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Britney -- Suri's Role Model? It Depends...

8/6/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's not yet 16 months old, but Suri is already giving Hollywood's bad girls a run for their panties.

Cameras spotted the Scientolotot on a candy run with her dad in Germany over the weekend, when suddenly, Suri pulled a Paris -- revealing her diaper to waiting snappers! Dad's in Berlin with that creepy haircut, making that Hitler movie.

Outside the store, they met up with up with mama Katie, where Suri grabbed her bottle, pointed at a random bike, and wandered down the street -- to plot her next controversial caper. Just another twenty years until her first book, Tommy Dearest.


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This was obviously ment to be funny but it's only tasteless and tacky .
Suri is a adorable , innocent little baby and she deserves better then this.
You have have very thinly treaded a fine line of appropriateness with your little jabs at this poor little baby ( "Scientolotot " ) and her obviously very loving parents , now you have finally crossed the line . Enough of being snarky on the kid already !!!!

2601 days ago


I agree, she's a BABY! Babies wear dipers... (SIC) OMG, She’s being carried across the street! She must be a diva!!!! C’mon TMZ, I love you, but this was just wrong.

2601 days ago


Shame on you. Lay off the babies!

2601 days ago


Thanks for giving a thousand pedophiles out in the world , today, another reason to fantasize about a innocent baby. Lay off the babies for real!

2601 days ago


What I would like to know, is what happened to Cruise's other kids, Conner and Isabella? Why don't they take them along with them on location also. I'm sure they would enjoy being there, too. It seems that Tom would use his kids' activities to get publicity and show what a great father he is. But ever since Suri was born, she is everywhere with them, as she should be, but Conner and Isabella have hardly been seen with them at all. Hmmm....just wondering.

2601 days ago


Did you see the amount of minders they have? It's like a presidential convoy. Scary.

2601 days ago


Why is Tom wearing a jacket, Katie a raincoat, but Suri has neither,
unless, of course, Suri put her foot down and just refused to wear one (lol)

2601 days ago


Disgusting! To make news of a baby showig her diaper! What pedophile TMZ worker thought this would be a good idea? You guys need to leave the baby alone: stop photographing her, stop writing about her. Sick, sick, sick!

I've never posted here before, but this disturbing 'news' headline and article compelled me to to do so.


2601 days ago


obviously the person who wrote this article was just messing around.
how could you take this seriously?

2601 days ago


3 words.... TMZ is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2600 days ago


wow, I've never seen someone pick up a kid so awkwardly like he did, like a sack of potatoes, very un-natural

2600 days ago


Must be a slow news day at TMZ, leave innocent babies out of your stories. Just plain sick ,disturbing and perverted! The idiot that came up with this story,along with the other idiot that had the final approval,should be immediately FIRED! I glance at your site for some lighthearted entertainment but, I'm done. There are plenty of so called "stars" that you could write about. Did you have to stoop so low? I'm not a big fan of lawsuits but, this is one story that really deserves it.

2600 days ago


Just wondering--Arw baby shots and vaccinations allowed to be given to babies in the scientology faith? I remember how upset Suri's daddy was over antidepressants given to postpartum women.I wonder if little Suri could have teething medication or even tylenol?Scientology is so strange...just trying to educate myself.


2598 days ago
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