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Allred Weighs in on LiLo

8/5/2007 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Uber-lawyer Gloria Allred wants divalicious disasters like Paris, Nicole and Lindsay to do the time for their crimes. Allred spoke with Chris Yandek at and came down hard on La Lohan. "Rehab cannot just be a stop in there for charm school," she said. "They gotta go in and get some serious help and get rid of the habits that are dragging them down. They've gotta get clean, they've gotta get sober, they've gotta stay that way because rehab as a revolving door is not just gonna work for them in their lives." Promises, promises!

Allred added that she believes that Lohan may have to do some serious time. "The consequences could be even more serious than they were for Paris Hilton. In this case too, there are apparently other witnesses and who know what they are going to say and she could have civil consequences as well as criminal consequences."


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2635 days ago


So young so young! its 8 am here in Tucson ...........Lindsey why are u so stupid? whata waste! blame urself girl! you can only blame urself! why not go into a REAL Mental Hospital get on some meds. so u can't DRINK on them or they will make u sick! OR get over it and Party your ass off like all common 21 year isn't gonna do it will just grow out of it or you will end up dead, prego, or like your lame ass mom! PERIOD!

2635 days ago

Parents Need to Know    


2635 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Lindsay needs to be put on Antabuse for her alcohol problems.

2635 days ago


Bravo. Lindsay should do hard time. Enough of these spoiled girls running around breaking laws and assuming there will not be any consequences for their behavior.

2635 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

The only thing that is going to wake this girl up is doing some serious time.

2635 days ago

hot bitch

2635 days ago


I hate Allred and I hate Lohan, but for once in her legal life Allred speaks the truth. God I feel I need to wash my mouth out with soap for saying that.

2635 days ago

5 cent    

Amazing! It took Allred over a week to find a way to get her picture in on this mess. Was she on holiday? Heaven knows she never misses a photo op.

Gloria. Do is all a favor and go after Nicole's "real killer". With you every day in the news, maybe OJ will just shoot himself from your annoyance or something.

2635 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

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Posted at 11:29AM on Aug 5th 2007 by Cab

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2635 days ago

Eli Michael Tapia    

I think if your going to break the law, no matter what it is you do the crime pay the fine.What I mean by that is, if you got to go to jail go and don`t be crying about it.

2635 days ago


It is time for for serious examples to be set. Unfortunately to save Lilo's life before she spirals down into the abyss,hard time must be the consequence.

2635 days ago


For once I actully agree with Gloria, even if I do find her annoying. LL needs a wake up call, she needs to do hard time. It's about time she learns that she is not above the law. She is nothing but a self centered, spoiled brat. That goes for Paris and Britney too.

2635 days ago


I've been rooting for Lindsay cos I don't think her family has helped, but I think she does need to do some time to make her see the light...we'll just have to wait and see.

2635 days ago


She hasnt done anything that you didnt do at that age so get over yourself and stop just wanting the rich and famous to fail Im not even a fan of these people but but when i read stupid comments like the ones in the article then the things u people write afterword then something needs to be said

2635 days ago
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