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What's Under Britney's Headband -- Revealed!

8/3/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee back at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britz and her sloppyguard were fetchin' some frappuccinos at Starbucks in glamorous Sherman Oaks -- STOP THE INTERNETS! -- she took off her Weaveguard© headband! And even her new little dog seems to be traumatized by the reveal! Run, Toto, run!

Photogs snapped the waffleweave horror, a complex construction of braids and what appears to be some type of epoxy. Her messjesty wore a tube top, a bitten-up manicure, some Elvisish sunglasses -- and her other hairy accessory -- a teacup Yorkie named London. Girl oughta just plop that pooch on her haid!

No photographers were injured in the making of this photograph, y'all.


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Microbraids? They cost money? Megahideous.

2604 days ago


I can't take it anymore. She holds her children like sacks of potatoes yet is cuddling that little dog to her chest and gazing at it lovingly. As for people saying to the media to "just leave her alone", they are just doing their job. She is the opportunistic has-been trying to keep her wrecked mug in the public eye.

2604 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone you bitches!

2603 days ago


Leave her alone you guys, she's not worried about your messed up hair or your personal life, have some compaasion for God's sake, read a book or something.

2603 days ago


Whatever happened to compassion????

2603 days ago

astrid dye    

leave her alone

2603 days ago


What A SICKO! Cannot wait until this b--tch disappears forever! Look how out-of-shape she is. Her legs are HUGE...and the flip-flops have to GO! She is supposedly a celebrity with millions of dollars, and yet she goes out in public dressed like a bag-lady. Won't be too long before we see pictures made of her digging through trash-cans for food!

2603 days ago


I wish people would leave that girl alone.

2603 days ago


i agree that she has problems just like we all do , its just every body handles them differently ,and every body see s hers and not ours so let s leave her alone so she can work them out .it would make it easyer for her .let s all just pray for her. good luck britney and may the lord help you with everything . and dont worry what everone is saying thay dont know what you really going through.but thay can help if thay really care by praying ..thanks to all who listened. god bless all .

2603 days ago


First, haid is not a Southern twinge but a twinge of ignorance, same as yours for not knowing twange is not a word. that would be twang not twange.
Also, if no photographer was injured doing this photograph, i'm sorry. He should heve been.
Photographers who stalk people like Britanny against their wishes, are very ignorant ,rude, cruel, uneducated, ignorant, self centered, self serving ignorant people and should not be allowed to photograph people againt thier wishes, and oh, did i mention ignorant?. You say that is their first ammendment rights. How about her right to the pursuit of happiness. If it makes her happy to knock hell out of them, well that is her constitutional right.
Go get them Brittany.

2603 days ago


Do you notice that in almost every picture we see of celebrities in cars, they are not wearing their seatbelts? Just a small indication of their disdainment of following rules.

2603 days ago


It never fails to devastate me how horrible the press and the public can be to the famous. People can be guilty of the same acts, and worse, and still get on here and say terrible things to wound. Jealousy? Probably some of that, but I think a lot of people are just taking advantage of the power of freedom of speech to hurt and degrade. I am sure Britney knows her faults and flaws! "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!" Hmmmm?

2603 days ago


Ok, personally, I think anyone that thinks that a person needs help because they don't care how people see them is the one that needs help. Is it really healthy to be so paranoid about what people think about what you LOOK like, that you won't grab a cup of coffee unless you are in full make up and dressed up? Isn't that just a tad shallow?

2603 days ago


this skank has more picures shown with those damn dogs than her kids. what the hell????

2603 days ago


I think everybody forgets that she is going through a divorce right now. Regardless of who wants it, divorces are quite painful. Though some of you have probably gone through a divorce yourselves and never acted out the way she had, just think of what it would have been like to have it all aired out and taken out of context. What would you do? You'd be besides yourself. She is acting out for sure and yes, she could use some therapy (as can most people these days), but geez, people need to stop being so cruel.

Think about it, the more people say you're crazy- the more you figure... "What the heck, might as well..."

2603 days ago
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