to wedge yourself into her story though.

2638 days ago


I bet Karen Carpenter also thought she never had an eating disorder. Its not her problem its our problem. She's not emitiated, she's little boned. What a sad and lost little girl and to bring a child into it? hello, she's only been "dating" this guy for a few months. Do these kids not know of birth control? abortion? adoption? For all their private schooling in prestigeous schools they are some of the most ignorant adults I've ever come across.

2638 days ago


She will never be a positive role model for her kid, no job and no education, getting high on pills, jumping from one guy to the next.

2638 days ago


Puhlease. Being pregnant is the ONLY reason she's laying off the drugs.
I mean, I would hope she is for the sake of this unborn child.
Haven't heard anything about getting married. Are they?
Nicole is either on drugs or has an eating disorder. Either way,
she need psychological help. I hope this baby comes out "normal" for her sake.

2638 days ago


awww they make such a cute couple..... i thought she was gonna end up with some coke junkie with no job....but i was wrong ....why cant we just be happy for her?? i wish her all the luck in world.

2638 days ago


She looks great and she sounds like she has really grown up. Joel still acts and looks like an immature punk. It's too bad this is who will be the father of her baby.

2638 days ago


Boy, Jess (#2) what's up with the tude? Chill out a little!

And why are all of you so against her? I'm no fan of hers, but it sounds to me like she is genuine about everything she's saying. I hope she IS genuine and I wish her the best of luck.

2638 days ago
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