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Brad and Ange: Lick Us!

8/6/2007 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad and Angelina New IdeaOn their way to sainthood, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to be recognized by the Australian government ... with their very own postage stamp. Lick that!

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that supermom of the world, along with hunky partner Brad Pitt and daughter Shiloh, will be reproduced from the cover of New Idea magazine -- which is sponsored by Australia Post -- and slapped onto a .50 cent stamp. A New Idea spokesman says, "These stamps will become instantly collectible and sought after by philatelists around the country."

For some time now, both Ange and Brad have been sought by philatelists who would like to stick them.


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Angie and Brad have nothing to do with this stamp this is just for promotional purposes of the country. Angie did say in an interview that because Shiloh is white she will get more priviledges in the world based on her skin color, she doesn't like this but she is right. Just like that wax musuem, it had Brad, Angie and Shy-it's just racist.

2632 days ago


What do expect from a country that started out as a penal colony?

2632 days ago


oh that's a good look; celebrating two whores...and the sad existance of a child.

2632 days ago


They celebrate w-h-o-r-e-s in that country? Is this a joke? If so; rather sick one.

2632 days ago


Australia must be desperate for attention or something....they are scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one.

2632 days ago


What a joke, Brad and Angelina are breaking up, won't be long before Brad checks out of that hellhole for good. In fact, he has already got himself seperate digs. Angelina is a nutcase, no one can take that narcissistic loony-tunes for long. Must really be hell for those poor kids, trapped with a screaming nutcase that has no idea how to be a REAL wife and mother because she is too busy making movies no One goes to see.

2632 days ago

Oh Please    

How would watching "Girl Interrupted" give you insight on Angelina you idiot, she was ACTING!!!! CostaMesaBoy is an ignorant ass.

2632 days ago


Ewwwww I would invest my money, if it was just Shiloh, she looks adorable, but these two have no reason to be recognize. A lot of celebs help people both here and in third world countries and they have a better reputation than these two.

2632 days ago


philatetelists?!?! hee hee, even though my boss is one, that word always cracks me up!!!!

2632 days ago


This whole article makes me feel bad for those people who give to those in need every day and do not get recogniation. These two could not even help an old lady across the street without getting their photo taken and getting credit for it. How about this try helping somone and not expect something in return. If they could manage this I would spend money on the next movie they are in. No wait, they have enough money , I'll spend money on the bootleg copy in their honor.

2632 days ago


They don't even get along together, Angelina is a shrieking stick figure that has driven Brad away. They won't be a "couple" much longer, Brad needs loving and sex and Angelina is too into her deranged self to care about Brad's needs. Brad is the only one working at that relationship and that is wearing on him. Soon, that stupid stamp will be a joke.

2632 days ago


Although I don't condone their past actions (who am I to judge?), I do like this couple. People cannot help their feelings; sometimes feelings can overwhelm and overtake people causing grief but unintentional grief. But their personal life is their personal life.

they have done good in the world. They have given the adopted children a life, and I admire them for that. I would probably buy the stamp. Both of them do look a little tired, but I still think they're a fabulous looking couple.

2631 days ago


DEFINITELY will lick one of those. I love this family.

2631 days ago


i wish brad and angelina would fall off the face of the earth. australia honoring to adulters how sick!!

2573 days ago
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