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I'll Get Fat for My Baby!

8/3/2007 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hold on to your seats, folks -- Nicole Richie says she's been eating "every hour" since she got pregnant, and despite appearances and rumors to the contrary, she told Diane Sawyer she said she's "never" had an eating disorder!

Richie continued to chew the fat with Diane on "Good Morning America," and insisted that she put on a whole TEN pounds since she became pregnant, and claimed that she'd be fine with gaining "forty or fifty" pounds if she had to for the baby. She also said that she hasn't taken any drugs or drink since she found out she's carrying.

Baby daddy Joel Madden hilariously mocked Nic's signature red carpet strut, right down to the hair flip!


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It's true, she never had an eating disorder. It's the drugs that made her loose all that weight. Don't be naive, do you really think that anorexia is some kind of a contegious epidemic that all young hollywood has fallen victim for? Seriously, get real. She's a junkie, not an anorexic.

2602 days ago


I think she is looking healthier than she has in quite a while. I really do commend her for trying to change her life around and hope she succeeds.
For all you ignorant people who continue to berate her (and probably have your own demons you cannot shake)...people do change everyday!! Whether it is getting pregnant, counseling, falling in love, God, or whatever that helps them to finally have the strength to change...they should be admired for trying.
Good luck to Nicole and Joel. I hope you have a happy life from here on out and enjoy parethood to the fullest.

2602 days ago


i like them together-- poor joel probably wasnt getting laid when he was with hillary.

2602 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

The reason why people are having such a hard time believing her when she says that she has never had an eating disorder is that we have all seen her a lot heavier……at least 30 lbs heavier. If she is eating all the time and not doing drugs but is still skinny, then what was she eating when she was heavier? I wish her well but I don’t believe a lot of what comes out of her mouth or for that matter any other celebrity.

2602 days ago

So Glam    

I like her. I think she has charisma. I hope she has her life on track now and I wish her and Joel the best.

2602 days ago


I not really to fund of this girl but someone had stated she has no education. Actually if you read about her bio she is actually one of the smart ones but hide it with her playing dumb. She actually went on to college after high school. She just got trapped in the wrong crowd as well but that was her bad, she new what she was doing. I think she might just be a good parent if she stops all the hard partying and goes out once a month or so. You can still be a good mom and go out as well. No one said anything when tomkat had the party for becham's. They all have kids but they went out and had decent fun. As long as she puts her mind to it she can do whatever she wants. She is 26 years old it's not like she's a teenager having a kid. She's actually an adult and we should @ least give her the benefit of the doubt until she messes up. hahaha than we can run our mouths.

2602 days ago

Best of Luck to the expecting parents    

I believe that she sounds sincere. People change and having a baby is definately a life changing experience. For most,a baby can ground you and make you re-think your priorities and give new meaningand purpose to life.

Some of the comments from people on here make me wonder about the state of disconnect our society has; a lack of compassion and caring for the well-being of those around us. it is those people I worry about more as being harmful and a waste of oxygen than the Hollywood starlets who are self-destructive; at least their behaviour is usually directed at themselves and not outwards harming others with spiteful and hurtful words with malicious intent.

The person who suggested abortion as an option...hmmm... this is a controversial discussion as for some people there is an ethical and moral conflict. I am glad that it wasn't a consideration. Some people use abortion as a means of birth control instead of being responsible about sex to begin with. Your crassness and coldness suggests ignorance. Private school or public school, some people will remain just stupid.

2602 days ago


Watch for the clues that someone is lying as she talks.

2602 days ago

Dave Hale    

Nicole looks more beautiful than ever and she sounds like she really is getting herself grounded. She is a gorgeous young, wealthy girl and of course she has a history of partying but like the rest of us, she seems to be maturing naturally with her pregnancy. God Bless her and her new baby!

2602 days ago


i love nicole and wish her the best with the baby

oh yeah and yall leave her alone she is not calling anybody fat god damn

your biggest fan dominique =]

2602 days ago

On the cheap    

nice pressure to put on a child... to save mommy from
herself. Kids have
enough to deal with without saving their parents from their own
stupidity. I understand Nicole's sentiments, however perhpas she
should follow up her ramblings acknowledging the fact that it's not
for the baby she is eating and stopping her drug abuse... it's for
herself, which will only benefit her child. Hopefully, she is able
to stay sober and keep eating, however if she doesn't then the child
will believe it is his/her fault... that s/he wasn't a good enough
child to keep Mommy on the "right track". I wish Nicole, Joel and
this child only good things, but Nicole... really. Is the message
you are now sending to young women that if they want to start making
good decisions, they should simply have a baby and everything will
fall magically into place? Just looking for some clarification,
that's all.

2602 days ago

Bobby De    

I really can't beleive that any guy thinks this skank is good looking. And, I'm sorry, she's famous for what???? Being ugly stupid and hanging around a rich person.

I'm with #4 - ignore this stupid bitch and she's a no one. The only reason these hollywood skanks keep doing stupid crap is to keep their names in the paper.

2602 days ago

Papa Bear    

Her face looks so FREAKING UGLY!!! LOL..and then she claims to be BLACK??? Amazing....I will give it to her though..she seems much tougher than PARIS's worthless ass...

2602 days ago


lets all hope this poor girl carrys on with her eating and no drink/drug life style after bebe arrives but chances of that are slim (no pun intended ) to none looking at other party girls of lalaland.................[poor bebe) would be best off finding a good home for it.
then she can carry on with her party life style without public outcry................

2602 days ago


i agree with stitches, come on people, plz!

2602 days ago
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