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Erykah: Bad 'Do

8/6/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Believe it or not, TMZ has unearthed a wig so ratty and re-DAMN-diculous -- not even Britney Spears would weave it onto her bald ass head!
Erykah Badu
After hittin' up the forest moon of Endor for her Ewok-inspired hair-don't, neo-soul "Bag Lady" Erykah Badu scurrred up the crowd at Miami's Chakra Lounge on Saturday. Return of the Jedi!

Ol' girl needs a gardener not a hairstylist! Think ya better call Tyrone!


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A gay man wrote those captions, right?

2604 days ago

Amy Silverman    

She sure is ugly!!!!!!!

2604 days ago


This heart-shaped hairdo is so unique and out of the ordinary, and that is what makes it so totally cool. In fact, I plan to go to my local beauty shop, and try to have my hair done up like this. But my hair would have a hard time holding this style, because it's straight. But, I would wear this hairdo every so often. I love it!

2604 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

This is so over, shame on you

2604 days ago

Ms. Mack    

RACIST! I'm pretty sure this is not a wig as she's worn her hair like this for years. Why don't you like it? Does it look too curly, too kinky, too BLACK for you!!!! Maybe you'd like it more if she spent huge amounts of time and money to straighten and relax it, just like white people hair! TMZ loves conformists

I'm white, and I found this post to be grossly offensive. She's beautiful, and so is her hair!

2604 days ago


First of all, this is not the first time Badu has worn that wig. She wears it quite a bit actually, Secondly, her wig looks the way black hair, when not chemically treated, grows out of our head. A writer/blogger who knew Badu would know this, and I'd be surprised to know that somebody black wrote this, or was on you editorial staff.

Shame on you.

2604 days ago

Erykah is deep. It's not he hairdo. It's the message in her music. She's beautiful and makes beautiful music.

2604 days ago

What are people getting worked up about? It's a wig.

2604 days ago


She looks like this chick named Carla Bird who works for Oprah LOL

2604 days ago


I am so glad soooo many people are "getting worked up about this!!!" Everytime TMZ reports a story about black people (which is not very often), it's ALMOST ALWAYS in a degrading manner! From the BET Awards article (where the ONLY thing they could find to report was the "Ho" outfits) to the 50 Cent and Ciara article (which suggested that they went to a "trendy" restaurant, had dinner with their "posse" and no "trouble" was started when the blacks arrived, ate and left) and now this. I mean, c'mon, Erykah Badu's hair??? Is that the only BAD thing you can say about her? No articles on the "woman behind the hair?" Unbelievable!!! And Ms. Mack, I appreciate your comments and applaude you for realizing that "straight hair" isn't always better hair. Jessica Simpsons hair is beautiful but I promise that Erykah Badu's hair will NEVER grow out of her scalp to look like Jessica's hair... and regardless of what you think, Erykah Badu's hair is beautiful but unfortunately you'll never understand! Maybe you should hire Ms. Mack to write for TMZ or they hire people with a little culture!

2604 days ago


yo tmz knows they are wrong for this one. How dare you say that her hair is ratty! yet when white people wear that big, teased up, tangled big azz hair with visible knots in it on the cover of a magazine it is consider "COUTURE". Couture my azz!! This is a racist story and i cant believe this kind of stuff still exists in today's society. Why does she have conform to the what you THINK beauty is, which is "white is right". Alot of Natural African-American hair looks just like hers. It is coarse and curly (Afro).But yet when beyonce wears blonde hair down to her butt she is accepted into mainstream society, and she is just hot to death. Like the only way to get accepted into society is to sell our soul for a box of relaxer. SCREW YOU! Erykah is fabulous and so is natural hair.

2604 days ago


Frankly... Erykah can do whatever the hell she wants. Chaka Khan is one of her favorite singers, so let her do da damn thang.

2604 days ago

Ms. Mack    

Why are they deleting so many critical comments on this post?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THey've DELETED AT LEAST THREE comments about being proud of Black hair on here!!!!!! WTF?!?!

Oh, and by the way, I've sent a link to this post, the content of the post and a letter expressing my concern to 134 email addresses (as of today) at organizations such as the NAACP, Rainbow PUSH, National Action Network, Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People, and other Black advocacy organizations. I also posted this to several message boards hosted by Black media outlets. Your most recent Erykah Badu bad hair post is transparent and it isn't going to do you any good.

2597 days ago


This is my first time surfing TMZ, and I can already see their 'reporters' have a lot to explain. Erykah Badu is beautiful, and the wig looks fine to me, but even if it was really her hair, it should make no difference. But to focus on the wig instead of her music reveals the type of reporting TMZ is interested in producing and promoting. Even if they meant it as a joke, it was done in poor taste.

I commend the people that have spoken out against this kind of reporting, and for denouncing the racist angle. And to the TMZ staff: Shame on you.

2585 days ago
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