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Backstreet Boys'

New Song

is 'Inconsolable'

8/6/2007 8:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought you were safe from seeing grown men in choreographed numbers and matching outfits, the Backstreet Boys have gotten back together and released a new song! Party like it's 1999!

TMZ has obtained a copy of the quartet's (now minus one Kevin Richardson) new piano driven ballad, "Inconsolable," which debuted today on NY's Z100 radio station. I want it that way! The Boys' new album drops October 30 -- just in time for Halloween. Trick or treat?!

First the Spice Girls announced their reunion, now BSB -- maybe there is hope for Britney! Then again, maybe not.


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YES! finally the return of the best boy band ever! i love their music!! i've been a fan for 10 years now and will continue to love them forever! KTBSPA!!

2643 days ago


Their fans aren't preteens anymore. For chrissakes, they've been around for 15 years. Even the 5 year old then are 20! If you'd been at a concert for the Never Gone tour in 2005, you would have noticed mostly late teen-40 yr olds. If there were children, they were second generation fans-my niece is one of those.

2643 days ago


I am so freakin excited, the single is beautiful! cant wait for the album to come out--this and JC chasez..YES!

2642 days ago


This is crap. Why couldn't they just stay in the past where they belong? Or why couldn't they have singular members that come out with decent albums on their own? Crap crap crap.

2642 days ago


No, no, no, no. You had your chance, you need to go back to 1997 and stay there.

2642 days ago


Hey nice, BUT I prefer the original style of the Spice Girls
Besides GIRL POWER!!!!

2642 days ago


to all non bsb fans outhere pls dont say bad things abot the bsb it hurts as fans that seeing our idol being insulted wow..anyways i luv the new song great job backstreet yeah..peace yo hhaahha

2642 days ago

name here    

Amber.. wtf is wrong with you? wait, WTF is WRONG w/ the most of you? u call this JUNK real, good music???my GOD! 1979 and DOWN is where the real, GOOD artists are.
I cant wait till the day this crap goes away for good.
Do some " research" before you dumb @@@'s decide ya wanna rip on me.... see who grosses the most money, etc, etc I can tell ya right now it IS NOT Nick carter.... PUKE

2642 days ago


yes the song like blend of they did before. But true that everybody has to accept , is they are really a good musicians. They never afraid to experiement , they work hard on themselves. they play instruments. They do a perfect songs , quality songs. Each album is diffrent but still good. why? cause they can sing , they proved they can sing in any genres.
I expected something diffrent in this album , may rock , or more organic songs, but anyway they choosed pop . its ok . still sounds good . At least ears of some people will hear nice song, rather than these crap song that they circle in radios.

2642 days ago


I'm confused. Why are so many people talking about them as if they haven't done anything since 1999?

They just released an album in 2005 that debutted at #3 on the charts, and their first single was a hit. They also had a very successful tour to follow. And their "Just Want You To Know" video had tons of controversy. Now, I can understand if some of you were merely ignoring them at the time, but to be totally oblivious?

You don't have to be happy that they are still making albums, but you have got to at least try to accept the fact that THEY DON'T CARE THAT THE BOY BAND CRAZE IS OVER. They are not trying to be as big as they once were, they just want to keep making music for the fans they still have. And judging by the success of their 2005 album, they still have a lot. The average age range is now between late teens and early twenties, most of which have grown to like a variaty of different music. So I wouldn't jump to conclusions that we're all just "tweenies" either.

2642 days ago


It's not the best song, but it's a whole lot better than Justin Timberlake's boring, melody-less new stuff.

2642 days ago

Monica from LV    

YESSSSSSS They are back and YESSSSSSS they still have fans and HELL YES I love the song!

2642 days ago

Brittany loves it    

I'm so excited. Call your radio stations and request it. :0)

You may think I'm the biggest dork ever, but I still love them.
I'm 21 and I'll still be listening when I'm 41.

2642 days ago


To all the pathetic people posting rude comments.

Actually, they DO play instruments. Every single one of them. Nick's been playing the drums for 14 years. They all play the guitar.

They can sing beautifully..that's what they do. They're vocalists. Get over it.

2642 days ago


Why do you hate? so just because they're consider a boyband they automatically suck?...c'mon grow up this guys are way better artists then alot of the ones out there right now. So stop judging and going by what everybody says it's cool! BSB are extremely talented mucisians!

2642 days ago
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