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Ving Rhames' Dogs Maul Man to Death

8/3/2007 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LAPD tells TMZ that "Mission Impossible" star Ving Rhames' dogs have mauled and killed a man who worked for the actor.

Cops tell TMZ the victim worked as a caretaker for Rhames, watching over the dogs and his home. The four dogs, including Mastiffs and an English Bulldog, have been taken into custody by Animal Control. When LAPD received the call this morning at 7:15, they say they found a 40-year-old black male on the front lawn, deceased.

Calls to Ving's reps were not immediately returned, and the actor, apparently, is out of the country shooting a movie.
KABC is reporting that the body of the caretaker had bites all over his body. And police tell us they've never gone out to the house for an incident related to the dogs before.

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Mastiffs generally aren't agressive dogs, but there are some breeds of mastiff that are agressive....Italian mastiff aka Cane corso and Brazilian mastiff aka fila brisiliaro are very agressive. But, if it's a bull mastiff, french mastiff or english mastiff they are generally docile dogs. I doubt an english bulldog would even be able to kill anyone...they're too short. Thank god it wasn't a pitt bull. Usually anytime someone dies from a dog they usually blame it on the pitt bull.

2646 days ago


Dogs can turn in an instant. You are all idiots assuming this man raised them to be violent. Grow up, and get a life, losers.

2646 days ago


@ #28YourMoM

Hey Stupid,

You might want to check on the cross that is burning in your yard. It is about to fall on your trailer.

2646 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

C'mon now people. even if a dog drinks from a toilet and licks his butt his mouth would have to be cleaner than Paris's. She puts her mouth places where no self respecting dog would go.

2646 days ago


What a shame..That poor man and his family..The dogs will have to be put down...It's just tragic...I don' t know how people fool themselves into thinking their dog's are not dangerous...

2646 days ago


It is very much Ving's fault, because he does not spay and neuter his animals. It's common knowledge that being unaltered makes animals more aggressive, in addition to making them unhealthy and shortening their lifes. And the pet overpopulation is a BIG problem.

2646 days ago


as an owner of an english mastiff and an english bulldog, i do not think they killed the man. they are both breeds that are not know for this behavior. it seems to me, as the article stated, that the man might have died of a medical condition. i doubt the dogs were vicious. the media always blows things out of proportion.

2646 days ago


First off Mastiff by nature on not vicious dogs. Any dog can become mean if mistreated. I have had a number of Bull Mastiffs they are good nature, and great family dogs. Maybe we should wait before we condem another dog breed for things the owner are responiable for.

2646 days ago



2646 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

I would trust my dog with my life. She is a service dog. I couldn't get by without her love and help. Dogs can be good co workers with us. They can also be victims of our missuse and abuse.

2646 days ago


The story actually says they don't know exactly what killed the man. Yes, he had bites on him, but is that what killed him? Tragic anyway...but we can't assume this is Mr Rhames doing, nobody has said anything about him purposely training the dogs to be vicious. Yet.

2646 days ago


Mastifs are not viscious dogs by nature. Who knows what really happened here. Do not blame the dogs or Ving when we do NOT have ANY of the facts.

2646 days ago

cha cha    

Common sense people common sense....

If it was only that easy.
The people who hurt dogs and train them to be attack dogs should be locked up!
Why is it when a dog attacks someone the dog is at fault and put to death but when a human attacks a child its chalked up to well it only happened once.Give me a break some people should not have animals at all. I feel bad for the guy but feel real bad for the dogs.

2646 days ago


Mastiffs - are very loyal animals - they are protective and in my mind would only attack someone when provoked. Please don't completely blame the breed!
It would be nice to actually know what happened!

2646 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Kill the stupid dogs!!!!!! Punish the owner!

2646 days ago
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