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I'll Get Fat for My Baby!

8/3/2007 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hold on to your seats, folks -- Nicole Richie says she's been eating "every hour" since she got pregnant, and despite appearances and rumors to the contrary, she told Diane Sawyer she said she's "never" had an eating disorder!

Richie continued to chew the fat with Diane on "Good Morning America," and insisted that she put on a whole TEN pounds since she became pregnant, and claimed that she'd be fine with gaining "forty or fifty" pounds if she had to for the baby. She also said that she hasn't taken any drugs or drink since she found out she's carrying.

Baby daddy Joel Madden hilariously mocked Nic's signature red carpet strut, right down to the hair flip!


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Some of the comments here are obviously from people who aren't parents. For a good bit of folks, getting pregnant and having a child is a life changing experience. I've seen total loosers turn out to be the awesome, all-American soccer Mom. Of course there are also those that stay on their destructive paths. I don't think she's THAT great of an actress to pull off the sincerity and love of a mother that I saw on that interview. Seemed like the real deal. I wish them the best.

2608 days ago


I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She lost me when she said she took Vicodin for menstrual cramps. What a lie. She took it because she wanted to get high.

She's a junkie and an axorexic. She needs therapy, not a baby. She can't even feed herself properly. She treats herself they way her early caretakers treated her. And when her new baby wants to be fed and nurtured, it's going to remind her of what she didn't get as a child, and she will resent it.

2608 days ago


How can a girl who was once overweight and is now underweight say that she eats all the time and just stays underweight? Obviously her body is capable of gaining too much weight.... drugs or an eating disorder is to blame..... I'd rather people think I was anorexic than a junkie. She is right about gaining 40 pounds. Her doctor probably told her since she is underweight she should gain more than most women.

2608 days ago


All I gotta say is -LIAR. There's no way she didn't have an eating disorder.... unless she was just on hard core coke. Oy. Maybe this baby will straighten her out.

2608 days ago


#6 - TAMI - Good for you! Pregnancy saved my life too, had my issues except no paps following me and now I have 2 grown children & 4 granchildren. Bless you & best of luck.

#2 - JESS - You sound like a very angry pregnant person. Everyone's pregnancy is different. The same person could be pregnant 4x & each time is different. Nicole was not calling all pregnant woman pigs, dont be so negative & enjoy this time because soon enough you wont be sleeping anymore (just food for thought)

As far as Niclole, I think she looks great, I dont care what her so called problem is, whether eating, drugs etc. Keep Up The Good Work Nicole!

2608 days ago


Lies, lies and more lies.

2608 days ago


She probably took some Adderall and Xanax before the interview. She's definitely medicated here.

2608 days ago


I'm proud of Nicole. I like how she'll do anything to keep her baby healthy, and how she's being very responsible. Kudos to Nicole!

2608 days ago



2608 days ago


Forty or fifty pounds should give her some nice stretch marks.

2608 days ago

Papa Bear    

To Best of Luck to the expecting Parents

How does someone saying she should think about an abortion suggest ignorance? It's simply their opinion...Nicole obviously has had every opportunity to go far in life but even with all the luxuries that most people don't get she blew it all to hell and has done NOTHING with her life...she says that having this baby will change her...well, for the baby sake I hope it does...but I'm not holding my breath. When the new wears off and Joel leaves her she'll fall right back into the ways she is so used to. She lies and she lies some more..she says what she does to appear good and acceptable..she even said her whole life she tried to get out of it every time she got into she's used to doing what ever necessary to pull one over on people...look at the kids of Hollywood have and are turning out...druggies, overdoses, murder, if that person suggested that she get an abortion how the heck do you get that is ignorant thinking? If Nicole's kid turns out like most of the kids in Hollywood today and ends up drunk and just so happens to run over YOUR KID and kill him/her in 16 yrs..then tell me how ignorant her getting an abortion would have been.

2608 days ago

Best of Luck to the expecting parents    

Response to REAL 90210 Resident;

Your comment is all based on suppositions and really is not an argument. And you are correct about the consideration of abortion being someone's opinion. We all form our opinions based on what we have been taught and on what we have experienced. Thinking that a person cannot redeem themselves from past mistakes nor have experiences that can alter the paths (good or bad) that they are one is close minded. The opinion that abortion should be considered suggests ignorance in that each case is individual as there may be moral and ethical conflicts. Not everyone believes in abortion, suggesting so suggests ignorance.

Is your "argument" about the what if the baby turns out like most in Hollywood and runs over my child thus abortion should be a consideration a serious one? Have you not made mistakes? Can you guarantee that any spawn of your loins will not make mistakes? Possibly serious ones? Might you consider your own argument then and perhaps consider abortion rather than burden the rest of society? I think not. Once again, people talking out of their arses without putting any thought behind their words. Thanks for coming out and trying though.

2608 days ago

berthas butt    

good girl nicole. your headed in the rightdirection.remmer yur going to e a mo now its time togrow up

2608 days ago


People are never happy. If she is out partying then she is a good for nothing junkie whore and if she tries to show improvement and tries to better herself for her baby then she is a liar that will go back to being a good for nothing junkie whore. EVERYONE screws up. Screwing up is part of growing up. We are the ones that make them famous. We talk bad about them but yet we love watching them just so we can give an opinion. LET THE WOMAN LIVE ITS HER LIFE!

2608 days ago


stop judging the girl on her past, I think she looks fantastic and she and Joel seem very in love - good for them. Maybe this is what it took for her to get things turned around, she's still young, it's not too late. At least she's figured it out now, instead of poor Britney who already has two kids and still doesn't have a clue that she should be a responsible adult.

2608 days ago
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