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Prosecutors Split in Brandy Case

8/6/2007 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BrandyLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ that officials in the Los Angeles City Attorney's office are split over whether to prosecute Brandy for a fatal car accident last December.

Brandy's Range Rover rear-ended a car, triggering a multi-car accident, which resulted in the death of a 38-year-old woman. One source says there was a "conflict" in the City Attorney's office over whether Brandy should be prosecuted at all. The charge on the table, we're told, is misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

We're told prosecutors are waiting on technical data that will measure the speed of Brandy's vehicle on impact. The data will help prosecutors determine if the singer tried to brake before impact. The tests are being conducted by a London based firm.

When the results are returned, the City Attorney will make a decision. One source says, "At this point it could go either way."


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yeah i think the so called family is out to make a quick buck off a celeb

2533 days ago


I don't even know why this is a big deal. She WAS a star because of one hit show, and hasn't done anything but KILL someone on the freeway. She CAUSED a major accident due to her own carelessness and should go to jail. VEHICULAR MANSLAUGHTER does NOT cover it. She MURDERED a mother!! Who cares if she tried to brake or not. If she hadn't been SPEEDING, the "accident" could have been avoided.

2533 days ago


Yeah, let Brandy off the hook so everyone else in America can think "Oh, if I rear end someone and kill them because of my lack of inattention, then I will get away with it!" They are "split" because she is a celebraty, no other reason. I would raise HELL if my loved one was the one that died because of Brandy's carelessness. I hope the grieving family gets it their way, Brandy deserves to serve time in jail and pay the consequences. You know if it was Joe Blow down the street, his ass would be in jail so fast.

2533 days ago


#82 - That's just stupid. She didn't murder anyone. Murder is a crime that is committed with aforethought and malice. That means that she would have had to have actively thought about killing that poor woman. I'm sure that's not the case.
Manslaughter yes, murder no.

2533 days ago


That would never account under a murder charge.

2533 days ago


when has a death been a misdemeaner?

just another case with a celeb leaving the victims family in pain

2533 days ago


she is innocent it was an accident and we shouldnt waste tax payers money trying to prosecute her. She should pay the family some money NOT MILLIONS and be done with it.

2533 days ago


so i'm curious, lets just say that all you haters get into a horrible accident that was technically caused by you and someone dies, are you suddenly going to jump infront of the judge, state you're a murder and that you belong in jail for the rest of your life or however you currently feel brandy should be locked up, or are you going to be begging for mercy and saying that it was a horrible accident that you wish never happened!!! i'm sure everyone here in that position would say that it was a horrible accident!!! also i have friend who hit an elderly gentleman on his bike as she looked down to change the radio station. the guy was pronounced dead at the scene and all she got was community service, i can 100% guarantee that she was not a celebrity nor rich in any way!!!! so i'm really curious were you're argument comes from that "if this happened to a normal person we'd be thrown in jail" to me it sounds more like the majority of the people that come here are people that at one point dreamed of stardom just to end up in a dead end job with a life they hate, who come on here to just get a glimbse at what could have been and over time started to become bitter against those that have made it!!!! so sad!!!!

2533 days ago


This girl has never been in trouble before. She is not seen high, in the street with no panties or screwing everybody in LA. Although, by the same token, she is no angel, this was a one-time ACCIDENT. She feels horrible about it, as her behavior demonstrates. She is not Britney, Lindsay, Tara or any of those hos that are photographed every week drunk, coked up, breasts and ass falling out of their clothes or ordered by the courts to surrender their license because they are ALWAYS in trouble. Stop comparing Brandy to those other bitches that are in trouble every other day.

2533 days ago


Paris and Nicole served time ONLY because they were repeat Offenders!!!! And they served/ will serve only DAYS!

And if Lane Garrison can practically get out of Murder while BEING DRUNK AND HIGH - Why shouldn't Brandy for HAVING WHAT IS KNOW AS AN ACCIDENT!!!!!

How stupid are you people????

2533 days ago

The King of the World    

If Brandy pulled in front of this lady out of road rage and because the lady was white, she deserves to go to prison for murder and a racially motivated hate crime. I heard in the news releases after the incident, that Brandy intentionally was upset from getting cut-off earlier in traffic, and pulled right in front of this lady as if on purpose.

2533 days ago


In California you are at fault if you hit someone in the rear, so of course take it to court!!! Years ago my ex and I were hit from behind in bumper to bumper traffic in LA and pushed into the car in front of us. MY EX STILL GOT A TICKET!!! According to the cop, he should have left enough space in front so he wouldn't hit anyone there.(Which we all know in LA if you do leave a car 's worth of space in front of you, 3 cars will pull in there.)
So if that was good enough for him to get ticketed, it's good enough for her after killing someone(she must have been hauling ass) to go to court on.

2533 days ago


boo hoo hoo

2533 days ago


She shouldn't get off..... If it was one of your relatives, you wouldn't be defending her.
This is such CRAP.

2533 days ago


This creature should NOT be allowed to operate anything larger
then a Shopping Cart !!!

2533 days ago
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