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Backstreet Boys'

New Song

is 'Inconsolable'

8/6/2007 8:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought you were safe from seeing grown men in choreographed numbers and matching outfits, the Backstreet Boys have gotten back together and released a new song! Party like it's 1999!

TMZ has obtained a copy of the quartet's (now minus one Kevin Richardson) new piano driven ballad, "Inconsolable," which debuted today on NY's Z100 radio station. I want it that way! The Boys' new album drops October 30 -- just in time for Halloween. Trick or treat?!

First the Spice Girls announced their reunion, now BSB -- maybe there is hope for Britney! Then again, maybe not.


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why are people acting as though they haven't done anything in the last ten years and they're just coming back now to reclaim their fame....their single "incomplete" was put out in 2005 along wih a new album and a very successful tour following that...their real comeback happened when they put out their album "never gone" after being out of the spotlight for a few i wouldn't call this album a comeback but rather a continuation of their success...but i guess u could look at it as a comeback in the sense that kevin is gone this time around so in a way they're reinventing themselves, either way, i'm excited to hear the album and i can't wait for the tour!!!

2600 days ago


I loved these guys back then and I still love them now! They are still musicians because they are talented singers. Singing in harmony is difficult and they are all certainly talented. I will buy yet another cd of theirs. Keep it going guys!

2596 days ago

The Mama #1    

Being a Christian and mom of 2 teenage boys I very much like the backstreet boys. The words that they would sing could be understood. Not like some artists that just screamed.

I am sooo looking forward to this new album. I have everyone one of there albums and also have the one that Brian put out himself. I wish Kevin would have been included.

2584 days ago


Heather, I agree with you......I loved the BSB......and I'm not a soccer mom, but I am in my mid-50s, so there, all you BSB haters! I was going to say the same thing....they are not a boy band anymore....they do play instruments, but their harmonies are right on. Just like the old Motown groups, the Temps, the Four Tops, etc....they have wonderful harmonies, they don't have to play instruments, they are beautiful choreographed onstage, don't dance with vulgar moves (believe me, I'm not a prude, but enough is enough), and they SING. They don't rap, they don't hump, etc. I'm glad they're back. I will miss Kevin, but that's okay.....

2580 days ago


I loved it. I have missed these guys. Nobody makes love songs anymore!

2580 days ago


Love the single! And the guys have their original fans
them...which have also grown up...which means we are adults not young
females...NOT creepy! Grow up people! At least they have a career
making more money than you will ever make in your entire life! How is
ok for Maroon 5 and Lifehouse to be out...but just because its the
Backstreet Boys...everyone has a cow! You people are LAME!You go
BSB...I hope you blow all these people's heads off with your new
album! ALSO they are a band...because they do play instruments! Get
your facts right before you start throwing your stupid comments out
there. You really look dumb when you have no clue what you are
talking about...Morons.EITHER WAY...I love the single...I love the
guys. Not a soccer mom or a teeny...normal woman in her late 20's.

2580 days ago



2580 days ago

Ale Baker    


I like it a lot :D

2580 days ago


I love this song. Backstreet's definately back! They have been together for 15 yrs and will continue to make great music for a long time. Like other posters have said. Their fans are no longer young girls, since we have grown up with them. Just like the fans have grown, so have they and their music. You go BSB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until October 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2578 days ago


first of all they did not get back together...they never broke up ppl.

2577 days ago


I've never been a big fan of boybands, but I love the new Backstreet Boys single. Shame some people need to sneer. And look at the stupid ageism on display! Gasp, they are from 28 to 33? OMG teh oldist! Except Kylie at 38, Madonna at 48, and so on... Listen without prejudice in future. It's a damn good song and I will be buying the album in October.

2574 days ago


For all of those who are wondering "what happened to Kevin".... Kevin decided to take a break from the group for a while to concentrate on starting his family (he and Kristin became the proud parents of a baby boy in early July 07) and pursue other career interests. He is welcome to return to the group whenever he wants and I hope he does. It is just not the same without him.

2574 days ago


I am glad they're back. They've been my favorite group since the beginning. (I'm 27 now). They're great singers,have terrific harmonies, and are very talented. (I've been to a few concerts, at least they're talent and vocals are NOT created by studio equipment.) These MEN can really sing! And I stress MEN. They've grown up just like we all have. And true BSB fans know how they've grown and changed over the years from album to album, getting even better and better. I LOVE the new song and can't wait for the album (and hopefully new concert tour)! Kevin will be missed, but they still sound terrific!

2574 days ago


Great song, can't wait til the album drops October 30. For those questionning Kevin's absence, he left the group about a year ago to spend more time with family, and as of early July has a brand new Backstreet baby boy. He parted on good terms and don't be surprised if he comes back for the next album.

2573 days ago


I'm happy that the boys are back, and the single is great!!!
I love it!!

2573 days ago
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