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What's Under Britney's Headband -- Revealed!

8/3/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee back at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britz and her sloppyguard were fetchin' some frappuccinos at Starbucks in glamorous Sherman Oaks -- STOP THE INTERNETS! -- she took off her Weaveguard© headband! And even her new little dog seems to be traumatized by the reveal! Run, Toto, run!

Photogs snapped the waffleweave horror, a complex construction of braids and what appears to be some type of epoxy. Her messjesty wore a tube top, a bitten-up manicure, some Elvisish sunglasses -- and her other hairy accessory -- a teacup Yorkie named London. Girl oughta just plop that pooch on her haid!

No photographers were injured in the making of this photograph, y'all.


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I think the paps are driving her crazy. Britany isn't going through anything that a million other people haven't gone through. She needs some peace and quiet and she deserves it. Every body deserves another chance. I don't think Brit is seeking publicity right now, but she is being attacked in the media. Get a life everybody and leave her alone.

I think we should have a celebrity free day, or week, any way. Send the stupid photographers home for awhile.

2605 days ago


Damn even with a bad weave shes Hot !!!!

2605 days ago


I'm not saying I'm a fan or not, but good grief, leave her alone. Yeah, she's got problems like we all have; some of ours may be worse. Hers are just public, we should be glad ours are not!! I really feel sorry for her sometimes.....can't believe I'm saying that. I just think she deserves a little privacy. But then, the camera dudes wouldn't have a job!

2605 days ago


You don't like hearing about it, don't read about it! It's inappropriate to judge somebody you've never met. Ever consider that the media is blowing it all out of proportion in order to make headlines? Somebody said she was holding her baby like a sack of potatoes, but what if she was just shifting positions in which she was holding him and the camera clicked just then and the writers decided to make a story out of a bogus picture? Now this is not to say that she isn't without issues, but seriously... who is? It isn't fair to judge her for her actions when you only hear the scandalous side of the story. I can't believe someone would be calling a person they never met a b***h. Ignorance. Some people make me really sad.

2605 days ago


My hair looks worse then that and nobody tells me my career is over

2605 days ago


why can't she just be cool and let it grow out naturally and show it as it is, without the WEAVE CRAP? That takes a little intelligence though!!!!!!!!!!!

2605 days ago


Britney, take your millions and get out of California. If you hate the gossipmongers so much and want your space, go find a nice quiet ranch or farm out in the middle of nowhere, like some of the other big stars do, and raise your kids out of the spotlight.

Somehow, though, I think you LIKE this stuff.

2605 days ago


We have to be the most uncompassionate society on earth that we attack people when they're so far down. I guess it makes people feel better to laugh at her weaknesses and avoid dealing with their own. She's confused and unstable and probably not a very good mother either. Her appearance is just a reflection of how bad she feels inside and how alone she really is. Sad that the media exploits her behavior and then pretends to be concerned about her. She's a money maker and thats all they care about.

2605 days ago


Poor bitch I'm talking about the yorkie not the skank.

2605 days ago


Britney- - Another mess of a life like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie. They're all LOSERS!!! = Lost, Obstinate, Stupid, Egotistical Retards!!!!

2605 days ago


I have never cared for Brit, but I think it's ridiculous the way she's being treated. She obviously has mental health issues and all of this constant attention can't be helping any. Whoever her "friends" still are should try to convince her to maintain a low profile until the next scandal takes hold of the easily distracted public.

2605 days ago


I give her props for being real and not being one of those celebrities who always has to look good and give off the impression that she's better than other people. She's real and has her flaws and doesn't care if people see them. I honestly don't see why people are giving her so much grief right now. Leave the girl alone, there are bigger issues in the world than just concentrating on what celebrities are doing.

2605 days ago


Britney, Lindsay, Paris & Nicole, they're all L.O.S.E.R.s = Lost, Obstinate, Stupid, Egotistical Retards!!!!!!!

2605 days ago


Haid is the southern version. Pronounced like maid. "whatchu got on yo' haid."
I was raised in the South, and my elders spoke this way often.

2605 days ago


run tot run hahahahha you guys make me laugh

2605 days ago
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