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Jermaine's Ex -- He's Cheap and Creepy

8/6/2007 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson's estranged wife has filed court papers claiming the singer is pleading poverty, even though he's loaded. By the way, she's also alleging Jermaine has some weird sleeping arrangements with their two kids, Jaffar, 11 and Jermajesty, 7.
Jermain Jackson's divorce
In legal papers filed late last month and just obtained by TMZ, Alejandra Jackson says she's not getting squat from Jermaine in spousal or child support. As a result, she says she can't make her car payment, has to borrow money for gas, and drives with an expired registration.

Alejandra alleges Jermaine's claim that he's broke is a "smokescreen." In legal papers, she says sarcastically, "he (claims) he has no income and all of his expenses are paid for by his girlfriend, who coincidentally, suddenly has a Swiss bank account and a Rolls Royce in her name after having worked at Bloomingdales and Macy's."

Alejandra claims Jermaine raked in the dough from the UK version of "Big Brother," as well as from royalties, business deals and what not.

And then there's this -- "I seek full custody of our children, with reasonable visitation to Jermaine because I have concerns regarding Jermaine's sleeping accommodations for our children while they are in his care." She goes on -- "I believe it is unhealthy for our children to sleep in the same bedroom with Jermaine and his girlfriend...."

Jermaine filed for divorce in 2004. Prior to marrying Jermaine, Alejandra had two children with his brother, Randy


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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Dear "Shaking my Head,"

I don't think anyone said that "Whites" were perfect. Some posters said that the Jacksons were a mess. I want to ask you something...please answer...because you are Black do you feel the need to defend any Black celebrity's behavior? Do you automatically defend: OJ, MIchael Vick, Michael Jackson, etc.? Why? That scares me.

2612 days ago

haf devil    

if she married randy before jermaine, then maybe she should shoot for the gold and go after joe jackson, their father. he's still alive, isn't he???

2612 days ago


This bitch should find out what it's like to work for a living. How nasty is it for her to have already slept with Randy when she got with Jermaine? Just goes to prove you can't make a ho into a housewife. Who's the actual father of her kids? Does one belong to Randy and one to Jermaine? Gees, freakin' celebs....

2612 days ago

OMG jermaine can't be a cheapskate. Who am i to say though, he is a pretty greasy dude though haha.. Well i know where to meet my sugamama's like beyonce, YEOQ!

2612 days ago


Yea, That is her story. Don't believ it!

2612 days ago


Tito better head for the hills!

2612 days ago

Where is her Plan B? She needs money to pay HER car payments?

2612 days ago

ass whupper    

"FI", did I hit a nerve? Come on lil fella, dont get upset. Now tell me again, why dont you want me to move into your trailer park? Are you afraid that I may end up doing your step-mother/sister? I wouldn't dare. Now just calm down. I would hate for you to leave home with that nasty attitude and have some brother put foot in your little ass just because you are upset with me. It must be a hard job being the punk coward of the trailer park. I bet that if you could afford to put tires on that Gremlin thats sitting on blocks in the front yard, you would get the hell out of there huh?

2612 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Oh jeez, a Jackson is sleeping weirdly with kids? Hmmm.

Must run in the family.

And this broad married 2 Jacksons. Idiot.

2612 days ago

roses are my idol.!!!!!

2612 days ago


yes the whole family is weird, the father raped them all at an early age

2612 days ago

lil black girl    

did they REALLY name their kid "jermajesty"???

call child services on both of these idiots!

seriously, i understand the ex-wife's frustration. however, in all honesty, instead of whining about how she has to borrow money for gas she needs to just GET A DAMN JOB. this whole story is just embarassing.

2611 days ago


Oh yeah, creepy for sure. I think that whole family & their partners are nuts! They may have talent but that's about it.

2611 days ago


2 brothers, that's NASTY, you deserve notta, zilch, nothing.......UGH

2611 days ago


Randy Jackson is NOT Jermaine's brother and by his bio he was never married to this woman

2611 days ago
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