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Ving Rhames' Dogs Maul Man to Death

8/3/2007 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD tells TMZ that "Mission Impossible" star Ving Rhames' dogs have mauled and killed a man who worked for the actor.

Cops tell TMZ the victim worked as a caretaker for Rhames, watching over the dogs and his home. The four dogs, including Mastiffs and an English Bulldog, have been taken into custody by Animal Control. When LAPD received the call this morning at 7:15, they say they found a 40-year-old black male on the front lawn, deceased.

Calls to Ving's reps were not immediately returned, and the actor, apparently, is out of the country shooting a movie.
KABC is reporting that the body of the caretaker had bites all over his body. And police tell us they've never gone out to the house for an incident related to the dogs before.

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These dogs are bred to be killing machines and have been since ancient times! I have long said, that all agressive breed of dogs should not be domesticated! I agree, usually people with these types of canine are either hiding something or have huge egos! Its time for government to intervene! I encourage every one to email the white house on this issue! I have and maybe if others do, they will take notice! I dont mean to offend folks with agressive breeds that dont fall into the above catagory. Some people are just unaware of the dangers, until it is too late!!!

2636 days ago


Wow! So sad. I really feel for this poor guy. Now the dogs will probably be put down. Ipersonally would never have a dog or any other animal that was capable of killing me or anyone else. People get these dogs to be macho and for prestige. Mastiffs are NOT to be mistreated, they are very powerful animals. Ving Rhames, get out your checkbook.

2636 days ago


OMG! I Love Ving Rhames he is a superior actor really who does not get the credit he deserves. This is a terrible story indeed! I feel so sorry for the deceased and his family but also for Ving Rhames I'm sure that he is feeling terrible about this.

However, I agree with the others here....WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SUCH ANIMALS???? I don't get it. Get a cute doggie like Lassie or something.

2636 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

A Mastiff is a big, powerful dog. WTF? don't have an animal you can't control or leave it with someone else to try and control it. Tragic. Some day these Hollywood type will decide to own their actions and take responsibilities for what is theirs. A Mastiff can weigh up to 200 lbs. Big strong and can be aggressive. Don't put your responsibilities on someone else.

2636 days ago


thats tragic.. i see a lawsuit coming....

2636 days ago


This is a tragedy. The man died a horrific death. The dogs will suffer because they were poorly trained and poorly handled by their owner, Rhames. Four huge aggressive dogs are too many dogs for one person (the caretaker) to control.

My burning question: When will Hilton's and Spear's maladjusted poochies attack them?

2636 days ago


Hit and Run

I have Rottweilers and they are wonderful dogs. There is a certain way to train a large powerful dog like these. It is simple easy steps, it's not bullying the dog which will make them turn mean. It is not the dogs fault it's the dumb owners that get these breeds and don't know the importance of training and understanding of how alpha dog works.

2636 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

dina, are you Lindsay Lohans mom? Nice job

2636 days ago


That poor man. The dogs probably did not recognize him, or are just super aggressive. I feel sorry for Ving too because he's a cool dude.

My sympathies for the dead man, his family, and for Ving.

2636 days ago


Everybody always has to blame the black man. Just like Vick.

2636 days ago


Charge Ving with murder! Sorry, but thats what it is! What an ignorant ass he is to have 4 of them? Whats he hiding ayways?

2636 days ago


Here are these ignorant comments coming about a "black man"/"Vick">> INNOCENT until proven guilty! I guess some ignorant people assume blacks will all have dangerous dogs/ or be involved in dog fighting.

2636 days ago


It's nurture, not nature: the owners rather than the breed. People clip dog's tails to make them more aggressive.. cage them, starve them.. all for the same reason. But you can't blame the breed. That's as narrow minded as saying something like: 'all white men are serial killers'

2636 days ago


Well now we know the star for "The Mike Vick Story."

2636 days ago


In a densly populated area of town u dont need 4 mastiffs and a bulldog, as was just reported removed from the home. If u can afford that house in Brentwood u can afford a damn good alarm system , Ving IS responsible for the death of the man if his dogs did it.

2636 days ago
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