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Prosecutors Split in Brandy Case

8/6/2007 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BrandyLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ that officials in the Los Angeles City Attorney's office are split over whether to prosecute Brandy for a fatal car accident last December.

Brandy's Range Rover rear-ended a car, triggering a multi-car accident, which resulted in the death of a 38-year-old woman. One source says there was a "conflict" in the City Attorney's office over whether Brandy should be prosecuted at all. The charge on the table, we're told, is misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

We're told prosecutors are waiting on technical data that will measure the speed of Brandy's vehicle on impact. The data will help prosecutors determine if the singer tried to brake before impact. The tests are being conducted by a London based firm.

When the results are returned, the City Attorney will make a decision. One source says, "At this point it could go either way."


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Here is an article from Fox News Online:,2933,246722,00.html

Brandy never left the scene of the accident, and she told police that it was her fault. She also got out of her car to see if everyone was okay.

2578 days ago


People this is LA Lane Garrison was drunk high on coke and he killed a person he got 90 days with evaluation there is no way Brandy is going to jail and she really shouldnt it was an accident.

2578 days ago


Laura Bush killed her former boyfriend when she ran a stop sign and hit his car.

Matthew Broderick killed two women in Ireland when he raced to get Jennifer Gray to the airport.

Rebecca Gayheart killed a nine year old when she drove around stalled traffic.

Lane Garrison killed his 17 year old passenger while driving drunk.

Brandi killed a 38 year old woman while driving negligently.

2578 days ago

not a fan of either    

okay let me see if I got this straight, because she was in a accident that resulted in the death of someone. your suggesting she should have gone to the police and say forget investigation I want to go to jail?

2578 days ago


She should def be prosecuted! Even if she didn't mean to kill someone, that person still died because of her negligent driving. That's manslaughter; the crime of killing someone without meaning to do so. She knew that it was dangerous to drive that fast yet she did it anyway. Just because it was an accident doesn't mean that it couldn't/shouldn't have been avoided.
I'm guessing that she'll get off though. Celebrity status = above the law.

2578 days ago


It would be a bad precident to set if people start getting prosecuted for ACCIDENTS! Though tragic, everyone who drives LA freeways are in constant risk of being in an accident. We have enough going on in our court system without involving people who are involved in accidents.

2578 days ago


Brandy said that she will pay for the victims' hospital bills and also the female victim's funeral costs. She is also getting sued by 3 different people from the accident, and they will be well compensated for their costs incurred and pain and suffering. It is erroneous to say that she has not paid a dime. I believe that she had paid some costs already.

2578 days ago


Im sure the family to that women doesnt see it as an accident. If shes not going to spend some time, they should take her driving privalages away from her... not for 6 months, not for 1yr. Forever. Wasnt she talking on the cell phone? Or she got distracted and thats how it happen? Ya we all get distracted from time to time while driving but we dont kill people from doing so. I swear cell phones should be illegal while driving. I cant even count on both hands how many times ive almost been smacked cause someone was to busy yapping on their phone in rush hour traffic.

2578 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Kendra, Say "hi" to Hugh and the girls next door.

2578 days ago


This isn't a black/white issue. Quit the bashin'.

2578 days ago


I think if she would have been paying attention, she would have breaked WAY before she slammed into the other car. These idiots think that they can do whatever they want to do, and not have to pay for any of the consequences. It's NOT RIGHT at all!!!! Say she was the one in the other car, with one of her family members, and someone who wasn't paying attention flew into the back of her car and ended up killing that family member, Brandy would be doing everything in her power to have that driver punished for what they did. Yes, it was an accident, I'm sure she didn't mean to kill or even injure anyone. If she would have been paying attention to her driving, and not something else, lik a cell phone or radio, or whatever, then she would have had plenty of time to stop before slamming into that car and that resulting in someone's death. Accident or not, it was her irresponsibility that killed someone, she should DEFINATELY be punished!!! No question about it!!!!!

2578 days ago


47. Kendra, Say "hi" to Hugh and the girls next door.

Posted at 2:12PM on Aug 6th 2007 by Kotex vs tampons

Sorry, but I don't talk to people who do not have any couth.

2578 days ago

Bash a Pap    

I'd rear end Amy Sedaris... Or David... either way.

2578 days ago


Accident or not, someone was killed, maybe not murdered, but killed. Its why there are laws for involuntary vehicular manslaughter. Doesnt matter location of accident, gender, race, or anything, its a LAW period. They are only debating it because shes famous, and thats not right. If your every day person had done this, there would be no debating.

2578 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Brandy needs to accept her actions that day. She killed someone! That makes her worse than Nicole, Brit, Paris and LiLo. Talking on a cell phone can ve just as dangerous as driving drunk. She was distracted.

2578 days ago
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